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  1. ok lets start again, you got the intel card disabled. And you are getting a windows (or game) display on a tv. But on laptop display missing icons. That suggests that the laptop dont have the resolution the tv has. ie laptop is lower resolution. Afraid dont know which dis/enable buttons are greyed out (the alarm?) I really do not think the career mode problem is related to a graphics card. Do single missions work? Or are you saying the career mode icons are off screen. If the game is coming up on tv and looks ok, then career mode problems are either a setting or missing part of install. I believe you said you did some of the suggested deletes that help line/support suggested - have you updated game since, cos it will need you to do that (not talking about reinstall). Sory gotta go, dinners arriving
  2. This is guess, a) set a profile for the game that uses the nvidea Also it seems you can disable the intel from control panel - system - hardware - device manager tab for display adaptors. That will list both. Click unwanted and disable (at least on window7). However I cannot see how this would just effect career. Its just what they found from your ticket you sent in. And a gun aint gonna force anyone to do anything.
  3. As borntobattle says, it is very difficult for us to understand what the fundamental problem actually is. If your second piccie is msinfo32 output, its not actually saying that its running the nvidea, its saying that you have two video displays, gtx1050 and the intel630. From internet you can disable the internal GPU from control panel /device manager. Gives you a disable option.Have you disabled that? Apparently it is not possible from the bios. Also seems that there is also a nvidea 3d setting (I have radeon) where you can set preferences for a game to use a specific graphics card. You have a global setting and game/program specific profile you can setup. Suspect this is because if the internal graphics card is globally isolated your laptop batteries wont last very long using the nvidea without mains power. And I think that the rear picture is to determine that you have the nvidea graphics card output connected. Sorry apart from that I am in the dark. Sorry postings passed each other
  4. Take piccie, load it into paint (a windows utility) you can then edit it for size or even save it as a lower level format ie convert bmp to jpg or gif to reduce the file size requirement. Then if still too big 7zip it down. Of course with lower format it may be harder to read. Cannot make out your issue from your request. I am guessing your machine is using the integral card rather than the gtx1050 shown. As said above that is usually a bios alteration you need to make to disable the internal card. Dont think it can be done from devices and hardware (never had PC integral graphics) although you can for sound cards.
  5. If the plane in reality used a trim wheel then in game it will use the trim axis controls setting. ie virtually all british and american planes will use the axis commands. They do not have to be assignd to analogue control (ie a wheel), hat switches can be assigned (just as it used to). If the plane used trim buttons then it will use the axis buttons assigned so need both set, although as others state both axis and buttons can be assigned the same HAT controls. If plane used stabiliser (LW mainly) and had analogue control (109) this needs to be assigned in stabiliser axis. If it had buttons (fw190) it will needs assigning under stabiliser buttons. Again all these can be assigned to the same set of switches. The useage of axis is slightly confusing as it refers to the actual plane control rather than what you can physically assign it to.
  6. My eldest son has one - have tried it on his computer (mine probably would not run it well anyway). As for the eye disease do not really want to go to it - its not that I have physically only one eye. It would get messy explaining. Even TiR on a monitor gives me problems once you rotate head so far
  7. Dont have VR (dont work with one eye) but a serious question - cant you just rotate/spin the chair for same effect?
  8. Whilst you are correct, but supplemented Oct 44 until Feb/mar 1045 they also flew PR Typhoon 1bs (no idea how many though).
  9. try googling flight simulator map areas - there is map locations and areas for virtually all flight sims (all il2 old an new, falcon4/allied force/bms, dcs). But pretty sure solomons/guadalcanal was cut down a lot (area shown is bigger than Korea)
  10. There is only a single mixture control - so cannot set for one engine individually. Need to set it when both engines are enabled. As far as I remember though, it doesnt matter when you do it, provided both engines are enabled (and before you start them)
  11. Our lightning squadrons did multiple exchange visits with Dutch, Danes, Italians and Germans in the 70's. Although that was G and S versions. I was radar engineer not pilot, but we used to get debriefs and the like plus shown the gun/radar/missile cam views when we went with em. Making gnd crew feel part of it I guess. The general feeling I always got was our F6/F3 pilots considered we had tactics that won out every time except for trying look down pickups on them. Both aircraft only had short range engagement ranges. Whereas the mirage 111 was more difficult, but you'd have to ask a pilot why that was.
  12. Thad - sniperton post above mine lists the new fixes to snipe me. But it is listed in general discussion - version 40001 discussion thread (first in listing). Beyond my old brain capabilities to do what sniperton managed.
  13. look in game discussion sneaksie page 9 about 5 posts up from last (obviously will change)
  14. hover your mouse over his poster name, panel comes up and at bottom are 3 options, middle one is the vital one, worth 30seconds of anyones time
  15. There is no career mode for FC at present. Clearly stated for this product in its initial iteration. I think you must be reading descriptions for BoX and TC and assuming it also counts for FCircus
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