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  1. Thanks for having the server the way you do, we were able to test the 262s without interruption AND even had some start harassing those of us still taking off by menacing with biplanes, that was fantastic. Great times, appreciate having a place to do that! <S>
  2. Was there a way to tag users in posts? Because: REDFOX-WL-GAGARIN cannot receive messages. =/
  3. Very much appreciate your response, I will take this to Gagarin directly! To the lay-person, this is sporadic... because we don't understand the fact that there is procedure that occurs when you enter a hangar versus when you do not. I will say that in my experience, last night, I spawned a 110, died, then loaded out a G-4... I went to the hangar, selected a winter skin, changed fuel, and put on the glass headrest. I spawned out with guns that would not function.
  4. Soooo.... how would a config setting produce a sporadic result? (For my education)
  5. I do too, now, but after having a cherry firing solution (I'm mildly retarded, so it's super rare for me) and being robbed of it, I have a special place in my heart for those affected by this bug. I also understand how fickle gamers are (like extra-neurotic cats) and ESPECIALLY flight simmers (we are more like extra-extra-neurotic cats with some form of high-functioning autism) and while this particular bug seems endemic for now, either we just got some lucky doses last night or it is becoming worse/exacerbated by network conditions... For people content to do their 137 point customer satisfaction guaranteed virtual pre-flight checklist and lube, this is a minor annoyance... when you're scrambling to take off with the rest of your crew, you can forget that we need to fire our guns before take-off every time now. I searched for this bug, and this is the only post that I found regarding it (prominently), so I too am apparently guilty of not throwing this on the bug forum and will do so once I gather more information or can get my streaming working again, but this should certainly be looked into.
  6. It's not an ammo counter bug, it's a guns don't work bug, most people don't pop off rounds on the ground to test their guns. "This doesn't affect me (yet), so please focus on giving me new things." <--- This is an excellent business plan, keep these types of suggestions coming!
  7. This isn't how bugs work, but seriously, your 3rd or 4th dogpile on the same "just check before you take off" assertion is appreciated.
  8. Once again, I am confused as to why you feel that this is helpful or necessary? Prior to last night, I had not experienced this either, getting into firing position only to discover that your guns don't work just one time is enough to wish something done about this... it's certainly not healthy for the game.
  9. In this case, we had flown a mission prior to this in 110s, and we both got IL-2 into oblivion (dead), so this theory holds water at least in our case last night.
  10. Had it happen several times on WoL last night, details: 1. Spawned out... heard shooting off my starboard wing, nothing there. Heard it again, zoomed in on the AA to see if it was shooting, realized it was AAA (and this was distinctly MG fire) suddenly the ground (betwixt myself and the AAA) is covered with explosions like cannon-fire going off. Then a parachute appears out of nowhere and lays on the ground (@TWB-Dillon.biz was with me and saw the chute as well). We take off. 2. Both of us are in 109 G-4s, we jump a lone La-5 over target, Dillon moves in for the shot and yells that his guns aren't working. I laugh, because now I have a perfect shot but suddenly it isn't funny anymore because MY guns aren't working either. Dillon takes care of the La-5 the old Irish way and we fly back to enemy lines and bail out. 3. We up again, same field, Dillon in G-4, myself in a G-2 with pods. We both fight and get some kills, his G-4 is shooting. He gets shot, flies back in another G-4, this one won't fire either. He quits. 4. TWB-Wulfecub joins as Dillon is quitting and I am taking a break... he ups in a G-4... I come back to Discord some time later and he asks if this bug is only with the G-4 because he had it as well, but only in the G-4. SO, to re-cap, we had 3 people on WoL around 1900-2000 CDT last night experience this bug, it's a horrific bug, and it only happened to people flying the G-4. I bring up the ghost-craziness because there used to be some invisible plane bug way back in the day and if I remember right it was somewhat similar in behavior. I don't ever remember this happening on Berloga. Would be happy to do controlled testing on this with guidance/criteria from Devs and/or testers, lemme know.
  11. I wish we could still roll out in the Stuka and the Il-2... I know it's not "dogfighting" per se, and people get bent out of shape when you rail them with 23mm (or sometimes 37mm on the Stuka if you're really drunk) but for those of us that use Berloga quite often as our warm-up of choice for TAW or other private events, it was really helpful to be able to get some stick time in the fat girls before going to the dance. No, you shouldn't dogfight in either plane, but we attackers often find ourselves forced to defend against fighters with or without friendly air cover, and even though you're going to lose 9+ times out of 10 against a savvy fighter, I still want to put up the best fight I can.
  12. You will rock this game with that card. TrackIR is a dream in IL-2 BoX. Do yourself a favor and make the investment, especially if you do multiplayer - it's outstanding.
  13. I will say that I definitely set 110s on fire, a lot, with 23mm AP ammo. I had always assumed this was simply due to the AP rounds putting holes through parts of the engine not meant to have holes in them, and the resulting spew of fuel onto hot engine surfaces caused the fire(s)... Same with He-111s... AP rounds are my go-to vs. heavier aircraft (specifically the engines) due to this phenomenon. (I mean, also you get to shoot any tanks you run across too, so there is that)
  14. I am 42, but my wife says I am a child, so I think she means I have a youthful voice. I have a rich, sultry midwestern accent, would be happy to give it a shot... could do a couple samples and see if it's what you're looking for, just let me know.
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