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  1. Brief description: AI wingmen will not drop their bombs in HE111 missions Detailed description, conditions: AI wingmen will not drop their bombs under any circumstances involving flight lead orders, automatic flight lead orders given by the mission scripting, target type, etc. It makes the other bombers only usefull as decoys since they just fly next to you and do nothing..... if you miss the target by a few meters you fail the mission since it is just you dropping ordinance instead of the whole formation. I haven't tested the peshka because I don't have another 5 hours or so to work as a QA tester for free.... you should pay somebody to do that..... Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 7 64bit AMD phenom 2 1100T 16 gb RAM at 1600 mhz GTX 680 track IR 3 running track IR 5 software. logitech g940
  2. I payed 90 bucks for this title in June of last year because I believed 777 could do a better job than Ubisoft making the next IL2 happen. The content I've seen in the Alpha is practically flawless and as far as I can tell 777 can develop a flight sim better than anyone else. It has become clear to me however that whoever designed the back end for the early access is the worlds most incompetent employee and needs to be fired and thrown off the roof of the studio..... I have used the same email and password since I made this forum account and the back end is now deciding that my email/password is wrong... I've reset it multiple times now but my password is still wrong... it doesn't matter what I change my password to it's still wrong.... The launcher also took control of my PC and hogged all of my hardware until nothing was left. The process refused to die until it filled up all 8 gb of my RAM and blue-screened my Rig. Congratulations 777 you convinced me to download malicious software... This is not what I payed 90 $ as soon as preorders were made available for. Fix your're shit and I might think about preordering the Hanriot HD 1. Otherwise I'd like my money back. You can keep the 200 + dollars I've spent on ROF though because I can actually log into that product.
  3. Lol Canadians do lots of things that are funny, but Hockey just takes the cake.
  4. It seems like other pilots are getting some fantastic shoot downs in the 109. I think I'll try being a Kraut muncher for a while.
  5. The bug in question is that the German AI pilots are cowards and refuse to fight. I just engaged a single Novice AI in a 109 and after a few head on passes he just climbs to his maximum service ceiling and flies in a lazy circle laughing at my poor lagg as I try to climb to his altitude. He could have easily shot me down to as I was directly under him clawing at the air for lift. I spent about half an hour trying to reengage as Fritzy up their pointed and laughed. I eventually ran out of fuel and glided all the way to that large airfield in the Southeast corner of the map to practice my dead stick landing. (I covered the entire width of the map with no thrust. That's how High up we were.) I think that AI parameter that they were talking about in one of the early blog posts that makes the AI "Try to gain an advantage if given the chance" needs to be tweaked a little. The AI in Rise of Flight was bearable because after they split-s's all the way to the deck from 2000 meters you could follow them down and shoot them down while they did their "minimum altitude circle-jerk" but this new AI is not that of a combat flight sim. (planes should have the ability to shoot each other down) I would even go as far to say that the AI is "broken" which is a word that I don't throw around nearly as much as most who play video games/sims. Please Fix it!
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