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  1. thanks for taking time to clarify - thats great
  2. Would have done the same for similar reasons (although some bogies also appear like a big flying saucer). There just wasnt any alternative server, so I just flew when squad flew (most - I cant speak for all felt exactly the same, 3 of em also VR users).
  3. hi Alonzo - and thank you for the work and time you put in Disregarding the reality, this is not very precise rule. So from wheels down on runway, taxiing to/from slot you are not a valid target? And you only mention strafing - what about bombing (ie I spawned in Wednesday and 30secs later a stick of bombs dropped 200yards away), I would bet I could drop from 200feet on a spawn site far better than I could shoot at it, and I bet there is many could do it from 6km also.
  4. Thats interesting, mine reports circa130 to CB and cannot imagine even my Scotland location would give that bigger difference. Of course, perhaps the divide routes it from London to Dunfermline via Timbuktoo.
  5. 8 of squad flew this last night, absolute bliss to have sensible vision and consistent spotting. No climbing up out over Geleznik and spotting white flying saucers attacking ground targets on the North coast (unlike the last time we flew this scenario). Even with higher pings for Europe, would select this over our usual other choices whilst they stick with alternate.
  6. Used to be able to spot couple of dc-3 using Edinburgh airport from 25miles. However it did require locking them up with an old type86 radar (tracking radar/target illuminator for the now obsolete bloodhound anti air missile system) then looking through the receiver collimator boresight scope. We knew where flight path was, but never saw them unaided. However to spot the cessna sized stuff we had to use image intensifier TV scopes. They had to fly up the centre of the forth to see them.
  7. no flaps indicator - only a lever. Quick tap gives combat setting (*50%). After that its just hold to extend further. I guess pilot just did it by timing otherwise.
  8. Well thats supposedly the half (at least of a male) that does the thinking, so got the important half
  9. you do not need to do that for p38 or P51. Startup just as well if you set mixture to auto/full before starting engine. Assuming they do not change it in future. did you try both pe2 variants, doesnt type35 use switches for prop pitch and type87 a wheel/lever. I know that I have to use prop high/low control to set type 35 prop pitch and normal axis type pitch control for type 87. Are they both working? Do you have both types set? Must be bloody frustrating for you, but I think its a control setting issue rather than a bug because not seen any others with it. Even perhaps a clash between controls (feather prop for instance with something else).
  10. There is an extra trim control in settings for all trims. Are you mapping joystick hat to the axis trim command as well as the trim up and down? All planes with a trim wheel now use the axis trim ie all american, British and most Russian- so use the trim up/down axis with hat same as individual trims.
  11. have you tried from a different map or location just in case you have found somewhere cant roll out of
  12. No not that long. Is this to taxi or even start QMB from runway ie engines running
  13. Going from no issues testing, my best guess then if you have mixture set and prop pitch to 100%, the turbo does take lot of time to wind up. So maybe where I just start rolling at lower MP and let it build up during take off roll. Usually I hold brakes and let it build up until brakes no longer hold it then go. From memory (still downloading) it needs a high rpm before the MP will build higher.
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