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  1. Mewt

    Future for VR

    Absolutely this. It's quite simple: If Tobruk had VR support I would buy it.
  2. Yeah I’m hearing things on the MSFS Reddit about this. Very interesting. Need to test with IL2
  3. ? As far as I know it supports any headset running SteamVR.
  4. Hey Kangirey. Fellow Index owner here for about 6 months. Yes you are getting half the intended frame rate with reprojection on. So trying for 144hz will net you 72 etc. You might be able to run many VR games at 144hz but there is no way in hell with current hardware that IL2 can get anywhere near that. So you end up with reprojected 72. The general consensus seems to be that reprojection sucks for IL2. You get wobbly planes, spotting is harder and general image quality suffers. The best approach I've found on my Index/10
  5. Absolutely interested in both the pedals and damper. Crosswind pilot in the UK.
  6. No. We are in danger of conflating two different things. In my tests: The Ju-52 didn't even exist to me with anything less than 150 HD. Was the distant target "better" with MSAA? Yes. Absolutely. Was the distant target "worse" with FXAA. Yes. A little blurrier. (However I would always chose FXAA due to the HUGE performance benefits. Finally, 80 fps on Index etc. Good luck to you if you can do MSAA, its obviously better.) Did the target "exist" or "not exist" due to the AA choice I made? Absolutely not. It was only mea
  7. @VR-DriftaholiC and @Alonzo I'm going to siderail the discussion a little from the subject of Alternate Vis vs Normal Vis after this revelation (to me): After testing on your awesome mission @Alonzo (thank you!) I can absolutely confirm for me the absolute same results as @VR-DriftaholiC; spotting for me is massively extended by the Horizon Distance setting. So my setup for testing was 100% SS and 4x FXAA on my Index... but I'm not sure that really matters. What matters is test after test the same results. Now, I'm always looking towards whe
  8. The problem is that not all VR users agree that the Alternate Visibility is "better". I'm fairly certain that Red Flight; the guys that run Combat Box, who are all mostly VR users, created a poll for their servers VR users. The poll came down heavily in favour of using Standard Visibility. @Alonzo is that roughly right?
  9. We already have years of data from @Chiliwili69. Perhaps you could collaborate on his existing project rather than trying to re-invent the wheel.
  10. Heya So I tested Simshaker this morning and ...WOW. I have two transducers, one attached to my centrally mounted extended stick and the other on my throttle. I've gone from "constant vibration" to "actual tactic feedback". I can feel every stall, gunshot, gear change, flap change etc etc etc. Incredible. I mixed in a bit of Engine noise really easily. The software just works. I'm so impressed. I've purchased Wings and the transducer licence. :)
  11. Heya. Long time IL2 player but I’ve just seen this thread. I have an amp connected to my sound card and two transducers that I have just been “mirroring” my VR audio output for very basic vibration. Will the Simshaker Wings software a) work with my setup and b) can I test it with the demo licence? cheers.
  12. No Valve Index No No need. VR Zoom works SO well! Just perfect. Feels like monitor zoom. Thanks so much.
  13. Looks like the only thing it really does is free up RAM, which might be useful on lower end or low RAM systems. Or if you share your computer with your grandma who says "Yes, Please Install" to every single web advert. https://www.reddit.com/r/lowspecgamer/comments/en5i83/is_razer_cortex_good_for_optimisation_or_just/
  14. Thanks for the official line on the 3DMigoto Mod. Looking forward to @c6_lefuneste making some progress to bringing the mod back. <3.
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