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  1. That's got it Matt, I was trying to map High/Low pitch. "Propeller RPM control" works just fine. Thanks everyone for your help.
  2. Hi Finkeren, yes I checked, I have all 'simplifications' and piloting assistance un checked.
  3. I've tried assigning to buttons, to wheels, to sliders, to hat switches but none work? indiaciki, which axis did you use?
  4. I do, I'll try that next time it happens, thanks.
  5. But why can't I map those to my joystick, I can do this with every other control? I play with VR so don't use KB commands.
  6. So far all I can do is pirouette when trying to take off, it's so sensitive. I thought I might need to feather prop right shift =/- . Trouble is I can't map those to any joystick control for some reason, any ideas why?
  7. Hi, anyone else playing in VR having this issue, the Steam VR home screen popping up in front of the game? Having to then close the game down a re start. Happens about 1 in 10 times I start the game.
  8. Just bought Kuban and chose FW190 A3 and the Yak 1b to take advantage of the current sale prices. As I play in VR I'm looking forward (and backward I hope) to the dome canopy on the Yak 1b and so far I haven't flown any Axis planes so thought I get the FW190-A3. And of course, now I can have a go in the Spit, yippee!
  9. Congrats Amnesic, you'll spend a few hours faffing around with graphics and joystick settings but you'll be blown away I'm sure, I've said before on this forum that VR lifts this title from being a game to something totally awe inspiring. Now...back to my alternate reality.
  10. Just make sure you don't have work for a few days. When I first strapped on my Rift and started up BOS I ended up flying into the wee small hours and then all day again and again. You'll find you might need to reconfigure your joystick as there is no need to map view and zoom buttons anymore. Once that's done it's the best VR, the best game experience you will ever have, it's so easy to fly with VR as you have the real sense of being there, spotting airfields and landing is a breeze.
  11. I'm pretty certain I didn't just 'not see them', I too play on VR and to navigate I use the briefing map where Ai planes show up in red even on expert, at least they did the previous two missions? At least I now know it isn't just me, cheers.
  12. Started flying the campaign over the past few evenings. Flew an intercept (bring down 2 bombers) on the expert level this evening and nothing ever turned up at the action zone? I flew about the area for over 10 minutes and then made my way back to the home airfield only to be told my mission was incomplete? Does this happen very often, a bit frustrating after a 37-minute flight? Also, why wouldn't you have a map in expert level? I navigated with the briefing map but surely every pilot would have flown with a map?
  13. As a complete novice, I've been spending hours practicing my ground attack technique. This idea dawned on me and I've found it really helpfull. Map a key to +Time/-Time and when you're lining up the target slow time down and it gives you a real aid in learning to line targets up. I also map a key to follow 'friendly bombs' and can then track my drop to see how close I get. Once you've mastered the technique it's much easier in real time as you know the release points etc, as Split Enze once sang... give it a whirl! P.S another little idea, a few marble size blobs of blue tack squashed into each corner of your joystick base sticks it solidly to your desktop!
  14. Just started flying my first quick bombing runs in a Yak. I have a 250 bomb on each wing, can I drop one at a time? I have a key on the x52 stick to drop bombs but can't see anywhere I can set it to drop one at a time?
  15. Hi all, I just bought a Saitek/Logitech x52 pro. I've downloaded the latest driver Software version 8.0131.0 and Driver Version the problem is that when I run the programming software the software loads in a small window, about 15cm square and unlike most windows where you can click on a corner and expand it on this you can't, it means you can only see a small portion of the data. (see attached screen capture) Also when I click on the joystick icon down in the bottom right corner (show hidden icons) when I right click all I get is an option to 'clear'? ***Think I've solved the issue by abandoning the crapy Saitek software and using joy2key to set my pinkie and then setting everything in the game, much better all round***
  16. You know Jade Monkey, that was going to be my next post, am I simply on to a loser pitting certain aircraft against another? It was The 109F2 I was trying to compete with and no matter how I tried I could never get on it's tail and always ended up in a spin by over turning. One bonus is that I decided to spend a half hour climbing to altitude and intentionally stalling and thus practicing my recovery. Are there any tactics that could allow a less capable aircraft to compete against a superior one, given pilot skill being better in the lesser plane?
  17. Good advice from all, thanks. At the moment it's going like this, in a Lagg V a 190 set as average skill, I get shot down 1out of 10, the other 9 I end up in a spin and crashing....a steep learning curve indeed but loving every moment.
  18. I've had the sim a few weeks now having bought it as I'd heard that it's the best VR experience there is. That is in no doubt IMO. The thing is I don't get a huge amount of free time what with work and living in the 'real world'. There seems such a huge amount to take on board, all the different aircraft, bombing, rear gunner, navigating, air tactics. So far I've spent my time configuring my joystick and learning the basics, starting in flight with a Lagg-3 and just flying about, then flying one on one, gradually upping the Ai to average. Last night I did some landing and the ever so difficult 'taking off'. I'm using the auto engine management as using the VR I just don't have enough buttons to map more than flaps, landing gear and trim controls, although I'd really like to do full engine management eventually. I'm looking for the best advice to get me competent, should I start right from the off managing my own engine? Should I just pick one aircraft and learn it thoroughly? Play some single player scenarios of dive into the campaign. My goal is to go to multiplayer. I've found Chuck user guide which is brilliant.
  19. I've been playing PC games for 35 years or more, especially sims. I can honestly say using the Oculus Rift with IL-2 has given me by far the most OMG moments. I bought mine in the recent sale for £399 and consider it a bargain.
  20. No unfortunately I didn't have time, too busy working to pay for the new set up (-: I had a few hours last night to really test out my new system, I can set all the bells and whistles on and still keep a solid 90fps so obviously that's a big improvement. What I really don't notice is much of an diference when setting supersampling, I'm not even sure Its' working as even when setting it to 2.0 (in debug tool) my frame rates stay at a solid 90, surely there should be some hit?
  21. Thanks Lucas, that was it, I had the instrument panel switched off, doh!
  22. When I first started playing the game (With VR) I could have the map come up to my lower left, for the past week or so I'm unable to get any kind of map in VR of playing on my monitor? Any suggestions as to how this could be? Also, when flying a solo mission is there generally an airbase to fly back to?
  23. Seems I started an interesting debate! I'm not really into overclocking so I decided to do a rebuild of my rig as it was over 6 years old. I went for the i7 7700k on a Asus Z270 board with 16 gig 3200mhzx DDR4 ram and an MSI 1080 plus GPU. Was it worth it? Well I now get a solid 90FPS but TBH the difference really isn't that noticeable, having said that I've only ever flown with 1 opposing aircraft, maybe in a crowded sky it'll pay dividends. I needed to upgrade anyway as I do Cad work but for VR game wise; I don't think I've gained an awful lot?
  24. No worries chilwili69, I wanted to upgrade the GPU regardless. I think you're right though, whole system needs an upgrade as it's getting on a bit in PC terms, nearly 5 years old! I'll give overclocking the CPU a go although I've never done it before. Also my Ram is only 1200 DD3 I think? Another few weekends overtime coming my way by the looks of things. P.S. Are you sure I should look at Passmark single thread score? Mine at 2084 against an i9 which only has a score of 2504? There are almost no CPU's with scores close 2500?
  25. For some unknown reason I can no longer see the map? I've tried with Hud on/off (H). Press M and nothing? It was working a few days ago, odd?
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