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  1. Ah o.k, i thought that little scale wheel below the sight was for adjusting convergence? If not what is that little wheel?
  2. As the title says really, would be useful if finding an opportunity at close range but having it set to 300m of vice versa? Is it possible in flight or does it have to be pre set in the hanger?
  3. Thanks to all and particularly to Sokol1 for such clear instructions, yippee!!! It's now working with your help, as I thought it should, where I was going wrong was pressing the button on the joystick that i'd set for shift rather than pressing shift on the keyboard. Now to just remap everything as I have twice the options(-:
  4. Yep, on a flat screen you're playing a "game", with VR, you're as close to being there as you can be!
  5. Thanks for all your answers, I've decided to go with a MSI 1080 gaming x plus. GPU costs are very high at the moment and as I really only game with the VR a 1080 ti was just too expensive especially as Fenris_Wolf says I may need to do a CPU/MB/RAM upgrade depending on how the 1080 works out. Looking at some benchmark comparisons though even a 5 years old the 3770k CPU seems to compare quite favourably with many of the recent i5 cpu's recommended for the Oculus Rift.
  6. Hi all, I recently took advantage of the Oculus Rift sale and purchased for £399, a realistic price IMO. I absolutely love the immersion in IL-2 that VR gives so I really can't see me going back to a monitor. I bought the rift mainly for flight and racing sims although some of the VR titles are excellent too. My current setup is as follows:- Windows 10 64 bit MB - Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 CPU- I7 3770k ivy bridge GPU- GTX 970 4 gig 8 gig of DDR 3 Now i know that this system is starting to be a little dated so I'm thinking where my best upgrade would be? I'm feeling that a GPU upgrade to a 1080 would give me the best increase with the chance of supersampling. Last night I tried to use a 1.5 supersample using my GTX 970 knowing it would be choppy and horrible but I was expecting to at least see a noticeable difference in the loading screens, to be honest I couldn't tell any difference and I'm not sure it was working at all? As I'm flying with 45 fps on medium setting at the moment but so far, only with one other aircraft in the sky, will I see a noticeable difference using supersampling? I recall that on my old DK2 it made a big difference on Elite Dangerous even with the GTX 970. A 1080 is a lot of money but if I'm going to buy I'd rather spend the extra and have a degree of future proofing over a 1070. In a nutshell, will using supersampling improve the aircraft spotting and ground target identification? Many thanks
  7. Well for my own sanity I'm giving up on this, spent close to 9 hours faffing about and got nowhere. Something that on the face of it should be so simple, annoying!
  8. No luck so far, So: Ive assigned a button on my yoke (Button 7) to be shift using joy2key. This works as if I open notepad and type a letter I get lower case and if I hold the button on the yoke I then get an upper case, all good. I then went into IL2 settings and assigned button 4 to lower gear and also Button 7 and button 4 to open canopy, all i get is the gear lowering even when I press button 7 and button 4 at the same time which in theory should be shift button 4?
  9. Really? That's a real bummer, using the rift is terrific but so annoying to have to keep lifting it to press a keyboard button. There must be a solution?
  10. I know this can be done but for the life of me I can't figure out how? I want to use button 8 for instance as a shift so I can double up the number of buttons I can map, as I'm using a Rift this is important as i can't use the keyboard. The little orange squares show which buttons are used twice but how do I assign one button to be equivalent to shift on the keyboard. I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious here?
  11. Thanks guys, another 4 hours and i'm making headway. First off my Hotas didn't seem to be installing as plug & play with Windows 10 as I thought it would, downloaded a driver and can now map controls albeit that for some reason the numbers on my hardware are one digit behind what the software picks up, i.e if I want to map 'gear' to button 6 on my stick it shows as button 5 on the software? Secondly I found the realism settings so I can let the sim take over complicated engine management etc. so no need to try and map all those keys to joystick buttons. One thing I really like is that I've mapped all my trim controls to my hat switch as with the Rift I don't need it for views, works a treat. Its all there, I just need to spend the time figuring it all out. It really is worth it with the VR, looks glorious and the sense or realism is unbelievable. I used Voice attack with Elite Dangerous, it worked well, might be worth looking into although not very realistic for an historical sim?
  12. I'm new to flight sims and to VR so I'm feeling completely out of my depth here. So many settings available I don't see how I can possibly fly with my Rift on without constantly lifting it to press keyboard buttons? No way can I map everything to my Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X. There doesn't seem to be any setting to simplify or automate some of the controls. Spent 2 hours so far and all Iv'e achieved is to open the throttle on the runway and immediately vear to the right until I crash, don't even get close to taking off. I'm trying to set my controls without VR first obviously but can anyone who is using VR just give me a general pointer as to what setting are really necessary to be mapped to the joystick so as not to break the immersion by looking at the keyboard.
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