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  1. Just keep in mind some stowage like fuel drums would probably be removed when going into combat. So I wouldn't waste time on those items. Great work though. Look forward to the branches.
  2. Since the Russian AA truck wont work on Normandy, we will need another for the U.S. Quad 50's? If so then we need a flak panzer (Wirbelwind?)
  3. Its not all about going into the enemy camp.. Hunting and stalking the enemy is more fun for me. Shooting down planes from the woods will be fun to.. No more slow il2s stalking me.
  4. Maybe the AA trucks will help this. But being careful and watching out for planes and using the woods for concealment really helps. Most just charge down the roads and sometimes that is ok. You can tell the planes that are hunting you. If they are in a dog fight then they aren't looking for tanks. Take advantage of that.
  5. Happy birthday Jason. Maybe I'm to late but can you give us an update on infantry? Good luck at the tables! Hope you win 2 million $$$$s
  6. There is that thing called MSFS 2020

    Radio MOD

    You dont like a nasty loud German screaming in your ear?🤪
  8. For static camo...push a tree over and hide in the branches.
  9. Hopefully this "DVD" announcement next week is to improve TC.
  10. This looks like it could be fun. I don't like click fest for sure but this has multiple options on how to play.
  11. Yeah, I had a Sherman on the Finnish server 20 meters away front shot (he drove right up on me) with a P4 AP round. I damaged him but his first shot killed my P4.
  12. So what is Truesky? Similar to the weather in MSFS? Real time weather? It would be cool to see some videos along the way. Can it be used in BoX?
  13. I just joined deuce. Flew with 10 110's and 4 190's in VR. Held 90 FPS in my G2!! Seems to be very smooth. I have no idea who was flying all the 110's. I just joined along and bombed a rail station!! Big fun flying with others.😁
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