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  1. Mike2945 + BoN Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. Hi Yogiflight I had the same issue after the last update so it's a clash between this MOD and update 4.000 and not your new PC. I found I couldn't exit the game and after deleting MODs sequentially found it was this one which was causing the problem. Shame because I think it adds great immersion. I hope it's something relatively simple for LizLemon to fix in due course...…! Mike
  3. To confirm JD_LincsUK's remark in the previous post - you won't need the Fw-190 premium model to fly this mission as they only appear as AI in this mission. You can't fly premium planes without buying them first, but you can shoot them out of the sky as enemy/AI!
  4. Hi Doctor, Please include me in the draw: Mikw2945 + BoN Thank you for your great generosity!
  5. I have 18 free SP scripted campaigns, including all those listed above (less those for the Fw190 A-3 which I don't yet possess), all downloaded from the relative posts in the Scripted Campaigns section of this forum, in addition to a further 4 which I've purchased (now available for only $2.49 each in the winter sale!). I agree they provide great variety and challenge for those who mainly fly SP. There are also a host of single missions or single mission packs which make for even more variety and interest. Mike
  6. Hi JM, Thank you for all your hard work creating this campaign. I don't currently have the 2 collector planes so tried deleting the campaign files to allow me to play missions 2 - 8 with the Yak 7 - but the campaign is still locked with a big padlock on the Campaign icon! As a complete novice on the ME how do I go about either introducing alternative planes for missions 1 and 8 - 16, or alternatively, simply amending the campaign to include only those missions for the Yak? Mike
  7. Hello Shellofaman, I don't know if it will work on multiplayer, but have you checked out MOD(Icons) in the MODs section? This MOD allows a wide range of alternative options for icons. In my own case I have removed all details of the aircraft and simply have a small red (for hostile) or blue (for friendly) dot which shows above the aircraft. Much greater immersion than the vanilla icons! Mike
  8. Thanks Orlok - no idea how I missed that! Mike
  9. Hello, I know I'm going to kick myself for missing something obvious - but how do I download this? Clicking on the zipfile does nothing at all, and right clicking doesn't help. This is the first time I've been unable to download a mod - what am I doing wrong please? Mike
  10. Hi CanadaOne, I'll pick 4 please! best wishes Mike
  11. Has anyone managed to get the latest version of Reshade (4.3.0) working in CLOD? I have it working perfectly in IL2 BAT, IL2 BoS/BoM/BdP, but despite apparently 'successfully' loading into CLOD nothing shows up. Any suggestions? Mike
  12. Hello everyone, Eureka - Jaegermeister's suggestion in the post above works - I've just flown Mission 1! If you don't yet possess BoK but want to install and play what looks like an excellent campaign, just follow his instructions above: delete the '3' from the entry in the Info file '&tows = 1,3' to '&tows = 1' and bingo! Presumably if you don't have BoS but just have BoM then presumably inserting '2' instead of '1,3' should also work. Many thanks JM - looking forward to flying all the missions! Mike
  13. Hi Jaegermeister, Further to Reckoner's suggestion, sadly your campaign does not run without the Kuban package installed. I have BoS, BoM and BoBP but not Kuban yet, and having installed your campaign there's a big fat padlock on it which, when clicked, invites me to proceed to purchase BoK! I'm sure I'll probably do that before too long, but not planning to at present. Since you don't make use of the Kuban map in the campaign I presume it's just some of the AI planes from the Kuban module which are missing - perhaps they can be replaced by planes available in the other 3 modules? Mike
  14. Thank you both - sorted and all working normally now, and I'm enjoying the music and time-saving! Mike
  15. I have just installed PWCG for the first time, and what a fabulous enhancement to the game it is. Simply an unending supply of new campaigns and missions to provide continued challenge and variety to IL2 and ensure it never becomes stale. Many congratulations and thanks for your amazing efforts. Just a couple of questions at this stage. 1. I have downloaded the PWCG Music file, but don't know where to put it - I installed it in the PWCG folder but no luck (I've ticked the music boxes in the set up screens) 2. Having generated a mission, do you have to exit PWCG and then open IL2, or can you simply minimise it? And in game, once a mission has finished, so you have to exit the game or is there some way of generating a new mission (or re-flying an existing one) without completely exiting the game? A small point I know - just being lazy and trying to cut corners! Mike
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