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  1. You guys work so hard, it truly is amazing what you have done and are doing. Your team deserves a nice Vacation! Next thing you know, we will be smelling oil mist from our engines and smoke in the cockpit! Great Job indeed!!
  2. Hey, thanks a lot for your info on the Vive. Happy Flying!
  3. I've used TIR for many years now and I'm on my second TIR. What happened on the first after many years of use the Clip broke that clips to my HS. VR is nice I'm sure, however at my age I'll stay with TIR and VR is a lot of $$. Just don't see the need for it IMHO.
  4. Thanks for your input on VR Rhan, very informative. You really have my interest in VR ! I'm defiantly going to look into VR more and study all I can about it. Thanks Very interesting mpdugas. What kind of hotas do you use with VR and what computer specs do you have to run your VR? thanks
  5. Never tried VR so I can't really say much about it, I only what I've read . Been using Trackir for years on several flight and combat sims. May give VR a try one day. Do you still use your control stick and rudder petals with VR and is there a need for a monitor? I bought ROF when it first came out and really like it. Thinking about purchasing FC next and I read where the FC team will have a career Mode soon.
  6. Never used third party Mission or played on line before. I think that I would really enjoy it. I really like the bombers and that is why I purchased BOK. The Havoc is a real killer. What do I need to do to play online and join you guys ? I know I need to get Havoc over the Kuban first thing. Any help will be appreciated and hope to join the bombers crew! After reviewing Havoc over the Kuban I see that it is a single player campaign which is great as well. With 16 missions, that is well worth the price !
  7. Thanks Red Cat, I'll keep those cowl flaps closed and I'll get 'Havoc over the Kuban'! Hey, thanks ErwinP.
  8. Hello Pilots, I recently purchased BOK to fly some bomber missions with the A 20. I just wondered how many of you fly the Havoc and how you like the missions and the aircraft itself? Thanks.
  9. Hello Pat, could you walk me through how to install your work into 1C, (what folders it goes in) ? I've never added any extra campaign's into 1C. You do fabulous work! Thanks.
  10. Thanks FlyingH, I have a blank 238 GB ssd F drive. I'll move the game to that drive. I should be able to copy the game to the F drive.
  11. Did a delete and reinstall and everything is running fine now. Must have gotten a corrupt file when I downloaded BOM. It loads every time now.
  12. So all you did was add Orig" to the end of the title name after you did a reinstall? ..... Glad you got it going Hursty.
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