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    Aircraft (especially design), history (especially WW1/2), German culture (besonders die Geschichte des Deutschland und Deutschsprache), Music (especially EDM).

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I love aircraft, their design, and how fluids affect them (how they fly, but also how they don't). I don't tend to watch TV, but if I do it's Air Crash Investigation, as it is interesting to see how things as small as a slightly messed up landing a decade before and some poor maintenance caused the tail of an aircraft to rip off, and crash the aircraft. I hope in future to become an aircraft engineer, in either defense or civilian markets. I like history, especially the post 1900s. The world wars are also a major interest of mine. I learn German, becuase it is an interesting language attached to an even more interesting country. Also so I can jump ship to Germany when Theresa crashes the UK like it's 1066 all over again.
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