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  1. i just checked the file and it does overwrite after some uses of steamVR. So the program has to be rerun every 2 or 3 openings of steamVR
  2. So some joe-schmo basically did the pimax experience app himself (the most important part of it) - i cant believe it was that easy to set the file on every restart. Thanks bud ill check into it!
  3. Thanks for this i'll check it out.
  4. @blitze - i started a thread in the pimax forums about this - they changed the hinge from plastic to metal for the pre-orders, and it seems by doing that, they changed how low the back of the strap will go. We've worked together with Teigue to get a new 3d print design, and they have also admitted to the hinge being different and are sending out the plastic replacement hinges if you ask them for it. I tagged you in another thread, but then saw this one and figured i'll ask you here. What are you settings in PiTool/SteamVR SS/in-game, if you dont mind me asking? I added this VRem mod, but i havent tried it yet to see what kind of difference it makes. Using PP sucks because you can clearly see a difference on the 8k x with PP on or off, and the performance hit with PP is pretty big also. So Im going to try using PP Off and just try to zoom using one eye only i guess. Is there anything else you'd recommend tweaking in VRem or in other settings to make sure it sticks at 75fps and looks great?
  5. Ok got it! Someone else told me that i also have to set the values of convergence as well. By the time I find what the right values are, i'll just give up on it anyway lol
  6. Also @blitze I saw that you posted somewhere about having the 8K X now, can you recommend any settings to be changed to maximize fps and do you recommend anything specific be done in the VRem Mod as well?
  7. Thank you for this mod!!! i wasnt aware of this mod and it looks like it would incredibly assist me with the Pimax 8K X. My apologies if this was repeated elsewhere, but Will this allow me to use the Pimax 8K X with PP Off while allowing me to use the Low and High Zoom functions as I was with PP On? thank you in advance !
  8. Hi everyone! i noticed if i start my Pimax 8K x (or any other pimax), the view is just fine without Parallel Projections on But when i use the zoom function, thats when it goes to a cross-eyed view. Im forced to use PP if i want to use the zoom. Is this the only way around it?
  9. Hey guys! I mainly play IL-2 through SteamVR and I noticed the signle player campaigns went on sale today. If i buy the ones through the website, can I access the campaigns in game if I start the game through Steam?
  10. Its actually not even that. Theres no way to even keep the fans on (without telemetry), because using the SRS app conflicts with SimTools (motion app for my sim rig)... Only one app can get the telemetry data and it seems that even if i want to keep the fans on without going with the speed of the plane, it conflicts with SimTools, because it's taking the UDP port, from what i understand. I just wrote them to see if theres a way to stop the SRS app from opening the UDP Port of IL-2 Sturmovik, so I can use SimTools for motion. EDIT: Gilbert just said that all i need to do is change the port for IL2 in the config.ini file, and then it wont conflict - so i may have figured out how to turn on the fans, without using the telemetry UDP port.
  11. Hi everyone, I am currently using the Pimax 5k+ and havent been in IL-2 for a while now... I noticed that the zoom doesnt work for me. I mapped Zoom, Zoom In, Zoom Out, etc., and none of the buttons are working. Is there an issue with making the VR Zoom work on the pimax hmd's now? I was able to find a keybind that works for the VR zoom which is VR Zoom Minimum and VR Zoom Maximum. I assume the 3 levels of zoom in between can also be mapped Are the other zoom keybinds no good for VR flight now?
  12. Therion - i got it. It was reading the same input to decrease the value and thats why it didnt work. Thanks again
  13. I checked there as well, i didnt see it there. Is it under something else than "VR Zoom"?
  14. Hi Guys! I just came back to IL-2 after a long break. I cant seem to find the VR Zoom setting. I only see Pilot Head Zoom in/out and it doesnt seem to work on a button im trying to map it to on my joystick. Is there a VR Zoom setting somewhere?
  15. Hi everyone! Does anyone know how I can fix a port conflict between the SRS wind fan app and SimTools for my motion rig?
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