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  1. I'm a bit disappointed with no PTO as of yet, but with Normandy we will be getting more naval assets and amphibious assault equipment which will surely pay dividends when we finally get to the PTO. As far as the Normandy plane set, I am all in for the 410 and Spit xiv. The P-51B/C is my favorite pony as well, so i am not too heart broken.
  2. On one of the other threads Black Six "quasi-confirmed' the next collector planes to be the Hurricane Mk II and Yak 9/9T. Don't get me wrong, I would buy the XIV in a heartbeat, or even the packard powered XVI to get a spit with a bubble canopy, but they're not next on the list. And besides, the sooner we get to the PTO the better from my perspective.
  3. Pretty well like a border around a picture, to maintain the illusion of a never ending world. I suppose you could do the math figuring the difference between the total map area and stated flyable map area
  4. So my Gf was watching me play and I was explaining the new AI improvements as well as I can, and all of a sudden my P-38 cockpit turns red and there is fire.......two 109g6s had bounced me while I thought I was well away from the fight. Also watched a wingman smoke a 190d and pass close under me, can't say it's perfect but what an improvement
  5. Since I have the day off I am quite sure it'll be tomorrow, sorry to ruin it for the rest of you.
  6. I think 'Bubi' would have enjoyed this thread fwiw. He was certainly possessed of a sense of humor.
  7. I am figuring the last week of September. My birthday was the 11th, but any release in the month of Sept I will consider a birthday gift from the gods. All along I have been pretty excited for the P-38, and I still am. The recent DD's on the Tempest have got me pretty excited for that one as well. Being able to see the process, and amount of research, that went into her will enhance the experience I am sure.
  8. I am thinking the Spitfire Mk XIV and Bf 109G-10. What i would like to see would be the Me 410 and A-20G/J but it's unlikely I think.
  9. I used to fly the Zero a lot in IL2'46 so mapped my cannons to the throttle (X52) button next to the slider. I've had it that way ever since. I like it since when I fire the cannons I dont move the joystick at all, makes for more accurate shooting for myself.
  10. I grabbed a book the other day simply titled "Dogfights", it has five chapters squaring off two aircraft types at specific times during the war. One chapter was devoted to the P-40 vs Ki-43 matchup in the CBI. What was new to me was the level of fight the IJAAF was able to put up late into the war. They were still able to pull off tactical victories until the last weeks of the war. The CBI american and chinese pilots fought on with late model P-40N's until the end of the war when Mustangs were finally making their mark in large numbers.
  11. I am really enjoying the Dora, an absolute blast to fly. My kids and my girlfriends kids were watching me fly both the Dora and Anton offline. When I got into a spot of trouble down low with the Dora versus some Yaks I was able to get the nose below the horizon and pour on the coal and I was gone, able to extend and the climb to turn around and re-engage. In the Anton I didn't have the speed, tried to get above them, and killed my engine. I love 109s, I really am a 109 fanboy, but this Dora is hot!
  12. Technically Falcon AT was my first, but the first one I really got into and played extensively was Aces over Europe and Aces of the Pacific. Been waiting for a proper successor to the second one still to this day...
  13. The AI recently has been pretty tough as far as staying out of my sights in close range fights. Far from the old turn in one direction, it has been gradually improving from my point of view. Also, did no one else notice that was an 190 DORA that was chasing him?!?
  14. I'm running an FX-6100, 8 GB RAM, and a 3GB 1050 and I can run on high settings at a decent FPS. The game has seen some improvement in smoothness since the last update to my own observation, but I am SP only.
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