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  1. Be nice if we could tell a wingman to identify targets (ranges?) AND send radio message, like a rear gunner does.
  2. How much better is the HP over the O+? I have O+ now with a 1080ti. Will a 1080ti run it?
  3. Getting numerous "Object unidentified". Only seems to happen when in a dog fight. Also, instead of showing "Mission Completed" in green on map it says "balloon completed"
  4. Yes but I -turn off the WMR window -Put on headset and the wmr automatically opens up with the desktop in it. BTW. Do you sometimes have to unplug your headset when booting up your computer? Maybe it boots up in the headset, I am not sure never looked. I always plug in the headset after booting up. Then turn off the WMR window, do what I want to get ready to fly then put on the headset.
  5. I just keep my eye on the turn/bank indicator and try to keep it in the middle with my rudder. It will bounce back and forth but usually works for me.
  6. Getting this for 7.2 FC PWCGErrorLog.txt And taking forever to load.
  7. Missions not showing up in game. Reinstalled twice. Missions from BOS or FC are not showing up. Using 7.2. Any ideas? Unzipped folder in base folder. NM..The missions are showing up different than they used to......
  8. It would be awesome to fly say a stuka in support of the TC missions with all the ground action going on.
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