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  1. I thought the attack came from the north, and some germans mistook the airfield above for y-29, thus lowering the # of attacking planes on y-29
  2. Did you have the fuel regulator equipped? It might (extreme speculation) have something to do with that?
  3. Back when I was much younger (9 or 10), I remember watching historical videos, crashshows and "messing around" videos made in IL-2 1946 when I wasn't able to buy (or run) these games, in awe of the physics models. With the announcement of BON and the new planeset, I think watching back over a few of these videos have already got me stoked: V1 Bombs Rhubarb Missions (it has a sequel too) <basically all of 1 F Jef's videos on IL-2> Do you guys have anything boiling back to the surface?
  4. Better shot, or more lead to put down range? 😁
  5. I'd like to point out that the BF110 is an absolute delight to fly, and has better offensive armament once you've ditched those pesky bombs
  6. What is this in reference to? I've seen this but not sure what the joke is
  7. This is my rough estimate of length of Kuban Area (322.4km) vs the length of Western Front Area (470km). It's about 1 and 1/3 times the length alone. She'll be a chunky one alright. I measured the length of WFA as best I could on google maps referencing the linear forest and those to the east of it in the northeast (the east map border cuts Hannover), and a rough guestimate on the French coastline near dunkirk (it should be visible from the western map border).
  8. Could have sworn that it was the exact opposite, stagnating around the 38th parallel. Maybe wrong tho.
  9. Collision speed is typically slower than that of the birds (canopy just came off a p47 close to you that was going similar speeds typically, so it may have only slowed by 40mph in the air, making it a 40mph collision, vs a 180-200-ish mph bird strike. Saying that, 40mph collisions are no joke Also, turbine blades are MUCH thinner, making them far more fragile to bending forces such as a stray bird/ canopy. However, I do not have any idea of the strength of plexiglass vs a metal or wooden prop. I would assume something like a D9 would get a fair chunk bitten, whereas a thicc prop such as a p47's getting hit by some axis bubble canopy would fare a little better.
  10. Well I actually do hate birds (fear of loose feathers, don't ask)
  11. Honestly, I just want actual bird strikes, I'm sure it would be a great little side project for a dev who wants to, just adding: model of birds, noise of impact (a dull thud, distinct from a metallic bullet impact) collision detection within a small radius of vulnerable parts (radiators, props, air intakes, cockpit glass, deployed gear legs*) damage to said parts, for example: Radiators: significant leaks, plus the insulative effect of a bird carcass causing less cooling (so cooling effectiveness goes down almost instantaniously, and degrades faster than a typical battle wound) Props: wooden ones shatter, metal ones bend slightly, engine failure due to bending forces on driveshaft Air intakes: Seconds of spluttering and then total failure Cockpit glass: Bird remains and shattered glass Gear legs: Fairing removal, structural weakening, possibly tyre damage, I do not know the pressure required to damage a tyre to bursting semi-realistic flight patterns (they'd probably best be implemented to "navigate" randomly as a group, with an animation of each bird moving up and down and forward and backwards a bit to give the illusion of independent but co-ordinated flight) beautiful squawking *I'm particularly interested in this because it would add a VERY jarring landing in most fighters that you would have to prepare for in about 2 seconds, whereas in things like an IL-2 with it's truss gear minimal significant damage would be dealt, leading to more soviet bias and finally evening out the obvious german bias /s)
  12. wololololololololololollolloololo
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