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  1. JimmySolarium

    Steam Awards - Best VR Game of the Year

    Done. Good Luck!
  2. JimmySolarium

    Linked road bridges and railway bridges

    please get this fixed soon, dear devs!
  3. JimmySolarium

    How To Make Your Stats Look Good

    Hawker, the person you are referring to got banned on other servers for the mentioned behaviour (amongst other things) , so it is probably best to ignore his position in the stats, because he seems not to be willing to play fair. I dont get, why he is so eager to play multiplayer, where single player campaign offers the possibility to even pause a game 🙂 Kind regards J.
  4. ok, a complete new setup of the devices solved the Guardian problem (after i physically disconnected every oculus device) but no chance starting il-2 without oculus Home.
  5. unfortunatetely mine updated as well. And now i cannot get rid of the guardian area i once set up in the very beginning in Oculus Home. The blue chaperone in Steam VR i could disable pretty easy but this one through Oculus not..:( Gone are the days, when Il-2 started without blinky colored Oculus Nonsense... 😞
  6. JimmySolarium

    How To Make Your Stats Look Good

    i can understand that this behaviour produces some saltiness , mainly because most of the coconuts players are really good sportsmen. This one unfortunately not. He just loves his Bf Alt F4. So just imagine the leaderboard without his name and don`t let it destroy your fun in the game. See you in the skies. Jimmy
  7. JimmySolarium

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Nice Flying yesterday, thanks for the server! 🙂
  8. ingame you get a Code, using this at http://coconutside.eu:8083 you have all the information perfectly listed.
  9. JimmySolarium

    Do you think chutekilling is acceptable ?

    ...its only purpose is to humiliate sb, therefore i voted "no". Especially on servers, where a killed pilot can immediately respawn and therefore the argument, that you weaken the enemies strength in order to win the battle bla bla bla is useless.
  10. JimmySolarium

    Steam key revoked

    thx for your reports, so i wait for the support to answer...
  11. JimmySolarium

    Steam key revoked

    Same here. Waiting for the clearance of the bad keys, but will we then be able to use our previously bought stuff (via the Il-2 Website or Steam) again, when we bought the main module again?
  12. JimmySolarium

    Request to push for VR improvements

    i completely agree with you on this.
  13. JimmySolarium

    BOS , BOM , BOBP give away

    Nice Move! As i didn´t manage to travel there yet, I would like to participate in BoBP.
  14. JimmySolarium

    Buttkicker gamer 2 with Ouculs Rift anyone?

    To be honest, i cannot realy answer your question, i never tried to build it up with a subwoofer. I cannot imagine that it works with a regular subwoofer the same amount as with a specific bodyshaker. Amazon does not ship to where you are at? There are other models of shakers available in the i.e. U.S. market?
  15. JimmySolarium

    P-40 Great aircraft. Thumbs up.

    Always wondered, what was in the trunk behind the pilot .. 😀