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  1. cannons need to be buffed. planes feel like flying tanks instead of airplanes
  2. Bodenplatte and congrats on the 10k subs keep up the excellent work you create amazing videos
  3. so let me get this straight, @Tiger_33 does not want to share his sound mod with the rest of the community because of accused cheating or did they just not support him and he is just unwilling to give out the mod because he is mad at the devs. either way this is very silly and i hope someone creates a sound mod for the game, or is creating a sound mod for the game not allowed, i just want some new sounds like most people and allow this type of user created content will only help the game survive and grow. why cant people just realize this?
  4. why is @Tiger_33 not releasing his sound mod? i think it sounds amazing and i want to use it
  5. ill be completely honest. I love this teams games and i will absolutely continue to support them. BUT to me the "flying circus" expansion is just a bit of a lazy move. I have spent a lot of time in RoF (and money) so the developers know that it sells well but i mean we have already played with most of these vehicles and its not like they are really doing anything ground breaking or extremely new here. now by no means am i saying that an updated RoF with full VR support and the likes is a bad idea, i just think that it was kind of a lazy move to go with that right now. They could have done a different setting like and Italian Theater or north African theater (i know about team fusion and there expansion there so this is kind of a bad example but still) They also could have done something in the China/Burma campaign and started getting info on Japanese aircraft all the while improving and making progress towards other pacific operations. Yes the fact that PTO is delayed does make me a little biased here as i was extremely looking forward to it, but i fully understand as to why they can not do it at this moment. I am also not complaining about the "tank crew" or "Battle of Bodenplatte" as these look amazing and im getting so excited already. I just think that a rise of flight 2 is not really needed at this current time. I mean correct me if i am wrong but this does mean that pacific will be delayed until at least 2020? i mean thats a very long time which stinks. TL:DR I am personally disappointed but i will be able to get over it, this team has never failed to deliver and im excited for the future because no matter what they do this will it will be good. I am concerned with the choice to make a RoF 2 at this point in time however.
  6. then what do you want dev time spent on? creating new collectible planes? you could make an argument that some players don't want time spent developing planes that they will never fly because they are behind a pay wall. There are plenty of players however that want this feature and other than sacrificing development time it has no real negatives. very disappointing to see people complain about something that could enhance the experience for some players.
  7. There is obviously a lot of people that want this feature. and if it brings enjoyment to players then there is no reason we shouldn't have it.
  8. yes why not have another. What other purpose does the forums have? The point is to have a discussion about the game that we enjoy playing. And this topic is about adding a feature that many people would enjoy using and enhance their experience.
  9. very well said and written, you deserve an Internet cookie
  10. what is a gimmick is that after every sortie you would just magically have your plane despawn on the run way and then poof your in a brand new plane every 15 minutes after you complete a flight.
  11. excellent points to both sides, yes people shy away from the fact that it seems like a war thunder feature, however this feature is in DCS world and in CloD on the ATAG server. people do this all the time and having the option to be able to do so is great. for those saying there is no purpose because it takes time i think you are wrong. This is like saying we dont need runways because it takes much less time to just start your engine and take off right there.
  12. I understand that having the ability to repair an extremely damaged plane within a short amount of time is not very realistic. But i want everyone reading this to think about whats usually going on at an airfield in this game. people are ground looping all over the place, people are not using the runway and just taking off as soon as they start their engine, people rear end each other, it can be very chaotic at time. Now imagine throwing in aircraft coming back damaged or out of ammo trying to taxi to a repair/rearm station. So what am i exactly proposing here? I think it would be awesome to have a place on an airfield where returning aircraft could taxi to so they can rearm and refuel and possibly repair. It will make returning to the airfield even more of a goal to a lot of people. in the current state you land then just leave your plane and spawn a new one, think about being able to basically remain in the same aircraft through out an entire mission. having stations to taxi to on the airfield could also make people practice their taxiing. bombers could come back after a successful bombing run, rearm and go back out again without having to leave their original plane and start over. i really hope this kind of feature gets added into the game at some point and i am aware that this has been suggested before but i kind of wanted to start a newer discussion on the topic as its been one of the things bothering me recently.
  13. oh man i can already see the "La-5FN is OP" posts on the forums, its going to be crazy! well done and i cant wait for the career mode i loved it so much in RoF.
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