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  1. Done my part. It was hard to choose just one thing to complain about, but also very hard to choose just one thing to praise. Good luck going through all the feedback!
  2. I'd love for this to happen. The only reason why I still have a windows install is to play games, but I doubt this project will fix all the shortcomings of Linux. In my experience, native games for Linux run significantly worst than their windows version (same machine, just different OSs). There is also the problem of several incompatibilities between distros and GPU drivers, that make me go insane every time I need to update my drivers. And although abstraction layers are cool, they usually come with a nice bite out of performance. Finally, even if BoX worked on Linux, most of my gear (Track IR, joystick, rudder pedals, throttle, etc... ) probably won't have drivers available for Linux.
  3. Really impressive 3D model. The lightning and reflection update we got for aluminium surfaces a year or so back really payed off for the P47.
  4. Please keep r/il2sturmovik running GidiroN. The sub is slowly growing and looks great. Cheers
  5. This last one should be a game default. Great Job!
  6. I was struggling in the begging to take of in HE111 as well. What made it for me was too push the stick all the way forward as soon as i throttle up, and keep it like this until the rear wheel pops up. This will reduce the amount of drag during the initial rolling of the plane and you will be able to get enough speed to take off before you run out of runway.
  7. Steam also hosts the product on their server, providing a 24/7 8MBPS download, automatic updating and game content checker. Steam also provides the most reaching anti-cheating system in the gaming market, a broad range of payment methods, 2FA security for your game account, in-game overlay that includes a text and voice chat service, a discussion group, etc... Steam adds a lot of value to a product, beyond the advertisement. That being said, steam will remain optional. You can still purchase the IL2 Great series products from the store and Steam will not be mandatory.
  8. Those stands look amazing. Also happy that you changed your mind on having VR booth. Wish I could attend only to get my hands on that setup for a few minutes. It's an absolute dream of a setup. Good job, and good luck for the event!
  9. Thank you for building on top of my results and actually comparing them with something. I propose that you do the following test. Compare the HE shells vs inner HE shells. That is, repeat the test bank, but replacing the impact HE damage, for a round with 0 explosive charge. This way you "should" be able to estimate how much of the damage is coming from the kinectic energy and how much is coming from the explosive charge. cheers!
  10. It is not disabled. The problem is that it's just very demanding on the CPU. Unless you have a NASA machine you won't be able to experience the game faster than 2x or 4x the normal speed.
  11. You no longer can do that. That was a limited offer to people who bought BoS on the IL-2 store, before it was made available on Steam. Right now if you want the game on steam, you MUST purchase Il-2 Battle Of Stalingrad on the Steam store. All other products can be purchased from the Il-2 store if one wishes, and you can still enjoy all the advantages of having the game on steam.
  12. Contact support directly. It might take a couple of days, but they will most likely fix your issue.
  13. You miss-understood him. He didn't meant he was more polite than you, he meant that he was more polite than your straw-man that screams "This is a bug, you suxxors, Devs!11!?!"
  14. The original tests were done with 3.01. After 3.02 released some people noted that the mg151 was apparently less powerful, I retested the MG151 and the Shvak and noted no significant difference between the 2 result sets. I could do it again for 3.03, but I'm a bit short on time for the next 2 weeks.
  15. You should get out of your tiny bubble then. Only 30% of Portuguese people have a credit card (where i come from). If i make a credit card purchase directly to the store i pay ~10% of the RSVP due to money conversion and out of the EU charges. Even in Germany, where i live, only 33% of the population has a credit card (in 2011) . If you are located in Germany or Portugal Steam offers payment via bank transfer, among others, as an option, with no increase in the final price. Most other vendors also provide alternative payment methods, from pre-bought in-store credit cards, to paying in cash upon reception. The situation gets much worst if you go to south america. If you have a normal credit card for every day life you might not even be able to use it for international purchases, and if you do you might end up paying ridiculously high conversion fees. When steam started offering payment in Argentina Pesos to Argentinian citizens, buyers with no international credit card where able to save ~40% of their final cost due to no longer having to pay for money conversion fees. We can agree that 70 USD for Il-2 is a fair price, but having to pay 100 USD for it kind of sucks. Credit cards are mostly an American / rich person thing. Selling the game on Steam greatly increases the amount of people who are able to purchase it.
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