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  1. Lazduc


    How do I transfer a duplicate module title to someone?? Lazduc
  2. I posted an offer to give a free module of COD. How do I do this? I have accidentally purchased two copies. Lazduc
  3. I purchased "IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover BLITZ" by mistake as I already have it. So I will give it to someone here. I think duplicate purchases should be noted in the store. Also why is there so many log-ins for everything. Log in to IL-2, fill out login..go to store...log in again...come here to forum....yep log in again, seems I cannot move between sections of this site without having to login to each. Thats why I ended up with two of COD's. I went to copy the discount (50%) all three of them since I was going to purchase 3 items and trying to move between the store and the discount page was almost impossible, AND after my 3 purchases and loging in the discounts.....I never got the discounts. Paid full Price. Might end my purchasing on this site. Who wants the COD numbers...let me know. Would like to gift it to someone who cannot afford this purchase. Laz
  4. Great update, happy holidays. Thanks for all the extra hard work. Laz
  5. First let me say thank you for all the support and suggestions. When I tried playing IL-2 with my older system I encountered numerous errors, many of which I still cannot fathom. Last night I downloaded all of my modules for this game on my newer/older system. I-74790K, 32gb, GTX 1070, 2-SSD's. Joystick is now Saitek X-55 instead of TM-16000. Everything downloaded perfectly. I also called Comcast and had my internet kicked up to their highest speed. One Gigabyte/per second. Everything work great. The game runs at 60fps. When I purchased Cliff Of Dover I was directed to purchase from Steam, which I did. Is their anyway to move that to the IL-2 site and not have to go through Steam? I also have software from 777 studios which I would like to have on this system, as it is still on the older system. Will I have to purchase everything new in order to move that software to this system? How do I go about moving it....any suggestions? I will practice and then purchase the new modules. Lazduc
  6. Thanks for the suggestions and questions. I will try and explain. My 2600k system is the system I usually use for everything. It works fine in everything except IL-2. It works when I get on the Steam Account and load and play Cliffs of Dover Blitz. Everything works. When I try and play BOS,BOK or Bom is where the problems begin. Keyboard, bindings and unstable play. When I use the game-installer icon for IL-2 to start the game, the above mentioned problems arise. This is on the 2600k system. I copied the entire IL-2 folder from the 2600k system to a flash drive and today I will copy it to my 4790k system. I will use the 8700k system for another project. I will also put DCS on the 4790k system. As I said earlier, the only version of DCS I have on the 2600k is their free trial version. I also have Flaming Cliffs2 on that system. I have most of the modules for DCS but have never downloaded everything. The reason is I have been waiting for a good stable version. Over the years they have made a few versions that were somewhat stable but only to change/reprogram a major section, moving to 3 different versions and just being too buggy to fool with. Now since they have rewritten almost all of the base program , the older products have problems as they are no longer compatible with the newer changes. If the 3rd party developers do not rewrite their code to operate with the newer ( and still buggy) base world, those products become unstable and do not work with the latest maps. For these reasons I elected not to download any of their newer code/products. I have purchased many of their products...and now hope finally they ALL will be stable and operate correctly without all the beta/stable iterations. When I feel comfortable with solid verifiable information as too the stability of their entire product line I then, will download all I have paid for from DCS. I will keep you posted on the 4790k system. Laz
  7. SShrike, I have been using my old system. Has 2600k,8gb,2x6800/1gb. The system I will use has 4790k, 32gb,1060/6gb, 2ssd-500gb+500gb. I just copied the full install of IL-2 16.9gb onto a 32gb usb drive. I will load it onto the 4790 system. I had built a 8700k, 2x1080ti's, all the bells and whistles to run DCS. I got a little disappointed with that software and decided to get the 4790 system and put DCS on it instead of putting DCS on the 8700k system. I will save the 8700k system for another project. My reason was DCS is always in a state of confusion and constant tweaking just to get it to run. I did not want to constantly have to reconfigure/tweak/remove/reinstall etc,etc, etc...on that super expensive system and possibly break it. I got a great price on that 4790k . It is almost new..paid the guy 600.00 which was a steal. It should run every game out there. Plus VR. The 8700k system with the 2x1080ti will definitely run everything. I have not even plugged in my Oculus Rift. I am 75 and hope it wont make me ill. I did try it in the store where I purchased it and I felt ok but that was not in a flight sim and was only for 10 minutes. Guess that is what Dramamine is good for. LOL Its snowing so I can spend tomorrow playing with this. I live in Vancouver, Washington. Laz
  8. I have not had too much luck with this game. Numerous errors. As I mentioned in another post, first time starting the game was very unstable, crashed etc. I have found most problems maybe due to this old computer. Mainly the video card...only 1gb memory. There are two 1gb cards in sli...but not enough. Currently my keyboard is missing a number of keys being recognized. All "F" keys, backspace, and several others do not seem to be enabled, or recognized. All my system components work perfectly in other games. I am currently using a TM16000 throttle and joystick. Several buttons and the throttle handle, when pushed is recognized partially but go from 0% to 100% back and forth sporadically. In the settings I have sucessfully binded the yaw, pitch and roll. However there are a number of settings,( sure would be nice to have a manual describing the correct binding procedures to for each plane) several actions must be combined to allow certain functions. For instance...Control of engine 1, and off and on for engine 1, and throttle for engine 1.....confusing mess. Do all these need to be used to just control the throttle or maybe all the other engine 1 items need to be on and used ?? I tried numerous settings and never could get the throttle to operate correctly. Some of the buttons work properly. I also would like to know if I want to use a different computer, which I plan too, can I download everything again? Took about 3 hours first time and I have a fast connection. I also noticed that a window pops up and states I should download the latest version. Thought I have the latest 3.010. Sorry to be a problem, and I could not determine what category to put this post in. Laz
  9. Thank you for the information. It appears this software is completely different than what I am used to in DCS. Their constant updates and repairs which supposedly should work, especially after being moved from beta to stable remain problematic even after its pointed out that the beta should not be moved into stable as it still has major issues. I am looking into the events I encountered. I am sure its this old computer. This computer is not the one I will finally use for my simulators. This computer is, I7-2600K, 8gb memory, 2 AMD Radeon 6800 in crossfire, Win-7 Ultimate, 1ssd with operat-sys on it. Other software on 2- 1 TB hard disks. This is my old guy. But drivers are current. I enabled SLI when I got the black screen...maybe the system does not like this? When I tried again, the game started but the controls/keyboard/joystick had no effect.( I had disabled sli) ( Strange that Cliffs of Dover on my steam account ran perfectly.) I do hope that this software takes advantage of a SLI system. I know this system cannot run VR. Could be that my two old AMD card are not enough to actually work in sli. They only have 1gb of vid memory each. 1gb is not used , a strange quirk with sli. I also have a simular system to SENSEIPCC that I am considering using. The video card in that system is a Nvidia 1060. How is VR gaming in this program? My new system is an I7-8700K, 32gb, 2 Nvidia 1080ti's, 1200watt PS, Asus Max X Hero MB, 2-500gb ssd, 1-480gb NVME. I built this to keep up with the demands of DCS. It remains unused. If this program does not take advantage of SLI, I will use the 4790 system. I am totally relieved that this software is actually very stable. I do understand that events do occur. I do not mind a little configuration adjustments. I am just curious why the old system will not work properly..I will find out and post my findings. Thanks again for your inputs. Laz
  10. Yes, I finally tried playing this. First attempt, game crashed. Second attempt, black screen. 3rd attempt, no control from mouse-keyboard-or joystick. Opened Cliffs of Dover which is on my steam account. Worked correctly. Returned to IL2 and tried again. Nada. Went to forums and found topic Manuals etc. Latest information was a download from 2015. Is there a current manual somewhere? Also reading a few entry's I found a few distressing items. The one that bothered me the most was concerning the early access-beta and read that features to some modules in the past have never been addressed nor included. I really hoped that this software would be in a released/finished state when moved out of beta. I am disappointed with the lack of a current manual that should include all the major modules. Granted I am new to this environment . I have invested in most of the current titles but have not had time to get into this game so I remain optimistic that this will be better than DCS. I will try again tonight and see if I can sort out some of these issues. Lazduc
  11. Excellent, I will start tonight flying and having a ball I'm sure. Thanks for the reply's. Laz
  12. Guys and Gals, I am new to this software. In the past I purchased almost every module except Battle of Botenplatte, Fly-circus, Tanks and a few extra planes. I downloaded the game installer 168mb. After this it downloaded 9.2 GB. I have not started it. I was curious if that 9.2 GB was all the modules I have purchased? I had other commitments so I could not enjoy this until recently. Lazduc
  13. Purchased several titles here but have yet to try them. I have purchased a computer that I wish to use only for gaming. It has the following configuration: I7-4790K, 32GB ram, Geforce 1070 with 8GB, 3 SSD's-1TB total, MSI-Z97S MB. Will this run IL-2 in VR? I have also noticed that the developers are in Moscow. Are they associated with Eagle Dynamics? Does IL-2 have 3rd party developers? Also Battle of Bodenplatte is now in early access. I have purchased other titles from another company in early access and waited several years. Sometimes features that were supposed to be included, never make it. The very purpose of this newer computer is too try and only have stable software that is in a released version. But sometimes to purchased titles that almost finished but operate correctly. I do not want to load software on my other computer for fear unfinished software will crash it and I will have to spend hours trying to repair. On the I7_4790k system I wont care. But still, I wont load any beta type software. I am very much looking forward to Bodenplatte. I will load the current titles I have purchased here and hope to see you in the skys. Laz
  14. I am fairly new to this..but I am curious. Has the Pacific Theater development been discontinued?
  15. Folks, Last night I purchased COD. I watched a video of it and wanted it. Reading several items that referred to the new updates to this title, I wonder which one I purchased? I understand the latest is 5.0 Hope that is the one I got. I believe the last update was 4.5. Can you clear this up for me? Thanks. Lazduc
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