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  1. Oh no!!!! These are sad news. Where shall we fly then, when its over cause there is nothing comparable to the Coconut servers.... This server was our home for quite a time now, we had so much fun, fights, frustrations, friends found, foes forgiven, fantastics, f*** offs, fabulous flights....πŸ›©οΈ Thank you Coconut for this servers and all the work and time you put into it. S! Jimmy P.S.: I hope your new interest is some new multiplayer campaign for the Bodenplatte Thing πŸ™‚
  2. same here. Happens after approx 1 h flying in multiplayer.
  3. Try to hit "Quick Calibration" button in your Steam VR tab, i think it is under Video? At work now, can`t tell exactly but then the ugly blue ring is gone...
  4. i second this, they are unfortunately nearly unreadable (also in VR) . That is teh only downside of this incredible update. Oh thanks Han! Great to hear!
  5. Devs! I love you! 😍 this latest update gave a huge boost in fps in VR! even with Hud on i achieved 90fps in level flight 3k height (in Multiplayer) , droppping down to 45 in combat, but overall a much smoother experience for me on my ryzen 1600x with 1070 GTX card. Thanks for your constant and brilliant efforts on this pearl! Did some really fluid fights, before i recognized that HUD was still on! Never had this before! πŸ›©οΈ cheers, Jimmy
  6. On the Coconut normal early Stalingrad map, there are also bridges that dont work, convoys will not cross them... in this case its map grid 1113 keypad 3...
  7. Hi Jabo_68, I have similar problems with my x52 setup, it loses calibration after lets say 10 mins of flying. I figured out, that it is getting better when i connect it to my PSU powered USB card ( which i originally bought to hold my Oculus and sensors ) as the only device being connected there. Maybe you could try to have connect it as the only device using certain USB Ports? Best of luck with that issue, cheers Jimmy
  8. Hawker, the person you are referring to got banned on other servers for the mentioned behaviour (amongst other things) , so it is probably best to ignore his position in the stats, because he seems not to be willing to play fair. I dont get, why he is so eager to play multiplayer, where single player campaign offers the possibility to even pause a game πŸ™‚ Kind regards J.
  9. ok, a complete new setup of the devices solved the Guardian problem (after i physically disconnected every oculus device) but no chance starting il-2 without oculus Home.
  10. unfortunatetely mine updated as well. And now i cannot get rid of the guardian area i once set up in the very beginning in Oculus Home. The blue chaperone in Steam VR i could disable pretty easy but this one through Oculus not..:( Gone are the days, when Il-2 started without blinky colored Oculus Nonsense... 😞
  11. i can understand that this behaviour produces some saltiness , mainly because most of the coconuts players are really good sportsmen. This one unfortunately not. He just loves his Bf Alt F4. So just imagine the leaderboard without his name and don`t let it destroy your fun in the game. See you in the skies. Jimmy
  12. ingame you get a Code, using this at http://coconutside.eu:8083 you have all the information perfectly listed.
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