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  1. Im running a I7 10700k OC'd to 4.9. Seems to handle things well with the G2. Now my 3080 does OK unless im in a tank or heavy clouds. Running 78 SteanVR ss. MB is a Z490E Asus ROG Strix
  2. I tried this but not working it seems. Rivers still blue. Using JSGME and picking Rhineland spring in Quick Mission.
  3. So what is the difference from what we have now?
  4. What is this Skydome that Jason is referring to?
  5. Doesn't the driver hatch need to be open for repairs to take place?
  6. Yeah the French could have beaten the germans with the charb1 if the upper command didn't have their head up their A$$!
  7. Maybe a map editor so the great mod folks can create some more awesome maps!!!
  8. Saw your tree in my hanger this morning. Merry Christmas!
  9. Seeing future support for FC, will TC see more material in the future? I know Jason is looking at infantry which will help immensely. Hoping for a Battle of the Bulge DLC in the future!
  10. After telling gunner to target something, I can tell him to cease fire but the gun stays on target. So I'm sitting in the commander coupla facing the same as the main gun wanting to face forward a command the driver. Is there a command to reset the main gun to front?
  11. I was using command menus in TC. Told gunner to target train. Gunner shot a few times then train went behind hill. Turent kept following train. Ordered movement to driver. As tank moved the gun was moving up and down similar to a modern Abrams. Was stabilization a thing in german tanks.
  12. I jumped into a tank yesterday. Normally it would send me into below 90 easily and have red/orange on my GPU in fpsVR. But I did notice yesterday that it seemed less taxing on the GPU. Will have to try later. Didn't they say something about the ground objects/terrain being changed? Maybe that has something to do with it.
  13. Same here. Before on a I7 7700k and 1080ti with O+ VR Still have it with a 10700k 3080 and HPG2 VR. Really weird. I thought at first it was the lens in the headset. But the ripples don't move when I move my head around.
  14. Is there something special to get driver in auto mode? Same as plane? My autopilot button doesnt seem to work.
  15. Yeah probably won't use it in planes but in tanks it seems to help with all the ground clutter.
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