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  1. Any word on Trackir support for the game yet?
  2. Anyone with this found a way to get Trackir to work? I want to see if there is a workaround before I buy it, otherwise it's a no from me. Cheers
  3. Ah man - that's beautiful! Where did that come from?
  4. If you check the content manager there is a 79gb update there waiting to be downloaded - saying that if will download next time the game is launched. I saw it last night but have since turned on the game and it's still not begun installation yet.
  5. Hey guys. I had the game on Xbox game pass but just bought it on Steam. Where did you guys save it to? It's trying to save it in my AppData folder which I find it impossible to access, so where is it best to save the game to? Cheers
  6. Had a quick flight before I had to work after leaving it to download over night. Flew over my house and was amazed at how accurate it all looks. I've tried Ortho and others but none of them came close to replicating the are around my home town.
  7. Warthog throttle stopped working this evening. 🙁
  8. Ha ha this is the second time I'm agreeing with you on this sim in as many days almost. The Beaver was the first plane I bought on XPlane 11, and have been doing a route planned from where I live in the UK to Australia, although I've had a pause in central Europe for some time. Just love the plane
  9. TrackIR isn't supported yet either apparently
  10. This. I’m going to be spending plenty of time pottering about in a Cub over the Alps, or around Canada, or even flying across the outback in Oz. Can’t wait
  11. Do you have a link to the video? I’ve not changed my settings since forever so wouldn’t mind seeing if I could get some improvements? cheers
  12. Anymore info as to when this will become available? Can't wait to get flying an F4 again
  13. Thanks - appreciate the advice
  14. I’m looking forward to them bringing in space legs next year. I would love to walk around the shops so hope that’s possible
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