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  1. 410 (that cockpit is something!), Mossie (w o o d), 234 (once again cockpit+jet), P47 Razorback (Cockpit), Typhoon (Rhubarb + RP3s), Ju88C (Cockpit). The real question is, does anyone actually care about another 109?
  2. Yeah one is about the "upcoming" 4.005 update. Think that one can be removed 😁
  3. Title is problem. I don't know what detail you'd want from me, so ask for a lot and I'll give as much as I can.
  4. Ah yeah forgot aboot that. Greetings from Surrey+London.
  5. You're going to school on Thursday?
  6. He means no clickpits in the future, not no switch movement.
  7. Plus (if it's not already in game) African-American voiceovers
  8. It is very strange seeing my hometown on an IL-2 map... If the developers want any help in finding historical documents about it, I'd be happy to help.
  9. I thought the attack came from the north, and some germans mistook the airfield above for y-29, thus lowering the # of attacking planes on y-29
  10. Did you have the fuel regulator equipped? It might (extreme speculation) have something to do with that?
  11. Back when I was much younger (9 or 10), I remember watching historical videos, crashshows and "messing around" videos made in IL-2 1946 when I wasn't able to buy (or run) these games, in awe of the physics models. With the announcement of BON and the new planeset, I think watching back over a few of these videos have already got me stoked: V1 Bombs Rhubarb Missions (it has a sequel too) <basically all of 1 F Jef's videos on IL-2> Do you guys have anything boiling back to the surface?
  12. Better shot, or more lead to put down range? 😁
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