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  1. Try moving the game folder somewhere other than program files and try it again.
  2. I found it best to go to Nvidia control panel and make sure your AA is set to application controlled, then use only in game AA. if full AA isn't enough Supersampling in Nvidia control panel will also help, both are at the expense of performance. If you lower your gamma it will increase the midtone and shadow contrast making the ground appear less hazy, it also helps with spotting by adding the extra contrast.
  3. I just checked my profile and I also now have a "get steam key" button which I don't recall having before. I'm not a founder and have bought BOM and BOS but pre-ordered Kuban. I haven't tried the option to see if it works.
  4. If you set your internet connection to a "metered connection" then tell windows to never update on a metered connection it will set your updates to manual only. Onedrive opening(which it odes in the background) can also cause weird in game and crashing problems or sometimes prolonged lag. To avoid this I have to open onedrive, set it to stop syncing for 24hrs and then quite, otherwise it'll re-open a few hours later.
  5. Also, in general you'll see much further on cold days than on warmer ones due to atmospheric conditions. Where I live we have a small mountain range about 81kms from the coast. In the winter they are fully visible with only a little bit of contrast removed and in the summer they can rarely be seen and when they can be seen they have lost most of their contrast and the details are washed out.
  6. Here's the video description. " wing hits on the 20mm ammo in the wing guns, causes the explosians and blow the wings off "
  7. Even back then the damage modelling wasn't very good.
  8. What program are you using for head tracking and do you have this problem in all planes. If you look at the visual display of your tracking software does it also slow down at the same area that it does in game? If so it sounds like your using an "S" curve in your tracking, this causes a very slow (non linear) spot at the center. I believe trackir uses an "S" curve as default and you have to alter it manually to make it linear.
  9. Go to the directory that it shows in the error and delete that entire folder. If you have the store version of BOS then open the Launcher and it will re-download and if you have steam version right click the title, choose properties and verify integrity of game files to re-download the missing files. This should clear up your problem.
  10. Maybe your in game camera speed or smoothing has been reset. Also make sure headshake is turned off.
  11. I've seen that in other games and had fixed it by changing the in game resolution, then changing it back to whatever it was on.
  12. FYI, a new version of Opentrack was released a few weeks ago. It's supposed to perform better but I haven't used any of the previous versions so I can't say for sure.
  13. I totally agree, the game is optimized really well. The Devs are VERY good at what they do.
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