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  1. The current one needs to be simplified. Say similar to BoX. As well as mapping buttons. Mine looses everything all the time and calibration is tricky.
  2. I got shot up pretty good and limped back to base in my 109. Looked at the report in PWCG and it said I was shot by a guy in my group. Not the first time I have seen friendly fire reports in PWCG, Anybody else get these? Moscow map.
  3. After reading the initial post I have a question. What is the difference between the WMR app in windows and the WMR for Steam app? I usually open Windows WMR then go into the headset to open games from Steam. Should I do it differently? If I do the Steam version will that make a difference? Odyssey Plus, 1080ti, I7 7700k.
  4. This dial on the clock (just below the center)....I think it is setup for WEP timer or over continuous power). I know there is a thread somewhere in the forums that talks about this. Just cant find it. Try it. I think its only on German planes. The clock obviously tracks time with a minute and hour hands, but can be also be used to (i) to track flight time by rotating the bezel (but unlike the dive watches the bezel can be rotated in both directions) and (ii) a separate 15 minutes timer utilizing the smaller dial on the bottom and the seconds hand. To activate the timer, you had to push the button situated on the bottom part, below the main crown. The seconds hand would start moving and the minutes counter hand at 6 o’clock. The counter would move one time for each full minute. If you push the button again, it stops the timer and the next push resets both hands to zero. The timer was necessary for approaches with no visibility, to track distance flown with dead reckoning and maybe to track the time engine was operating under emergency power. The main crown at 6 o'clock position was used to wind up the clock. Secondary function was to set the time if the lever at 5 o'clock position was pulled out, the lever had an additional marking with luminescent paint so the pilot could see whether the clock was running or not.
  5. There is a timer on the clock that lets you know how long you have exceeded continuous power. The small clock inside the normal clock. At least its on the German planes. Not sure about all. I think it has to round twice before damage?
  6. If someone could only make the hardware to drive the new headsets....
  7. Be nice if we could tell a wingman to identify targets (ranges?) AND send radio message, like a rear gunner does.
  8. How much better is the HP over the O+? I have O+ now with a 1080ti. Will a 1080ti run it?
  9. Getting numerous "Object unidentified". Only seems to happen when in a dog fight. Also, instead of showing "Mission Completed" in green on map it says "balloon completed"
  10. Yes but I -turn off the WMR window -Put on headset and the wmr automatically opens up with the desktop in it. BTW. Do you sometimes have to unplug your headset when booting up your computer? Maybe it boots up in the headset, I am not sure never looked. I always plug in the headset after booting up. Then turn off the WMR window, do what I want to get ready to fly then put on the headset.
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