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  1. Playing as a FW190 pilot Stalingrad career and the mission is to escort stukas to target area. 9 Stukas in formation they don’t dive bomb like stukas should they circle target area and then low level bomb a factory but only the lead Stuka drops his bomb the rest do not and the entire staffel of stukas return to base all but one aircraft carrying their bombs. Very disappointing was hoping to see epic Stuka attack. Have escorted 3 missions like this in my career and every time stukas behave like this. Please fix. By order of Rommel 😜
  2. This is great pic for computer wallpaper...
  3. So I flew a mission the other day on TAW in a 110G2 against a defense position and the sortie record shows I destroyed an AA gun, 2 trucks and shot down an LA5 but it appears I didn't get credit for these kills. The mission time is correct and I did safely land my 110 back at the correct base so not sure why I am not getting credit for the air kill or ground kills. I don't believe I have seen this before any reason why I wouldn't get the credit for the kills? It also didn't give me credit for a combat mission....
  4. Haha I didn't notice that I didn't mention which server it was TAW I was talking about...more of a rant really just needed to get it off my chest ...I'm better now lol.
  5. Doubt anyone cares but your losing me! I have been a fan of your server for awhile now...at least 3 years. The tactical aspect is great I have always enjoyed it. Its a real challenge to stay alive and keep your pilot statisitics going and keep your aircraft. I just spent an hour and a half flying around in a spitfire on the Bodenplatte map and didn't see one enemy aircraft, not one in the distance flak shooting, not one message on the in game chat that anyone needs help.....nothing no one said anything about anything...lol. I think that's a problem!
  6. Ah ok well no I didn't know and what a disappointment to hear
  7. Uhhh Jizzo does that mean no? or are you just laughing at me 😰
  8. Ok........loving the newest update and all the planes included in it but there seems to be a glaring omission to me 🤨 The Tempest a long time personal favorite of mine doesn't have a rocket package to pick from in the modifications section of the loadout 😦😢 Can someone please let me know of this is going to be added when the full release of Bodenplatte is released? 😟 The Tempest was probably one of the best rocket attack aircraft the allies had at very least the best one the British had and too not have a rocket package loadout for this aircraft seems al
  9. How do you edit TRK's taken in game to show to others online?
  10. So what I have noticed is if I start a recording and end the recording while still in flight or haven't exited the current game but hit ctrl and r to end the recording I can watch the recording but if I end the mission or game without ending the recording I cannot watch the recording. I was able to watch the recordings before the update if the mission ended or game quit without having to end the recording if that makes sense....
  11. Old versions and new ones aren't working as well....
  12. So suddenly my flight records won't load! I get an error message of #1000 unknown error occurred during flight record loading process. Anyone know why this is happening and or how to fix it??
  13. Not sure where to post this topic so just thought I would put it in here..this is really meant for the IL2 development boys to hopefully fix..... I will start by saying I love the new career mode I find it makes for way more immersion into the game and so far I think the missions are really well done with lots of mission variety, targets and more of a cooperation feel with your unit mates and other friendly squadrons. However while flying in career mode, in this example I am flying as a German fighter pilot, we started the day with 3 sorties to perform, my pilot was fl
  14. Lots of fun looking forward to Kuban Campaign!
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