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  1. Yes good idea that would bring the players to a central point for a good scrap over a worthy cause now you have increased the advance. If you want to rack up some points and cruise the front line and blow away some targets you can also. Problem now of course is front line spread out further and too few tanks for that area just a case of trial and error to see what works
  2. I’m afraid I’m with UFO on this one for tanks there is no challenge now the game is dead . You can spend hours now without seeing another player from either side the epic tank battles have gone. Now is just points gathering.
  3. Sounds like a good idea but would have to make sure tanks on both sides are available the whole game even if troops are wiped out otherwise might be left with nothing to do except go to another server .........God forbid!!!
  4. What would happen if tank spawns were placed 500m to rear of friendly artillery or troops ? Another problem with the spawns being far away is the enemy proximity symbol being tank or plane only shows when enemy is near spawn not your friendly troops or artillery so you have no idea if they are under attack and by what.
  5. The problem with the spawn points distant sometimes wayward location seems to have started after decision made to move them due to spawn camping. Most players have family or work commitments and don’t have a lot of time to get to a target for a bit of a scrap with another tank or blowing away targets before being dragged back to reality . The hour so that they manage to grab is very valuable to them. Your server is the only non arcade type one for planes and tanks on multiplayer that offers realistic interaction without icons gps etc and is the only one for me and a lot of other dedicated sou
  6. The new map is great but a huge problem has been created by locating spawn points far from roads. As any tank operator will tell you it is impossible to go through 1km of trees without colliding with invisible objects and destroying your engine transmission etc at least 3 to 4 times . This is hugely annoying rendering the game impossible to play. This as a massive shame be ease it is such a good map for tanks . The fault lies with the developers and has been known about for a long time., but it can be worked around by taking care to locate spawn points and targets next to roads or accessible c
  7. I can see the reasoning behind moving tank spawns a distance but moving them to another side of the river from your artillery or troops with no bridge to get across or the only bridge 15 k away (if its still intact ) seems a tad unrealistic and makes the game unplayable. Dont know if this is computer generated and totally random or what but its real annoying . Maybe the spawns have been moved too far away and its screwing things up..... However good work appreciate the constant efforts being made to improve the game
  8. Ok thanks for all that information was a big help working ok now 😊
  9. I have a problem with ai control of my aircraft not working I have assigned the key binding- shift a -ensuring that it dosnt clash with another function. I m assuming the function for this operation is in Keys/ General/toggle ai control can anyone help me with this as cannot use turret without plane crashing....... thanks
  10. Short term fix it would even things up to have Tigers and Panthers on either side with different camo so you know who is friendly or enemy It would be an interesting experiment I agree
  11. I think the Developers need to introduce the T34 85 with its 85mm gun this would maintain the realism as they were designed to deal with the Tigers late in the war. This would even things up a bit and make game less frustrating from a Soviet point of view
  12. Thanks to you guys for raising the ping very happy now))))
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