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  1. Thank you! Already been burning through them at an embarassing pace so this is good to hear. Ura for the ishaks. This is such a great server. I think there could be a few ways to make it more approachable to noobs, though, if even with things as simple as the language of the mission briefing or the kick warnings. Feel like I've seen quite a few people come in, get frustrated by not understanding what to do or that they have to read the manual, and leave. As an aspiring copywriter I'd be happy to offer up some re-wordings of the aforementioned texts. I guess they're volunteer translations, because subtlety and grammar are not the strong suit of these messages. Luftwaffe seem to be pulling ahead slightly on map 1. Pretty back-and-forth overall, though. I fancy map 2's fighter matchups to be more relatively in the red's favour than map 1's, so we'll see how the next week plays out.
  2. Hi, been having a lot of fun on the server since it started up again. Just wondering - are the “3” lives what you get for the entirety of the campaign, or is it for each map? And is there any way to replenish them? I couldn’t find this in the manual. Thanks!
  3. Some real ignorance on this thread, particularly on the previous page. Devs have clearly talked about what they're doing regarding bug fixes and quality improvements. I for one am incredibly pleased with the updates over the last year or so - I was travelling for a while, took a break for around that length of time - and the contrast between before and after is staggering. All the visual improvements, polish, even the little startup changes create a significant contrast to what was there before and I'm happy with it. I also have faith you guys will deliver with regards to the BdP planes and map and we'll all be happy with them.And if they aren't I'm sure you'll fix that soon after anyway. People have been very eager for these ones. I'm personally most hype for the p38. That said, and I know you've addressed it in the last devblog (and hopefully will in the next one), but its not the lack of new WW2 planes that slightly disappoints me about this update at all, it's the sound bug remaining unfixed. I, and many other players, have to restart multiple times per day to work around it, so in practical terms it may as well be a game crash that doesn't even have the decency to close the program for you.
  4. Somebody had to do it. My choice would be the Yak 1b. So satisfying to fly and very versatile. Po2 for memes and fun.
  5. I despise these players. People who exit the second you get on their 6 or get a shot on them. It’s just embarassing. Moving on: As much as I love early war (especially 1941) maps, when are we getting more 1944 and/or 45 maps with some bodenplatte planes? Must we wait for Western Europe release? And how does the map rotation work, because just a few hours ago we got an early war Stalingrad summer map followed by... early war Stalingrad summer, causing a third of the players to leave. I don’t mind the setting - it’s one of the best scenarios, and very comfy - but the people clearly like variety. I always assumed rotation was static, but those two next to each other would be an odd choice if it were. Oh, and spotter planes in more maps would be cool, those things are super fun. Keep up the good work! Server’s great! PS: Why is this topic not pinned when every other server’s is? Recency of OP?
  6. I like the 109, its a great and valid plane, but I do like having a good laugh about the stereotype of pilots who main the BoX 109. Guys who live on the moon, obsess over K/D, never help team etc. It's not serious. People should lighten up.
  7. Thanks for the responses all, some great input and conversation here! And Talon, you make the a20 look insanely good! I've mainly found a20s to be tanky and agile when flying against them, but always felt very in control as the fighter, and well able to continuously bounce them - never did I imagine them outturning and "outclimbing" 109s. While they make a compelling case, in fairness, I would say we don't have the full context for those clips, nor do we know the relative skill or energy levels of each pilot. I can imagine lots of planes with inferior fighting capabilities making similar kills in certain situations. You appeared to start the turnfight with an energy and negative-G advantage, for example, in which case I think an IL2 could achieve similar results, though that does not make it a good dedicated dogfighter. On topic, while I like 1941/42 maps, I do think servers like WoL should add more BoP maps and planes into rotation sooner rather than later, although I understand concerns about "balance" or "pay2win" at this point in time.
  8. Hi. Long time on-and-off casual who has recently found my footing with IL-2 and become stuck into it hardcore. I mostly fly WoL. I have BP, and I've heard Combat Box and KOA have a 262 map each, though anytime i've gone onto them to check, it doesn't appear to be what's being played. Seen a lot of people here discussing the effectiveness and deadliness (or lack thereof) of the 262 (and other BP planes) in multiplayer scenarios on these forums, so I'm curious to know where and when - what server and what hours - you guys think is ideal for experiencing the 262 in multiplayer. Cheers, deaddonkey
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