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  1. could you put me down for il2 please tip thanks
  2. yes you are right and they were very good, our squad frequented them a lot. Those were organised events in the main if I remember correctly though. Still running arent they? But the servers that just ran all time suffered at lot of abuse to remove them.
  3. and in clod, those servers that did put ai he111s and ju88, do17 suffered continual complaints because they had to reduce the number of flyable slots, and caused issues when they spawn in etc. Also no one bothered escorting them, people were far more interested in blootering over and fighting at low altitude than spending time climbing over 20k. And those bombers mainly flew nearer 15k. What makes you think this would be any different? For those majority that like to fly offline maybe it would work well, to an extent you can already make large bomber flights of ju88/he111 or A20 and go out and shoot them. Its probably then numbers limited by pc power. Online, you also need the player slots
  4. I knows this may seem totally illogical but seems to me he is trying to engage whatever is 7.96km away on your 4-5o clock. Assume its an enemy (text seems red to me). I "think" the gunner defaults to engage at long range if you do not countermand that. So, as daft as it may seem perhaps he is looking at the long range target, rather than the one staring into the whites of his eyes. Either that or he picked up the wrong glasses when getting outta bed. Dont be disillusioned, I fly almost totally GA bombers, and my gunners aint had a kill in months and months.
  5. And also unfortunately very recently deceased. May he RIP
  6. Backup the startup cfg, although with todays date it maybe that its too late. It usually just means that your graphics settings are reset, password/email address are no longer in it. So probably when you login you would have to enter these again. Delete the updates folder again, then run the launcher again. Usually just deleting the updates folder is enough to get it to download and work. Hope it works for you. Where ever your game is stored, it is in the main game folder. Mine unfortunately also runs through steam, and is installed driveletter/BattleofStalingrad/steamapps/Common/il-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad Inside there are 5 folders, updates, bin, data, screenshots and something else. You need to delete the updates folder. But I dont know if that path is common for all or not. I am on win7 which may also be different. But the folder is always in the BoS folder.
  7. you sure you deleted the updates folder and not the "updater" folder? The startup.cfg file is in the game /data directory. It may also be a safeguard to backup the input directory (keybindings) and the luascripts/snapviews directory as stated by sneaksie link at top of page However it maybe too late if you did delete the correct updates directory - check the startup.cfg date. You need to backup the file and delete the "updates" directory before re-attempting it
  8. just make a copy of it now, and leave in folder. Then after update if necessary use it. I usually compare with new version, but does nt very often alter
  9. Chance my arm 3500 characters if you count spaces.
  10. Still quite clearly North up, with standard east west. Its also Europe and Africa (can determine uk, mediterranean, black sea). Purportedly America coastline is the island to left of map. Also considered nowadays to be a fake.
  11. thank you for the time you spend looking after it all
  12. I think there maybe a glitch on your server. Playing at 02.00 this morning, it was allowing outside views, and I assume simplified engine management - never had to set rads, mixture or prop pitch. On il2 or pe2. In fact was unable to set these myself. Dont have any of these allowed at my end. Also had map navigation icon showing.
  13. yeah 3 weeks testing and never noticed 2 other keys for ignitors. Getting really really old. But if Blitzpig can start number 2 every time, expect his mechanical sequence is ok, it then suggests a keybind issue for engine 1. Wrong ignitor his engine aint gonna fire up after 5 to 9 scecs, so engine revs wont pass 1.2kph (and the sound of engine firing wont occur I assume he would hear this). Either that or throttle aint moving when he expects it is (or not moving far enough) so no fuel (even though rpm reaches 3kph) when ignitors turned off and it just shuts down. If it shuts down, it will take 2 to 3 minutes before you can actually get it to re start. Think this is because the usual engine start E key is out of sequence with the engine condition. Hope you get it working, it must be flamin frustrating for you. Far from my favourite plane, I suspect I have flown it for the last time, but I would hate being in your situation.
  14. Dont matter how big a propeller you give it - it aint going to fly
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