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  1. Hey Rap are the P-51 skins done yet buddy? Id like to take them for a spin...
  2. Hey Craig Is the front of the nose of this painted mustang suppose to have a shine on it...Im not sure but your alpha layer may not have the nose on it...or maybe its just the angle of the pic!
  3. Hey Pat one more question, please. How does one edit the squadron list when adding a pilot, you have the 362nd in there but I would like to add the 361st FG please, thanks
  4. Sorry Pat I need your assistance: OK Guys I have a few questions please. 1. How do I make it so that I'm not using basic flight characteristics, in other words I want to have engine management for each player. 2. Can I add separate FG's in a mission. I have my group the 361FG and the 487th FS and we want to fly a mission as each separate unit in that mission is there a way? 3. Also is there a way to have cold engine starts? I’m using the Rhine map... 4. I have 12 players right now in a mission but PWCG only allows 11 slots, is there a way to add more slots to a mission? 5. How do I delete a Pilot in Campaign? I would appreciate any feedback thanks guys!
  5. Sorry post was meant for the Rhine map not the BOS map...Deleted
  6. Any chance you can add the 361st FG to the PWCG for Coop's thanks Pat
  7. NO Problem man Im just finishing up my Squadrons skins and believe me Ill be cranking these puppies out...lol
  8. Ill take a crack at it if no one else does it...
  9. Just a friendly bump guys if your looking for a good squad to hang with please join our discord and get in on the great times...
  10. Thanks Jasta heres my other skin for our Squadron
  11. OK Gents here my squadron skin done in the 361st colors. I'm currently doing my squadrons skins and then Ill hit the chalkboard for a ton of historical skins once this is done...
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