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  1. its possible he is out of ammo after several passes, but I know they were prone to going passive. One I flew late last night made 5 or 6 passes but didnt shoot on all, then I got sloppy and got hit. But particularly once the landing waypoint is engaged they slave to it (as does BoX) and appear to just defend. So to an extent it is completing in that its flown the waypoints. But it has never fought to the death, I never had a complaint about the boom n zoom method, but do wonder what the criteria was for leaving and radius of waypoint action ie passes last whilst engaged with you/us so go to rtb mode. So what do you expect extra/different to happen except a continous re-engage or it to dogfight? Never had any issue with it, works the same as any other flight sim with it (fpr me). In some ways a mouse was better but only had 4DoF, and required a 100% free hand but I could track a target better, particularly when looking through the canopy roof. Only difficult in my house with sunlight interfereing with its operation (then again living in Scotland this is seldom an issue). Sorry not gonna play that game before its even flyable to me.
  2. mine seemed fairly random (but did only run initially 3 times), first was about 30seconds in when I was still trying to get eyes onto the bandit and another when it made a second or third pass on me, so maybe 2 or 3 mnutes in. But not at startup. However late last night (actually early this morning) I did edit his load out and add the missing two gun belts. Then put it in FMB, and resaved it using one of my custom belting loadouts and it ran twice without crash. But only had time to try the twice. no, similar to you I have missions in same area (with ships usually to engage) and have no issues normally. I did wonder if his waypoints went out of the designated area -- but I have never had to worry about that so it seems unlikely. Yes they are not needed, although I believe the "weapons 1" line then just uses the default values - although whether these can be mucked up by user I do not know. Your user.ini file in my documents. Will have default and custom loadouts for all planes you have flown. Can also set them via the RAFloadout manager utility (but only for spits and hurris). There is also the loadout manager that works for German as well, but it looks for the old "my documents\game MOD" directory which no longer exists. Although can fool it, make the missing directory as it used to be pre blitz days, move the user.ini into it, run utility to modify then move it back. Been half heartedly writing my own (had to do similar for writing a compiler project when studying for computer degree years back (many years back hah C++ was only just a thing and OOP was rocket science)) but with desert coming I shelved it any way. The FMB has a setting for belting - you can actually see it in your FMB shots from Sunday in the group properties (for 109). I guess you have never made custom belting, so there is just the default available on the pull down and at some time you have been using the ingame adjustment for spit1_100oct and only saved for 6 sixs guns and left it as the default ("custom") name so overwrote it.
  3. Ran this same mission, crashes my machine 2 times out of 3. Ran 10 of mine, most more complex or busier but no problems. Also once seemed to muck my TiR up, also never had happen except through external light sources in living room, but game crashed seconds later so it may not have had time to fix itself. and be red herring. Something is very off/strange with it. I will try editting it some next few days see if I can determine what is odd.
  4. Whilst not related to your problems, very odd belting selection you have here. Not even sure that two outer right wing guns are even loaded, plus from personal viewpoint lots of pretty ineffective ball(2) at least for AA role.
  5. If Flanker already helped, just disregard this and I hope he got you running ok. I think sokol may have described it better above than I did. I assumed you realised I meant game was seeing the brake axis pressure applied to the pedal rather than the rudder axis movement. I guess you are pushing with right leg first but game sees the brake pedal pressure before the rudder movement hence the +X in your rudder line. That should be the entry seen in the right brake line lower down when setting them. As a quick check try moving left leg first and see if it shows +Y instead. It needs to show +RZ for rudder axis. It should not be happening, but I believe it maybe more a question how sensitive crosswind brake pedals are to pressure of the vertical axis (brakes). Or your feet are too heavy :). Hence my attempts to describe methods to move rudder without applying pressure to a pedal. Here is my control indication as sokol points out, get +RZ axis for rudder. At the bottom can see the two brakes pedals recorded as +X/Y axis. As an extreme fix, this is my confuser.ini file and could hand edit (backup first so no cockup caused by my engineering). The segment is almost at the end of the file. You can see how mine relates the the config screen. Just edit your rudder pedals line (second line down here as +AXE_RZ=1rudder). All you may need to alter on yours is AXE_X to AXE_RZ. However this will not set up rudder sensitivity (its in another location) so is a last resort. [HotKey pilotMove] Saitek_Pro_Flight_Rudder_Pedals-8A3D3329+AXE_RZ=1rudder BU0836X_Interface-D90819BD+AXE_RY=-1trimaileron Saitek_X52_Pro_Flight_Controller-ABC73591+AXE_RY=1trimrudder Saitek_X52_Pro_Flight_Controller-ABC73591+AXE_RX=1pitch Saitek_X52_Pro_Flight_Controller-ABC73591+AXE_Z=-1throttle Saitek_Pro_Flight_Rudder_Pedals-8A3D3329+AXE_Y=1brakesrt Saitek_X52_Pro_Flight_Controller-ABC73591+AXE_Y=1elevator Saitek_Pro_Flight_Rudder_Pedals-8A3D3329+AXE_X=1brakeslt Saitek_X52_Pro_Flight_Controller-ABC73591+AXE_X=1aileron Saitek_X52_Pro_Flight_Controller-ABC73591+AXE_U=1mix [ChatWindow]
  6. as primarily a bomber pilot especially 82. Reducing an airfield effectiveness by removing runways. Instead of being forced to destroy just buildings and planes. Just the sheer realism of that (even if it takes twice as many blenheims as he111/ju88s).
  7. try putting a large dead spot on brake axis, turning them off or changing sensitivity so it doesnt register as moving, is that possible via its own s/w? It looks like those guys got it working. It seems to me you need to move the lateral bit with out touching pedals to get rudder operating (I am working blind here). The idea that springs to mind is trying to set the rudders axis by moving the rudder arm only (not the pedal) to get that recognised, looking at a picture of crosswinds this might be possible (unlike on my saitek cheapies)if small feet or hands available. Bit of a guddle I know, possible involve crawling round floor a bit and even pulling the rear of the pedal with hands. If that works then set the brake pedals with a large deadspot so they dont interfere subsequently. There are probably other, better ways, you just need to reach the right guys. Could post it for help on atag clod forum itself. I see that llv34_flanker uses Crosswinds - maybe trying email him
  8. beaufighter+bombs, beaufighter and beaufighter. Then might try to sneak the tomahawk in but dont tell busdriver
  9. Busdriver - here is a link to atag for blitz using the crosswind rudders. Seems there is some necessity to set brake pedals first because of their sensitivity else they trigger before the rudder. I dont have them so hope this may help you https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-31069.html
  10. Right with the malta. Then western desert which basically relied on Malta. Although would add in 1941 as well. So Clod right up my street.
  11. you know when someone is desperate for one answer its your sworn duty to pick the other
  12. I use a steelseries (elite prism). Requires usb connector, cable is a little short but is pretty robust unlike many headsets. I have it connected to an external usb hub else it may be too short for some (unless you can plug it into front of PC). There is software to run it, but I never bothered after an upgrade turned off the mic. So I just use it out of the box. Also has worthless colour cycling on earphones. Makes you look like "phones" from stingray crew. But some may like it. But its good headset and mic both of which can be muted if needed. The only real trouble I found with it is fitting trackir to it. The band is wide - just about too wide for the fitting mechanism(although can get it too fit). It is also thin so you need rubber bands or fittings so it sits fixed tight on head (I actually fitted cycle light fittings to bolster it). Once I got it right works great. My wife and a son also have the hyperX mentioned by Flanker above and have no problems (although wife has no use for its mic). And if its survived son raging at the WoT and Halo plonkers its got to be robust.
  13. Spit 1 in game has 2 speed prop but has the ability to roughly select partly in between as in rl. However the 1a has rotol constant speed device in game. So for DH5-20, 2 speed In % terms this would be 100%(fine) and 0%(coarse) because there is only intermediate positions left on the pull lever control. This was how the pilots fiddled it in BoB, sliding it part way. But it isnt constant speed. And it wont necessarily relate to a rotol % (you would probably have to look up data for the actual angles these props used for a true comparison for %). Rotol could vary over 35deg. So if you are using a dual speed prop spit 1 (or hurri) then prop pitch % is almost irrelevant. In principle you only had 2 settings and usimng 2 speed prop you really have to watch the rpm gauge (or be able to hear it overrev) rather than watching your pitch %. Coarse was for cruise and fine for t/o and combat but you really really need to beware rpm cos it will overrev very very quickly as soon as you dive (even in coarse), there is no constant speed mechanism to help you. Its like flying a P40 in BoX if you ever have that (or the P40 on it). Your engine will destroy itself pdq especially in fine pitch. Much quicker than it will overheat.
  14. I vote yes as well. You can never have too much information. As others said those lodebeard guides were pretty useful especially when you try to maintain engine by the instruments, luckily I had them printed out. And your guide for Clod still gets a lot of use from myself as do those for dcs on the few occasions I can find time to fly there. And I will say, regardless whether you do or consider it far too much work, thanks for all the guides you have made. Even keeping them up to date must be close to a full time occupation.
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