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  1. My head understands why they would make BoN and I'll certainly get it. But my heart wants the Pacific.
  2. Hey Winger, Fellow Index owner here... did you managed to get rid of your stuttering?
  3. Hey Chili. Your great write up on the Index is one of the reasons I bought it. I’ve been playing with SS all day. The problem I have is that I can REALLY tell the difference between 100% and 120% SS. And 120% is much preferred by me. Everything is clearer / menus / maps / gauges / enemy etc. So I’m trying to ‘frame’ all my settings / in game settings around that 120%. Which is proving challenging for a my 1080 GTX. Trying to stay ‘green’ is taking some fiddling / compromises.
  4. Just tried fpsVR. Yeah the CPU is working absolutely fine.. But the GPU is getting shagged hard. Which is the reverse of what I've been used to in IL2 lol. Tried 120 into 60 with MS. Its just not as nice an experience as true 70-80. As for drivers...I'm using 436.48s. But I feel like 425.30 were much more lightweight. Going to test.
  5. I’ve got a 8700K at 4.9. Are you using fpsVR to measure performance? What nvidia drivers are you using? As for graphics cards... I tend to skip a generation every time I buy. So unsure what I’ll do.
  6. I got my Index a couple days ago. Also upgrading from CV1. Absolutely love it. And agree with your assessment; the only downside is its price. And yes, I also agree my 1080GTX is now not doing it justice. I'm unsure what approach to go with for IL2 settings. Reduce visuals and have an 120% SS, 80hz, turn off MS and Reprojection "true" 80fps experience..... or crank it all up and have a 120hz interpolated into constant motion smoothed 60fps one. More fiddling required.
  7. A lot the "fun" of playing online is the meta game that comes from the server statistics. Server stats also influence in flight gameplay. The need to make it back to base to collect the points you've made in the air is the online equivalent of trying to make it back alive for another sortie. "Fun" is subjective and a lot more than flying around where nothing is recorded with no consequence.
  8. Mewt

    Spit XIV

    The answer is: it simply isn't an aircraft offered in the BoBP product set so don't expect it any time soon. There is always the remote chance of a future collectors aircraft perhaps.
  9. Liz - do you have anything (even really basic) guide on how to do this? I have a Cessna Trim wheel that I'd like to translate into buttons whenever I "+ or -" the wheel. However I just cant seem to get my head around it. -Mewt
  10. Not yet. It would have to be pushed in an update. And we have no idea if it is an easy fix or a huge undertaking to implement.
  11. Hey Jason. I live in London and have been to RAF Hendon before. PMing you.
  12. @Myscion This guide is absolutely amazing. The images also work brilliantly with @lefuneste VR mod for the Kneeboard. Are there any plans to get it up to date? Many thanks, -Mewt
  13. Because they’re not comparable aircraft?
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