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  1. Our squad too, teamspeak is superior in virtually every important way to his "modern" discord. Why downgrade to something modern when superior facilities are available
  2. and no calculators to do it with (although the RAF did supply us slide rules on entry back then)
  3. hyi Oranges - you are in the wrong forum page mate - this is for cliffs of dover - whilst it has the il2 name this is a different game to it. You will get better help in their part of the forum - the great battles section.
  4. This was a bug with the BR20 a coupla weeks ago - I believe after the last patch (think it exploded on spawning in on the italian wings server early Feb). A hot fix was delivered pdq. Either you have not updated or didnt clear the cache after the hot fix (if you didnt know about it)
  5. take the bombs off, put 20% fuel and try it the easy way first rather than jumping in the deep end. In my view its a helluva lot easier than landing the 110 (dons tin hat). Not quite as easy as a blennie. Its not as if you need to land it with bombs on board. Its a heavy plane but it pretty much will glide down - but just let it down to 100 there abouts and let it float down the last 2 feet or so. Full flaps, trim nose high. Its quite high off the ground so you have to learn to judge when its wheels are floating just off the tarmac. I can only imagine you are either hitting the ground t
  6. sorry kintaro but I strongly disagree. I regularly fly it - my favourite plane until a mossie (or whirlwind) appears. Had no problems on tobruk or channel map taking off in the beau with 2x500lb bombs and fuel. You do need to get off ground before airspeed hits 120mph else else tyres blow and then you are done. It does pull to one side, but then two engines will do that and beau was known to struggle with it (later models had extended tail to counter it). But a little rudder and I have no issues what so ever. I would say there is no real reason to take 100% fuel anyway, I have flown 2 hou
  7. Carrier pilot is a very good read about a uk pilot (Norman Hanson) experiences training and flying them against the Japanese
  8. Ther have been occasions where a plane spawns in with no ammunition. And if used R&R guns were not reloaded because the user didnt give enough time for it. From your description, does not appear to be the R&R event. So when you had guns not firing - had you actually checked it prior to take off on that mission? If not then maybe you had an occurence of the no ammo bug and should report it - especially if you have a recording of it. Even better if you still have the mission saved and didnt run another to over write it. If you had checked prior to take off, I have no idea (unless yo
  9. also make sure you have rpm set to 2850/3000 (ie max 100%). If you have it low, it will accelerate slow but the pull to one side is much greater and maybe trim/rudder wont hold it so you get ground loop.
  10. hi greybeard - you do not have a binding for the adjustable stabiliser axis (joy_b4/b6) - thats the control for 109 stabiliser use (as it used a wheel to control this stabiliser). Similar to how you have both axis and button mapped for elevator trim. The word axis on here does not refer to what you use on the joystick - it refers to what type of control was used in the aircraft. 190 used bottons so stabiliser switch up/dn work for it, and 109 used a wheel as I say above. Most US/brit used trim wheel so the elevatro trim axis works them. ha beaten to the punch
  11. anti virus software JCole. You often have to tell it to allow your machine to run the games. It usually comes under exceptions and you have to give the exe files name that run the game. Win10 is extremely fussy about controlling access to the cpu core (kernal). As it was running on old pc then that either had no anti virus s/w or exceptions already made. However it may not be transferred the same to a new pc, however as you seem to have got past the initial problems it is probably a moot point now. Hoping you get it sorted, there is a problems page and also help over on the ATAG forum tha
  12. I take it that you did not move your disc drives from one computer to another, and that it was a disc cloning sofware used to transfer the programs. Did it come with operating system already installed or was that part of the transfer or did you re-install that?. Do you use everything from the C\: drive cos if games are not in same place as previous steam installs may not know where they are now (although I guess it may tell you that it cannot find them). Its possible that your passwords are no longer accessable or that any anti virus software on the new machine will have to enable the gam
  13. It doesnt work on the briefing screen, it only operates once spawned in. So spawn then actually use the tool. Then it can be used whilst warming engines or in flight as you wish.
  14. Whilst there are several planes that will nose over very easy once taxiing (ie wellie and beaufighter), I would imagine that you are applying too much power too quickly to overcome inertia. Some planes can require a fair bit of oomph to get to roll, a hurri for instance on grass. You dont say if this is from a cold start or one where you start running on edge of runway (although it should make little difference). Chocks are not usually in place when spawn in so its unlikely they cause you issues. Brit planes use push button for brake (B key default) and its on/off so dont press and hold it e
  15. welcome to the club and congratulations at making it this far
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