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  1. I am happy to star in a video at any time, whether I am doing poorly or not 😁 I appreciate your words, and that we both enjoyed the encounter, it was intense for me for sure, and definitely hooked me on the WWI flying!
  2. That was a lot of fun, my first time out in a fighter! Sorry for the collision, that's the one thing I am apparently good at in FC... I am getting better at avoiding them at least. Ha, two videos of me dying on the same page! 💪 Even though I think I only lasted like 11 seconds, that was a good time... the most planes I have seen in one place by far, looking forward to it again! S!
  3. Last night, I saluted an AI after I rammed it. I'm here to help!
  4. Just bought FC Monday and started flying that night... it's been a mixed bag as far as successes go for me, had a couple of decent runs and had a couple of "maybe let's just forget those happened" runs... Newb to newb secrets/advice: 1. http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/pilots/?tour=7 (Bookmark this, or at least the main page) I go here to try to figure out what kind of fuel to take. I find a decent pilot that flies what I am flying and check their sortie logs Because I am horrific, sometimes I come here to determine whether that last plane I collided with
  5. Awesome! We will try this out! We flew F2Bs on the Flugpark last night, first run we got separated and I'll be damned if she didn't fly all the way to the bridge objective in the southeast and then make her own way all the way back to the field we flew out of! After that we did another run at the arty and we both were terrible at dropping bombs, I think I hit 1 or 2 guns, killed one... on the way back we got bounced by I think a DVII and he and I tussled for a bit and I ended up with a shot into his chickenpit. The guns on these birds do seem hyper-accurate to me, but
  6. If she doesn't pass her flight exam after a week or so, then I may have to offload her. I will keep you posted! Thank you for the heads up on the servers, I forgot about seeing the WW1 planes on some of the WW2 servers, that may be our best bet for now! Quick mission is SP only, right? We'll try the J5 server too! Thank you!
  7. So, my wife has a TM Warthog, TrackIR, a frickin Index, mfing MFG Crosswinds... collected over the last several years but never really flying regularly, and so I am hoping to finally get her to really get into flight sims with Flying Circus... Just wondering, before I throw another $150 out the door, what the options are for co-op or server options where taking off from a back-field and learning the ropes is acceptable... Is there any multiplayer outside of dedicated servers? I've only seen the one FC server, is it going to be cool if we get on there and take up server slots on a
  8. Thanks for having the server the way you do, we were able to test the 262s without interruption AND even had some start harassing those of us still taking off by menacing with biplanes, that was fantastic. Great times, appreciate having a place to do that! <S>
  9. Was there a way to tag users in posts? Because: REDFOX-WL-GAGARIN cannot receive messages. =/
  10. Very much appreciate your response, I will take this to Gagarin directly! To the lay-person, this is sporadic... because we don't understand the fact that there is procedure that occurs when you enter a hangar versus when you do not. I will say that in my experience, last night, I spawned a 110, died, then loaded out a G-4... I went to the hangar, selected a winter skin, changed fuel, and put on the glass headrest. I spawned out with guns that would not function.
  11. Soooo.... how would a config setting produce a sporadic result? (For my education)
  12. I do too, now, but after having a cherry firing solution (I'm mildly retarded, so it's super rare for me) and being robbed of it, I have a special place in my heart for those affected by this bug. I also understand how fickle gamers are (like extra-neurotic cats) and ESPECIALLY flight simmers (we are more like extra-extra-neurotic cats with some form of high-functioning autism) and while this particular bug seems endemic for now, either we just got some lucky doses last night or it is becoming worse/exacerbated by network conditions... For people content to do their 137 poi
  13. It's not an ammo counter bug, it's a guns don't work bug, most people don't pop off rounds on the ground to test their guns. "This doesn't affect me (yet), so please focus on giving me new things." <--- This is an excellent business plan, keep these types of suggestions coming!
  14. This isn't how bugs work, but seriously, your 3rd or 4th dogpile on the same "just check before you take off" assertion is appreciated.
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