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  1. I updated my post with two different pilots that have bailed out and are on their way down but both pilots chutes are at a strange angle...see above thanks
  2. I don’t know if it’s been reported but I saw pilots after they bail out in their chutes but as they were descending down their chutes were at weird angle. I’ll post a pics Pic 1 Pic2
  3. Hey Vander I tried to open the mission i created in the ME and I got this error...Can you tell me if this is a issue, cause failed integrity check. Also the ME crashes every time I open it... Object(2250:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2268:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2270:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2272:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2274:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2276:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2278:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2280:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(11116:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_a20raf.txt Object(11117:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_a20raf.txt Object(11118:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_a20raf.txt Object(11137:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_fw190d9.txt Object(11138:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_fw190d9.txt Object(11139:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_fw190d9.txt Object(11140:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_fw190d9.txt Object(11145:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_fw190d9.txt Object(11146:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_fw190d9.txt Object(11147:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_fw190d9.txt Object(11148:Block) >> no script file! : LuaScripts\WorldObjects\Blocks\static_fw190d9.txt Max buildings with entity number exceeded! max: 10, actual: 12 Max vehicles with entity number exceeded! max: 40, actual: 144 Max planes with entity number exceeded! max: 20, actual: 40 Max effects with entity number exceeded! max: 12, actual: 29 Max total entity number exceeded! max: 80, actual: 238 Max total Complex Triggers number exceeded! max: 10, actual: 28
  4. Vander I have a huge favor to ask of you. Recently our squadron have been flying Coops with other squadrons, but we have a lot more players that we need to add in the mission, in total about 40 pilots. Can you make it so we have more players available in the flights to support more players in other words, right now you have 2 flights of max 16 PLAYERS. Can you increase it by adding more flights say 4 per side with 10 pilots each instead of the 2. This would allow more pilots to join the missions for squadron Coop nights... This would be amazing if you can. You could label them Yellow, Blue, Red, Green flights!
  5. OK Fella's Here's another one from the Yoxford Boys of the 362nf FG, the Mary Mae was flown by Lt. Richard "RIP" Potter, 1944-45. Download Here: https://www.mediafire.com/view/8q81ctrs4hunmbz/362nd_Mary_Mae.dds/file
  6. Also can we get the re-arm, re-fuel, and repair into the missions?
  7. Hey Pat, Is there anyway you can put the Re-arm, Re-Fuel, and Repair into the missions. It would be awesome to have it...
  8. Thanks my friend! I have more coming out soon...
  9. Hey Gents I'm wondering if there's any documentation of videos out there for the proper use of the Bendix Antenna. Thanks in advance fella's!
  10. Pat if you change it back then wont the bombers not follow their correct WP's...just curious. Also is there a way to have a number of the the events correspond to the dots this way if a pilots plane goes down we'll be able to tell exactly where that happens? Thanks
  11. OK Pat I just wanted to give you a couple of things that happened to our mission last night. We came across NME Bombers for the 1st time in our campaign and our guys ripped them up..but what I wanted to share with you was that bombers didn't return fire on them at all. so I'm not sure if its a bug or something that you need to know. We love your CG a ton buddy but I just want to keep you informed of our happenings in the campaign to keep you abreast of what may by or not by a problem. Also is there any way to show in the debriefing map of the events as to where they are at in accordance to the dots, in other words one of my pilots was hit by flak and tried to make it back to the friendly lines to bail but unfortunately he was captured and he swears he was on the good side of our line so I'm not sure exactly where though..It would be great to hold the cursor over the dot and it gives me a number according to the event. would that be possible to put into the PWCG...but thanks so much my friend for this great piece of work our squadron is loving it... Salute! The Red dots are Im sure are the downed aircraft and the Pink are what? Im assuming pilots..is that correct?
  12. Thanks Vander Ill wait for your next update then to see the changes, Looking forward to the many months ahead with playing this Mission Generator. Great work mate!
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