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  1. Ok, tried it and yes... little bit curious to leave my squad alone and just fly over markers but ok 💁‍♂️
  2. Hi all, just started the BoS career mode and i am stuck in a mission. I fly to a waypoint with 1 more plane, i shoot 2 fighters down, ran out of ammo and now what? My AI buddy keeps circling and hunting, more enemy planes show up. I tried to land but when i did nothing happened. The mission seems to be still active.
  3. Hallo zusammen, ich spiele gerade zum ersten Mal die Kampagne von BoS. Ich mache eine freie Jagd mit meinem Rottenführer. Meine Munition ist leer und es tauchen ständig neue Gegner auf. Zurück zum Flugplatz und landen brachte nichts. Wie kann man denn diese Missionen beenden? Mein Rottenführer kurvte immer noch unentwegt am Markierungspunkt rum.
  4. I found this one: https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/12828-how-use-zoom-track-ir/ This works but after exiting BoS the file current.map gets orverwritten with some defaults and resets for whatever reason action("bc_head_trans_x_p","State","_trackir_axis_Z"); Any help?
  5. Hi all, i started to play BoS and just configured my TrackIR. Everything runs fine but the "zoom in". When i zoom in with Shift/MouseWheel i get a maximum zoom. When i lean forward with TrackIR the zoom in stops at appr. 50% of the range i had with the "manual" zoom. I already configured the Z axis of TrackIR to be more sensitive but no effect. When i start BoS the TrackIR Software shows it successfully as BoS and the right green light is on. I have no light in the room and i do not loose track. I get the full range when viewing the Z-motion in the TrackIR Software. Any hints for a newbie? 😏
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