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  1. Agreed, I doubt you'll find anyone who would be happy to return to a flat monitor once they've experienced VR.
  2. Happy to report that flying against 4 109-E7's I was shot out of the sky without mercy, just as it should be. Two or three is challenge 'a plenty'. The Ai does seem markedly better when not one on one. They actually seem to work together, splitting off and then once you try and get on ones tail the others come round onto yours. Much more fun. Thanks to all.
  3. Thanks for the info, I'm going to try giving myself an altitude disadvantage or.... I checked out what Dakpilot said and it looks like you can set up an 8 v 1 scenario, now that should be a challenge! I can't remember which server I tried, to be fair it was mid-afternoon so bound to be a bit sparse. I'll try again one evening.
  4. I set myself a challenge on Kuban map, I set up a 'start in the air' quick mission dogfight to shoot down 3 enemy waves, one coming as soon as I shoot down the first. All Ai set to 'Ace'. I was in the Spitfire. I went through every single Ai plane including all variants of the 109 and 190's and 110's, the MC202, the JU87 and everything else. Apart from taking a few hits form rear gunners, I destroyed all Ai aircraft with minimal damage to myself on first attempt and able to land. One time I ran out of ammo but just flew around for a while until the damaged enemy finally crashed. I think this shows the serious limitations of the Ai rather than my fairly feeble skills. It would be great to be able to set up a dogfight against 3 or 4 Ai planes all at once rather than 1 at a time. Is there any way to do this? I've tried multiplayer but the servers seem pretty dead! I only found one populated server with 12 people flying?
  5. I'm a busy man Asgar, no time for such things! I need answers now damn it!
  6. I have COD, bought it the day it was originally released. I no longer play it as I'm purely VR now. As I understood it It has been heavily modded by Team Fusion over the years. So, what is the connection to the current IL-2 Sturmovik developer? Also, is it playable on VR?
  7. Rift here, as others have said, once you experience VR there is no going back, it's mindblowing. Just a word of warning though, make sure your rig is up to it! The minimum spec GP card Oculus and HTC specify are nowhere near good enough for flight sims, a GTX 1080 or 1080i and you'll be happy. It's all down to personal opinion but I've tried triple monitors with Track IR and it doesn't come close to VR.
  8. Mr.Fies....have you actually tried VR, I somehow doubt it? If you have and you're not impressed then fair enough but I would say you're 1 in a hundred. VR is truly stunning (as long as you have the rig to run it, very important).
  9. I like to try all the wonderful planes IL-2 has to offer but it drives me nuts not to be able to save different configs for my controller setups, this can't be too difficult can it?
  10. This is great work, many thanks for your efforts, really appreciated and very useful.
  11. IMO one of the poorest aircraft in the series. After buying it and spending a good 3 hours learning to take off, land climb & turn, how to keep the engine cool and use the boost, I set myself up against a BF109 G4 in sim mode and against an ace opponent. I simply couldn't get near to it to even get some shots away. Strange I thought, so I reversed the scenario, me in the G4 against the AI in an LA-5 (same settings). Now I have never ever flown any axis aircraft before but simply jumped right into a 1v1, I could take 3 La-5's down without a hit on me before running out of ammo! LA-5 = big, heavy, ponderous, slow to turn, slow to climb, loses speed like no other, constantly need to adjust cowles and trims, just horrible, just horrible in my experience.
  12. I was flying last night and had one of those 'wow' moments. On the tail of a JU 87 peppering him with MG and cannon, he suddenly slowed and veered up and inverted, as I unsuccessfully tried to avoid a collision I found myself tangled with the Ju87 locked in a death dive for both of us. In VR it was mind-blowing seeing my foe slumped over dead in his cockpit right next to me, I could even see the dials on his dash, unbelievable.
  13. Well, I sure hope there's some advantage in the air because they're a real disadvantage on the ground! Could take off in everything with the joystick rudder but just getting dizzy with the pedals.
  14. Hi, just bought TM TRFP rudder pedals. Taxying the 109 seems very intuitive using rudder and left/right wheel braking. The Russian aircraft, on the other hand, seem intent on going in none stop circles as there seems to be no effect when wheel braking and using just rudder input I can only achieve fairly shallow radius turns at slow RPM? Reading Chucks guide as below it appears there should be wheel braking? •The Yak-1,like most Russian planes, has a brake system similar to what you would find in your car. •In order to brake, you need to hold your wheel brake key while you give rudder input to steer your aircraft. Make sure you have adequate mixture, RPM and Manifold Pressure settings or your turn radius will suffer. These factors matter in heavier planes like the Il-2 Sturmovik. Am I missing something obvious here?
  15. Yep, I do all that Curious, I can do it all except move the gun sight with the mouse?
  16. I thought I'd have a go at being a gunner but I am unable to aim as moving the mouse does nothing? I have attached a pic of my camera settings. It's odd because I can go into an external view (F2) and move the mouse without issues? I've tried doing an internet search regarding this but can't find a solution?
  17. Playing last night and flew the Yak 1B and selected a rear view mirror, I set it to detailed expecting a slugfest in the VR but was amazed, hardly any drop in frame rate and the effect is like looking in a real mirror, wow, just wow, so cool in a dogfight. Only tried it in a 1 v 1 situation so far so I hope it doesn't hit my FPS too much in more populated setups.
  18. Something I found, I have the two sensor version with hand controllers. With the two sensors, I continuously found my head position in the cockpit was changing after a while in a flight and even when clicking the default VR button I was still either too low in the seat or off to the side. What I did was disable one of the sensors and just had one facing me, much better all round.
  19. Interesting, I purchased directly from 1CGS but then applied for a Steam code. I have to start Steam, then start Steam VR which automatically starts up Oculus home. What you're doing is what I'm wanting to do? I'm wondering if I can install again without the Steam code? ***sorry, my mistake, turns out I did purchase through steam, it was Kuban I bought directly*** Guess I'm stuck with starting with Steam.
  20. When I load through Steam VR I keep getting the Steam VR loading screen popping up, as I didn't purchase through Steam (applied for a Steam Code later) I'm assuming I can but I have tried going to my Steam folder and finding the IL2.exe but that doesn't work?
  21. Any way to do this? I generally fly in VR but like to practice on my monitor. As I don't need a hat switch set to views/zoom with VR etc. I have my hat switches set for other things, when I play on the monitor I need to set a hat for views. A bit tedious having to re-map between sessions.
  22. Thanks, Thad, I've downloaded that the guide, also thanks, curious, I didn't know that was there, very useful.
  23. Dang!!! didn't know that. As you say I'll probably end up with all at some point.
  24. I have Chucks excellent guide to BOS planes, are there any such guides for later released planes? For instance, I want to know does the Spitfire have water/oil cowles, does it have roll as well as pitch trim (my pitch trim works but roll does nothing). Take off and landing data, how to stop my engine over heating? Flying the Spitfire and turned to my left to notice the tiny split pins in the canopy hatch, still smiling at the amazing level of care that has gone into this sim, bloody wonderful.
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