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  1. Merci Foxy, prêt à casser du 109 ce soir !!
  2. Very nice video, hope to see the IL2 in the next live stream. And thanks Devs for all the clarifications about the early access, the weekly schedule 'episodes' is a good way to keep the interest of the early buyers.
  3. Zak a parlé de la version R7 avec les MG 151/20 ... peut être que tout le monde aura droit à la version avec les MG151/15 pour le F4.
  4. Salut à tous et merci à 1C-777 pour cette section !
  5. Well done Freycinet (and also Rama). 2) Yes, Wing Commander Michael Nicholson Crossley nicknamed "The Red Knight". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Crossley http://www.ww2awards.com/person/43662 9 planes downed ?? His total number of victories was 20 and 2 shared destroyed by the end of 1940. Your turn Freycinet.
  6. Sorry for the delay but not William Vale. A second picture of the man taken from a better angle :
  7. Nope, but a little less victories than Robert Stanford Tuck. Nope again, he never was taken prisoner and he survived being shot down twice.
  8. No one for 2) ? He was one of the Hurricane Aces.
  9. Presque ... almost good Rama. 1) Yes, SAI-Ambrosini S.S.4. The first of its kind. 3) Yep, Fairey Battle. It was one of the most disappointing of all RAF aircraft. 2) Not Murray Adams
  10. Thx JtD. Let me try with some pics : 1. What prototype plane? 2. What is the pilot's name? 3. What plane?
  11. 1) USS Wolverine (a training aircraft carrier)
  12. Very interesting update Han, thanks!
  13. Thank you Karaya for your utube upload with Jason's commentary. Now waiting for Zak and his english sub !
  14. Great event, it has convinced me to pre-order !
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