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  1. I think Luse problems are as plurp suggests. There is a single shared mixture control for both engines on hs129, luse has 2 individual mixture controls. For a single and other twin engine planes this will work fine but for hs129 pretty sure will need to assign one axis as common mixture control.
  2. you need keys set for elevator trim axis. Because the spit uses a trim wheel you need axis keys set - these can use the same keys as set for elevator trim switch though as therions picture shows above
  3. Not had much problem with hs129 and I use mixture on an axis, but dont get to fly it much except offline. If I remember correctly, (not at machine) the hs129 has a single mixture lever. You have to adjust it with both engines selected (0 key), will not work with a single engine. So set it and start engines, do not adjust it between engine selections. As I usually start the engines individually, I guess you would not normally get to adjust it in between if you start them both with a single press.
  4. Thanks for answer. Yes got my knickers in a twist re hercules vi in a 1c variant. I got confused somewhat, had thought the mk1 couldnt carry external stores due to lack of power from hercules iii (think one of the beaufighter history books mentions this but it was from library a few years back and my memory probably at fault) and assumed the hercules ix had similar problem. Never realised it was that more powerfull. Question of adding 1+1 and making 3.
  5. good god, I dont get an air kill a month even with a pe2 supposed robokill gunner
  6. Very much looking forward to a beaufighter with extra teeth and tomahawks then learning how to use the wellie bombsight. However I assume you have a misprint referring to beaufighter ic with hercules XI engines. Can find no indication of XI variant at all so I assume you mean the hercules VI which did power mk 1c (and later vic)
  7. nice to see you got in and stayed in long enough to attack anything after your Sunday experience
  8. Trim tabs moved incorrectly - the trim worked correctly but the trim tab operation were reversed. Could be seen most obviously on the rudder if you looked at it
  9. you dont need to, select open and in the window pane change .mission to *.* same as you would for windows to find all files. Open .msnbin to view
  10. well I can still open msnbin files - did it yesterday - when open file window just put *.* and it all appears then select one you want - working for me at least
  11. and you tip (for a blessed minute I thought we had one last FNBF going).
  12. Do not know whether you have seen this site, has photo of lasham in 1942 (obviously a bit early for BoN). But there is alate photo of same field and does not look a lot different generally. Main site also includes Odiham also but no pictures from then. http://www.hampshireairfields.co.uk/airfields/las.html
  13. My guess is, he meant getting the engines started was 90% of the difficulty flying the 234. Taking off/landing and flying account for the other 10%. Probably something of an exaggeration, especially looking at the view out the front available for landing it and the comments re it jerking back and forth from the engine cavitations. Remember what a swine it was in 70s with cars in the cold jerking around until the engine warmed up. Seems a bit odd that 262 with same engines never heard mention of the same effect.
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