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  1. ingame you get a Code, using this at http://coconutside.eu:8083 you have all the information perfectly listed.
  2. JimmySolarium

    Do you think chutekilling is acceptable ?

    ...its only purpose is to humiliate sb, therefore i voted "no". Especially on servers, where a killed pilot can immediately respawn and therefore the argument, that you weaken the enemies strength in order to win the battle bla bla bla is useless.
  3. JimmySolarium

    Steam key revoked

    thx for your reports, so i wait for the support to answer...
  4. JimmySolarium

    Steam key revoked

    Same here. Waiting for the clearance of the bad keys, but will we then be able to use our previously bought stuff (via the Il-2 Website or Steam) again, when we bought the main module again?
  5. Did you accidentally changed the little switch on the connection to the pc (this little black box) to Car pedal mode? My brother recently did this and his toe brakles weren´t recognized then either...
  6. JimmySolarium

    Request to push for VR improvements

    i completely agree with you on this.
  7. JimmySolarium

    BOS , BOM , BOBP give away

    Nice Move! As i didn´t manage to travel there yet, I would like to participate in BoBP.
  8. JimmySolarium

    Buttkicker gamer 2 with Ouculs Rift anyone?

    To be honest, i cannot realy answer your question, i never tried to build it up with a subwoofer. I cannot imagine that it works with a regular subwoofer the same amount as with a specific bodyshaker. Amazon does not ship to where you are at? There are other models of shakers available in the i.e. U.S. market?
  9. JimmySolarium

    P-40 Great aircraft. Thumbs up.

    Always wondered, what was in the trunk behind the pilot .. 😀
  10. Hi Coconut, on the normal server there is a bug with the buildings. When I Fly as an axis pilot, russian buildings don´t appear, while the buildings on the blue side are modelled.
  11. JimmySolarium

    Buttkicker gamer 2 with Ouculs Rift anyone?

    ...you can build it easy by yourself by using i.e. these parts: Bodyshaker to be mounted under your chair: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00AMH17GC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Amplifier to be connected with the shaker and the PC: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01N6KLCFH/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 depending on your chair, you need a mounting solution, i used this, works like a charm: Fischer Amps Bass Shaker Mount ..gives really nice effects and does not cost a fortune and the shaker is of good quality, the amp gets good reviews too, mine does not have any problems yet... Cheers Jimmy "SirCrashalot" Solarium
  12. JimmySolarium

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Useless may be the wrong word...replace it with..."a weird/fancy look" ? 🙂 it is not gamebreaking, just wanted to report that finding. Thanks for this great Mod that really became vital vor VR Experience, enjoying it every day!
  13. JimmySolarium

    3DMigoto mod for VR

    Using the Rift, I found out while using the MOD Zoom x5 or x10 in rainy Scenarios, the Raindrops produce black/dark spots while zooming, therefore it is useless in rainy scenes. Factory zoom works well though.
  14. I had the impression, that the numbers of players, that join this wonderful server in order to fool around, ditching planes for fun etc. is really low. On the other hand, this server due to the markings allowed is ideal for beginners, (this was my first server i joined too ) and many of them are really ambitious..and surely there are losses. But many of them really try to get into the campaign. So the majority is really trying. But are the losses of planes so high that it affects the other players ? Especially with the new system i don´t see that. But this is my most subjective point of view. In addition, i had the impression that the behaviour and chat etiquette on the server is really nice.
  15. Greetings from the top of the leaderboard with insane Stats, i admit, i fly a lot and i admit i crash a lot. Maybe nearly the Same ratio in terms of Starts and landings as some red Bomber fellows. I fly in VR and if i`d be the champion to survive the whole war with only one plane loss, i´d surely would not play on the normal server. I find the stat chasing argument is brought up to easy, i for example can say, that the blue team is communicating a lot and whenever there are more Players online but only two, we even fly coordinated attacks. We even do transfer flights! Furthermore whoever flies ground attacks, knows the taste of russian grass... Often there are only a few players online on the normal server and if you under these conditions have to react i.e. to the threat of an invading tank column alone, it happens from time to time, that you down a bird. The ongoing Campaign can mainly be influenced by bombing things and ground attacking things and vehicles....so losses during doing this are... predictable? The demanding of penalties in the repeated manner is a bit confusing to me, because i dont see the immersion-killing abuse. We are not Kamikazesque , but -in my case- shortsighted hobby pilots...if our losses upset the opposing side, then we will be more cautious and only level bomb out of tree top range and AA Fire . The amount of players that really "don´t give a shit" about the campaign is in my humble opinion very low. And i don`t get, how the stats page can decrease the fun, one has on the server? Greetings, Jimmy -Sir Crashalot - Solarium