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  1. Any skins of mine your welcome to Pat
  2. Gambit makes the best missions and I’m sure more pilots will see this campaign addon as a must have
  3. OK hey good luck gambit great trailer looking forward to the pilots using those skins
  4. Hey Guys this post is for Gambit and Jason. You have my blessing on using the skins I created for Gambit to use in this campaign. I expect nothing but the pure enjoyment of the pilots who use them in the addon, good luck and God Bless!
  5. Hey Gents just a friendly bump, we are still looking for a couple of active pilots who want to fly with guys in the U.S..We fly on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 2000 EST
  6. I updated my post with two different pilots that have bailed out and are on their way down but both pilots chutes are at a strange angle...see above thanks
  7. I don’t know if it’s been reported but I saw pilots after they bail out in their chutes but as they were descending down their chutes were at weird angle. I’ll post a pics Pic 1 Pic2
  8. Hey Vander I tried to open the mission i created in the ME and I got this error...Can you tell me if this is a issue, cause failed integrity check. Also the ME crashes every time I open it... Object(2250:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2268:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2270:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2272:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\vehicles\m1gun\m1gun.mgm Object(2274:Howitzer) >> no model file! : graphics\veh
  9. Vander I have a huge favor to ask of you. Recently our squadron have been flying Coops with other squadrons, but we have a lot more players that we need to add in the mission, in total about 40 pilots. Can you make it so we have more players available in the flights to support more players in other words, right now you have 2 flights of max 16 PLAYERS. Can you increase it by adding more flights say 4 per side with 10 pilots each instead of the 2. This would allow more pilots to join the missions for squadron Coop nights... This would be amazing if you can. You could label them
  10. OK Fella's Here's another one from the Yoxford Boys of the 362nf FG, the Mary Mae was flown by Lt. Richard "RIP" Potter, 1944-45. Download Here: https://www.mediafire.com/view/8q81ctrs4hunmbz/362nd_Mary_Mae.dds/file
  11. Also can we get the re-arm, re-fuel, and repair into the missions?
  12. Hey Pat, Is there anyway you can put the Re-arm, Re-Fuel, and Repair into the missions. It would be awesome to have it...
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