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  1. Hi Developers, Thanks in advance for this awesome game. I would like to request more animated ground crew at the airbases besides the walking soldiers. Perhaps a standing figure next to a truck that simply moves his head would even be awesome or two ground crew in the airfield blast pens facing outward and moving their heads or periodically moving their arms. It would be nice if these could be retrofitted to the maps and missions available in the quick missions builder as well. When I land and see no personnel on the sprawling base it looks a bit odd. This is not a criticism. This sim is awesome, just would like to see more animation. Thanks in advance - jg1234
  2. LOL - that was funny. Thanks unreasonable !! I didn't know they came in with some objects. Thanks - jg1234
  3. Vendigo - Thank you so much for this campaign!!! Played the first three missions last night and loved it!! -jg1234
  4. Hi Folks, If this have been asked before my apologies. Are walking soldiers / airfield personnel available at airbases in Quick Missions ?, or do they have to be added manually via the Mission Editor ? Thanks - jg1234 It looks like they are available in the campaigns and some missions I've downloaded from the community, but I assume the designers added those walking soldiers in ?
  5. Thanks sevenless for the quick reply !! I'll be buying Flying Circus soon!! Cheers -jg1234
  6. Hi Folks, I currently have BOS and BOM installed and patched to 3.005. I want to buy Flying Circus. Two questions: Do I have to buy BOK and/or BOB before buying and installing Flying Circus? Is there any advantages to buying and installing in order of game edition release? If I buy a pre-release version, do I then automatically have access to the full regular release version and any subsequent patches as they become available? Thanks in advance - jg1234
  7. Thanks =621=Samikatz for taking the time to follow up with more details. Much appreciated !!!!!
  8. Thanks =621=Samikatz, That is great news and thanks for the instructions on how to accomplish that! -jg1234
  9. Hi folks, Starting to really love this game (BOS & BOM). Can I play user made SP missions made in previous versions of the game using the latest version? ( in this case 3.005) I know in the old IL2 you had a decent change of playing older missions , albeit with the possibility of not having some objects etc.. Any information is appreciated. -jg1234
  10. Thanks Arfsix, I would not have guessed any of that. I will look into that and give it a try. Thank you very much for the information !! - Much Appreciated!!! -jg1234
  11. Thanks CSAF-D3adCZE, You make very good points. Just to clarify, my request for better external view control was more about being able to see the combat around me, the planes I shoot up going down etc.. and not really for aircraft control. Sometimes I like to go to external view to check out my plane and the environment around me. I m having a hell of a time doing that because my mouse seems to be the only way to control the view and it's really jumpy. I was just curious if there were external snap or fixed views. The F4 key [TWB] Sketch suggested was nice and helped, I am still playing around to see what other options there are. Thanks again - jg1234
  12. Thanks [TWB] Sketch for the quick reply. I appreciate the information. I will try some of these suggestions. If anyone else has any suggestions please pass them along. Thanks again !!! - jg1234
  13. Hi Folks, This is my first post on this forum. I am really enjoying IL2 BOS and BOM. I am hoping someone can help with these questions: 1.) When I hit F2 for external view I am having a real problem getting a fixed or snapped view of behind the plane or anywhere for that matter. The only way I currently can see to control my external view is my mouse which is extremely sensitive and it goes all over the place. If I move my mouse I seem to end up under the plane or looking up. My question is - are there some type of fixed views externally or is there a way to control the speed / sensitivity of the mouse ? What I am looking for is one keyboard key that will always place me behind and possible slightly above the plane. 2.) Rudder Opinion and Questions - My question is - is there any way to map the rudder using the keyboard? I am not sure what controls are used for this in the settings menu? (YAW ? - but not sure which ones or how to set this up) - or am I totally sunk unless I get pedals or a twist joystick ? If this information is posted somewhere please let me know. I did a search and saw a few things but I still had specific questions. Thank you in advance for any help !! - jg1234 Specs OS - Win 7 SP1 CPU - Intel I5 Quad 3.2 ( 3rd Generation) GPU - 1050 TI - 4 GB Ram RAM - 8GB Sound - onboard Joystick - Basic Logitech - 2 axis Settings - running on high graphic settings at 1280 x 1024. Game version 3.004
  14. Thanks again everyone. It would be nice if this becomes an option at some point. jg1234
  15. Thanks everyone for the replies ! I like to add tress for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the airfields look so expansive that some tress near the airfield perimeter dress them up and make them look more interesting. -jg1234
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