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  1. European Theatre: Eastern Front (Barbarossa, Finland, Poland etc
  2. Hello, I am a member of Finnish Virtuapilots. I started to translate Your Mission Building Guide into Finnish. First of all to learn to build missions by my self. And to help our members to build missions, too. Early this Saturday morning I realised that I have to have Your permission before I am allowed to "publish" it in our website. Finnish Virtualpilots have now a test server in BOS. We are working hard to make it a good one for all virtualpilots whoever loves to fly. Cheers Kippari
  3. The WW 2 started 1939. Eastern front was the beginning of that war. Stalin and Hitler the two dictators partitioned Europe. We are just playing a game. Russians lost about 200 000 soldiers in the winter war. Remember this fact when you push the button which theater will be the next. Estern front is the one and only.
  4. +1 for the Leningrad front. The nothern front was also very important. Don't forget that for Hitler the city name Leningrad was like a red cloth for a bull.
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