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  1. Mike2945

    PWCG 5.1.2 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    Thank you both - sorted and all working normally now, and I'm enjoying the music and time-saving! Mike
  2. Mike2945

    PWCG 5.1.2 Released - Bodenplatte Campaign!

    I have just installed PWCG for the first time, and what a fabulous enhancement to the game it is. Simply an unending supply of new campaigns and missions to provide continued challenge and variety to IL2 and ensure it never becomes stale. Many congratulations and thanks for your amazing efforts. Just a couple of questions at this stage. 1. I have downloaded the PWCG Music file, but don't know where to put it - I installed it in the PWCG folder but no luck (I've ticked the music boxes in the set up screens) 2. Having generated a mission, do you have to exit PWCG and then open IL2, or can you simply minimise it? And in game, once a mission has finished, so you have to exit the game or is there some way of generating a new mission (or re-flying an existing one) without completely exiting the game? A small point I know - just being lazy and trying to cut corners! Mike
  3. Mike2945

    3.10 bugs

    Whatever the problem was with freezing of the loading screen it seems to have sorted itself out without any intervention on my part. Working pewrfectly with 3.10 update now. Mike
  4. I've got the same problem as Milopapa - the game won't launch. After 2 - 3 seconds after the loading screen comes up it freezes. I've tested the integrity of the files with Steam and they are apparently OK. Grateful for any ideas. Mike
  5. Mike2945

    Sketch's Missions

    Hello Sketch, I've downloaded your 2 single player missions (Rocket Training & Supply Runner) and have placed them in my 'Missions' folder but can't get them to open. I've got all the other single player missions installed and working perfectly. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Mike Hi Sketch, I've just realized what the problem may be - I have BoS, BoM and BoBP with standard flightlines - no collector planes. So if Rocket Training uses the Hs129 and Supply Runner uses the Ju52 then neither is going to open in my game as I don't have either of those planes! Regards Mike
  6. Mike2945

    Multi coloured tracer install

    This Mod sounds fun, but for some reason I can't get it to install. I've installed the downloaded 'Multicoloured tracers' file into my Mods folder, enabled it through JGSME but no luck. I'd be grateful for any advice on installation from anyone who's managed to get it working successfully. Thanks Mike 2945
  7. I have just installed the latest version of Reshade - 4.02 - and it all seems to be working fine with the latest game update (3.009). However I'm having trouble chasing my tail and going round in circles trying to come up with the optimum settings. There just aren't enough hours in the day to go tweaking all the various options, some of which impact on the others settings you think you've just got right, despite limiting the shares to the 8 'most likely' that others have mentioned in this thread! The other thought of course is that a setting that is 'just right' for a summer map is unlikely to be right for the completely different colour palette of a winter landscape. My aim therefore would be to have 2 settings, one for Summer/Autumn, and one for Winter, which I could then switch between dependent on the map I'm flying. So my question is, does anyone have any settings they find really good, or can recommend settings that work well for particular shaders, to help me with this quest? Mike
  8. Mike2945

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    Dear Tzigy, I've uploaded your gift and am having great fun flying my cool new planes. Thank you for your generosity and a very cool New Year present. As well as the contrast with the earlier war period BoS/BoM planes, I think am going to enjoy transitioning through the various models of the Bf109 and experiencing the step by step enhancement in performance and firepower. I'm also looking forward to the regular release of each element of BoBp during the coming year. Exciting stuff ahead! Best wishes Mike
  9. Mike2945

    Tzigy's Happy New Year Gifting Extravaganza

    A very happy New year to you Tzigy. That's amazingly generous - I'd be very grateful for BOBP please! Mike
  10. Mike2945

    Failure to launch.

    For the first time ever I'm having a problem launching missions in CLOD. The game loads fine, until I try and launch any mission (Training, Quick, Single or from a Campaign) when I get CTD at the 95% load point. I uploaded some additional campaigns and single missions from the Forum and whilst all seemed well last night when I loaded and flew 2 missions, today I'm getting the CTD so that may be connected? The only change I have made this morning was trying - unsuccessfully - to load a cockpit dash photo. However I have deleted any photo from the 'Selected' folder so whatever I did should surely not affect the game. I can try and attach the log (if someone can tell me where I can find the log.txt file as I can't see it anywhere) if my description above doesn't provide enough clues! Grateful for any help on this particular problem, and also advice on exactly where new missions/campaigns should be loaded as there seem to be multiple options: Documents/ICSoftclub/CLOD/mission/campaign or quick Documents/ICSoftclub/CLOD/missions/multi or single Steamapps/common/CLOD/missions/single Steamapps/common/CLOD/parts/bob/mission/Quick or Single or Training or Campaign What goes where?
  11. Mike2945

    Alberts life. A BOM Mig3 Scripted Campaign.

    Hi Haash, My mistake - it's working perfectly now it's in the 'Campaign' folder. Many thanks! Mike
  12. Mike2945

    Alberts life. A BOM Mig3 Scripted Campaign.

    Can anyone please advise on how to open these missions? the 'Albert's Life' mission pack is showing in my 'Missions' folder but they don't open when I click on it - unlike all the other mission packs I've downloaded and open successfully. I've tried re-saving through the mission editor but that doesn't seem to have made any difference. It's frustrating because all the comments above show it's a great pack! Thanks in advance Mike