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  1. Ah yeah forgot aboot that. Greetings from Surrey+London.
  2. You're going to school on Thursday?
  3. He means no clickpits in the future, not no switch movement.
  4. Plus (if it's not already in game) African-American voiceovers
  5. It is very strange seeing my hometown on an IL-2 map... If the developers want any help in finding historical documents about it, I'd be happy to help.
  6. I thought the attack came from the north, and some germans mistook the airfield above for y-29, thus lowering the # of attacking planes on y-29
  7. Did you have the fuel regulator equipped? It might (extreme speculation) have something to do with that?
  8. Back when I was much younger (9 or 10), I remember watching historical videos, crashshows and "messing around" videos made in IL-2 1946 when I wasn't able to buy (or run) these games, in awe of the physics models. With the announcement of BON and the new planeset, I think watching back over a few of these videos have already got me stoked: V1 Bombs Rhubarb Missions (it has a sequel too) <basically all of 1 F Jef's videos on IL-2> Do you guys have anything boiling back to the surface?
  9. Better shot, or more lead to put down range? 😁
  10. I'd like to point out that the BF110 is an absolute delight to fly, and has better offensive armament once you've ditched those pesky bombs
  11. What is this in reference to? I've seen this but not sure what the joke is
  12. This is my rough estimate of length of Kuban Area (322.4km) vs the length of Western Front Area (470km). It's about 1 and 1/3 times the length alone. She'll be a chunky one alright. I measured the length of WFA as best I could on google maps referencing the linear forest and those to the east of it in the northeast (the east map border cuts Hannover), and a rough guestimate on the French coastline near dunkirk (it should be visible from the western map border).
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