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  1. Thank you very much guys. I will look into it the next days.
  2. Hey fellow Aces, I'm asking people who use Trackhat and therefor Opentrack as well. What mapping do you use? Like how many degrees for a 180° turn, deadzones, slow starting curves, stuff like this. I'm tuning mine at the moment and want to get the smoothest movement as possible. Thank you
  3. Will do, makes sense to me. Ps: I hope you mean by that the ps3 camera and not fps/hz in general on a monitor. I honestly hope that, cause I don't really want to discuss this.
  4. Thanks, will try it out. My game runs at 143 fps on a 144 hz monitor.
  5. my 2 cents to the situation. I chatted with some guys under a video from the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, the one with the only flying original A5 left, and thex told me, that the A5 came standard with the 2 Mg/FFs, but most Pilots had them removed. The A5 that they have doesnt have those cannons either, but was delivered with them from the factory.
  6. would you recommend the 75 hz with better resolution or the 120 hz with worse resolution in opentrack?
  7. thank you, I will look into it later. so you your camera isn't on when you computer is off?
  8. Hi guys, I recently bought myself the Trackhat headtracking system and loving it so far. I only have two questions to anybody he has opentrack or a PS 3 camera. first one is, can I deactivate the Camera when I'm not flying? The blue light is constantly on, which is not a real problem, the problem is, that it is the light is on when I switch the computer off. so far only unpluging helped. Next questions is, do you guys have any suggestions for mapping in opentrack? Like the degree ratio and deadzones? thanks in advance Rambos Nachbar
  9. What I can add from my side, I like to have an extra MG Button on the top of my Joystick, to not waste Canon Ammo.
  10. and what about Stuka and Bomber campaigns? are they playable?
  11. Just a quick question: Is it possible to buy BoM and BoK here when I have BoS on Steam? And if yes, how?
  12. It was the 10/1942 start in Stalingrad on the german side with, I think but I'm not sure, JG 3. I'm currently not on my main PC until Wednesday, but I'll let know, when I know more.
  13. I don't know if it's a Bug or what wnet wrong, but on my 2nd or 3rd mission I started with my squadron on an enemy airfield and we were shot down pretty much instantly.
  14. Doesnt look like it, as I found it. The games coding is a problematic in that way, as it doenst allow postive and negative axis to be used for the same directions. So I have to see what I'll do.
  15. It should work as a back up, while I'm learning. While learning to drive you don't go on the highway the first day and you have back up as well.
  16. I tried a bit more and I guess you're right. It would be needed to invert the other device compared to the pedals, as they are the main input, but the game doenst allow this, afaik. I have to see how I'll manage it. I'm new to pedals and feel more comfortable in some cases to use the joystick twist, while using the pedals when I can think about what I do, like while taxiing (I dont use much rudder here anyways, but still). In combat it sometimes goes down to muscle memory and that is the twisting of the joystick, until I have enough practice with the pedals.
  17. Went the same way as you. They're decent and pretty ok for the price. Don't expect too much, as they are a bit stiff from my experience. But they offer toe brakes which is a pretty big plus. You can definitly make them work.
  18. I had to relearn the usage flaps as well, coming from War Thunder and IL 2 1946, it is way more realistic in BoX. I wasnt expecting to outturn a Hurricane in a Bf110 like in WT, but still.
  19. to be a bit more clear here. it should, in theory, be possible to set 3 different inputs for the rudder, as seen in the pic from sokol. the problem is, that it only works when I set up the joystick twist axis correctly (left means left and right means right) and the pedals the other way around (so left goes right and right goes left). the problem is that it works, but as I stated above only when setting the pedals up the wrong way. so the game can handle it in some form.
  20. Hey fellow Airmen, I have a little problem with the ingame settings for my equipment. I have a T.16000 M FCS together with the TFRPs. The Problem is that I wish to yaw with the pedals as well as the stick, but if I set it ingame it doesnt work. Interestingly enough it works when I set up the pedals the other way around, which I find quite suprisung as it should not have any impact. Maybe anybody encountered the same issue or has some info how I could fix this. Kind Regards Rambos Nachbar
  21. Wenn du basteln kannst und dich daran wagen möchtest, einen Kumpel hast der das kann, oder einen netten kleinen Computerladen in der Stadt, der dir das für 20-30€ macht, kannst du auch die einzelnen Komponenten dieser Komplett-PCs kaufen und dann selber zusammen basteln. Das kann dir auch nochmal den ein oder anderen Schein sparen.
  22. Ich antworte mal von Anfänger zu Angfänger (Ich habe zwar damals IL 2 1946 gespielt, aber das lassen wir mal weg) Am Anfang brauchst du nur erstmal einen Joystick, der sollte auch erstmal nicht mehr als 50€ kosten. Du schaust damit erstmal, ob du dich reinarbeiten willst und eventuell bereit wärst, mehr Geld zu investieren. Der Rechner sollte schon nicht nur für Büroarbeiten gedacht sein, aber eine 1080ti für ~800€ muss es auch nicht sein. Wenn Spiel und Joystick da sind, heißt es erstmal schnelle Mission und alles einstellen, wie du es haben willst. Schau dir dazu vielleicht auch Videos an. Jedes Flugzeug muss anders behandelt werden, reagiert anders und gibt dir Feedback auf andere Art und Weise (Instrumente der Russen sind logischerweise auf russisch, also eventuell mit nem deutschen Flieger anfangen). Je nach dem ob du Multiplayer spielen willst, würde ich trotzdem erst einige Stunden im Singleplayer empfehlen, um dich so zu sagen ranzutasten. Und dann heißt es üben, üben, üben! Ich hoffe ich konnte erstmal etwas weiterhelfen.
  23. Just a reminder from my side: track ir isnt the only player on the market.
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