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  1. I've got IPv6 - port forwarding doesn't work withit (Vodafone cable germany) I would have to set the cable modem into "bridge mode" and connect another normal router to it to prepare the port opening there..... Joining to other working server is no problem
  2. ok he'll do it, talked to him, thx. Thanks for short reaction. :-) //edit: saw bad guys in the last time too (sat as gunner and damaged the "own" planes ) it is'nt easy to find the "middle" between good and bad ;-)
  3. I'm banned (48hrs) - sat as gunner in the Bf-110 as gunner of my team mate and I accidently shot (to ground targets ) while he was turning into the rudder - plane was down .........What now? Banned really onboth server for 48hrs? Please unblock. Thx.
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