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  1. I used to fly the Zero a lot in IL2'46 so mapped my cannons to the throttle (X52) button next to the slider. I've had it that way ever since. I like it since when I fire the cannons I dont move the joystick at all, makes for more accurate shooting for myself.
  2. I grabbed a book the other day simply titled "Dogfights", it has five chapters squaring off two aircraft types at specific times during the war. One chapter was devoted to the P-40 vs Ki-43 matchup in the CBI. What was new to me was the level of fight the IJAAF was able to put up late into the war. They were still able to pull off tactical victories until the last weeks of the war. The CBI american and chinese pilots fought on with late model P-40N's until the end of the war when Mustangs were finally making their mark in large numbers.
  3. I am really enjoying the Dora, an absolute blast to fly. My kids and my girlfriends kids were watching me fly both the Dora and Anton offline. When I got into a spot of trouble down low with the Dora versus some Yaks I was able to get the nose below the horizon and pour on the coal and I was gone, able to extend and the climb to turn around and re-engage. In the Anton I didn't have the speed, tried to get above them, and killed my engine. I love 109s, I really am a 109 fanboy, but this Dora is hot!
  4. Technically Falcon AT was my first, but the first one I really got into and played extensively was Aces over Europe and Aces of the Pacific. Been waiting for a proper successor to the second one still to this day...
  5. The AI recently has been pretty tough as far as staying out of my sights in close range fights. Far from the old turn in one direction, it has been gradually improving from my point of view. Also, did no one else notice that was an 190 DORA that was chasing him?!?
  6. I'm running an FX-6100, 8 GB RAM, and a 3GB 1050 and I can run on high settings at a decent FPS. The game has seen some improvement in smoothness since the last update to my own observation, but I am SP only.
  7. Ahhh, the olden days.... I played a ton of Air Warrior on AOL back in the day, and then on Gamestorm after they shut it down on AOL. For $9.99/month Gamestorm was an awesome service for the time, AW and Legends of Kesmai. I played War Birds a ton as well after AW, with a bunch of single player sims thrown in for good measure, starting with Red Baron 1 and Aces of the Pacific/over Europe. My next long term sim after that was European Air War, which introduced me to the concept of mods. I really kind of fell off the sim radar in my early late teens - mid 20s, but did manage to spend some time with Pacific Fighters which introduced me to IL2. If I were add up the cost of all the sims, flight sim gear, and PCs over the years it would be scary adjusted for 2018 dollars. As it is now, for WW2 there is no better game in town then the GBS. I have most of the RoF content but I might be moving on to WoFFUE for my Great War needs since the campaign is to die for I hear, but for WW2 I will be staying right here. No sim give the sensation of flight that the Battle of series gives, not one, and that is why I will stay right here.
  8. It really did too, absolutely folded the left wing and just tore the fuselage apart a split second after. I have to hope that guy didn't know what hit him.
  9. I used to fly the Zero a lot in 46, so I set my cannons to a button on my throttle, and my trigger for MGs. The Zeke has a handle on the throttle for cannon fire in the genuine article. I've been using that setup ever since. Does allow for some pretty slick cannon shooting since my joystick doesn't move a millimeter when i am firing cannons.
  10. I was wondering when someone was going to point that out. Not that it needs them with the 4xMk108 but nice none the less. It will not be the aircraft I fly most often, but awesome that we have it.
  11. This is likely the flight sim project I am most excited about these days. Getting to fly the F4F/Martlett in a modern sim is something I've been waiting for since IL246 really started showing it's age. Even if there are no Zeroes to chase, I will be happy for quite a while. I really don't think VR support is going to make or break 5.0. This is the theater I hear about most on the BoX side of the forum after the Pacific, it's going to sell with the flight sim crowd.
  12. My first sim was Aces of the Pacific, and my grandfather earned 9 battle stars in the Navy fighting in that theater. I suppose it's in my blood. We had a scale R/C Hellcat model when I was a kid, with VF-27's shark mouth and little rising sun flags on the side. I have been hooked ever since. Carrier aviation is an obvious new frontier for this sim, but I am personally more interested in intercepting bombers in the slot north of Guadalcanal, or breaking into Fortress Rabaul. The set piece CV battles are interesting, but only 2 of them really had a 'balanced' outcome, Coral Sea and Santa Cruz. Other then that the Japanese were utterly defeated and that doesn't make for fun game play IMO.
  13. LoL, yes of course, this is assuming we're going to the Pacific next if it's Midway or somewhere else. I was only making the argument for not doing Midway, but another Pacific battle space.
  14. I am all about the Pacific, and I know Midway is where Jason wants to go, but I can't help but think that something like New Guinea or the Solomons would be a better place to start. We've already got the P-40 and P-39, the P-38 (a later model then was used early on in PNG I know) is coming with BoBP. Throw in the WIldcat, early F4U, make the AI B-25 flyable, and an SBD and we would have things pretty well covered. And having some Destroyers and Heavy/Light Cruisers to sail down the slot will really test the engine for heavy AA usage as we would certainly see in any kind of CV battle. Just my $0.02, things will go the way they go.
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