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  1. How do I go back to the original files? Is there a folder to delete? The first post confuses me (since I am just a cave man).
  2. Yeah. It was there until I bombed it. Love just bombing stuff on this map with unlimited 1800KG stuka bombs. If you want to see damage on the map, drop some bombs. Wonder is the servers will have collective damage over a campaign.
  3. Has anybody lost the gunsight reticle? Since the update mine is gone. O+
  4. Weld a post or two on it to attach ButtKickers! I have one and it really adds to the VR immersion. I plug mine into a Audio port and use the sound. Then I set the whole thing on packing foam so the vibrations do not transfer to the floor.
  5. Is the AI going to be affected by these pilot modifications?
  6. FWIW...I think I fixed this issue if anyone else is having it. I install MSI Afterburner and cranked the GPU fans to 100% when playing. I played with the graphics and set it on Ultra and it froze again. Put it back on high and no freezing. Hope this might help someone.
  7. Are the 4k skins and cockpits noticeable in VR?
  8. I will try to isolate it. Strange it only happens in CloD though.
  9. Just curious, I had a Rift and now have a O+. How does the O+ compare to the Pimax and the Index? Im pretty happy with the O+. But are the others worth the upgrade? I think the Pimax and the Index are around $500 more than the O+?
  10. I was mapping my axes in Blitz and the it was very difficult because the program would sense an axes I wasn't touching. I would have to clear it numerous times to get the axes I wanted to appear in the box. It was like it was over sensitive. This is the only program I have that does this. RoF and BoX do not do this. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution? It seems to work fine after getting the mapping done. Just a pain.
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