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  1. Thanks - appreciate the advice
  2. I’m looking forward to them bringing in space legs next year. I would love to walk around the shops so hope that’s possible
  3. Hey, how did you manage to get a refund? I'm in the same boat but losing faith in them ever finishing it anytime soon.
  4. I'm tempted yet again to get the Mig-21. I always think about it but then don't at the last second. I have so many modules that i barely touch, I just reckon this might be another. I lover the Mig-19 but hardly ever use it. Anyone have opinions on the 21?
  5. Ok cheers, will go have a look.
  6. I found that and went through the process and selected trackir but was wondering if there was a way to activate it as it wasn’t working. Ivr got track hat or one of the other ones so not quite trackir - that would t be the issue?
  7. I see there’s another hefty sale on again! Might get some campaigns. Any recommendations?
  8. I had the patch for alliance a while back but just installed the other components to it to make it more modern, like the cockpits etc. Does anyone know how to get the head tracking to work on it though?
  9. I’m really loving the look of this so far!
  10. Love the idea of this but can just see it being like the flying part of battlefront: fun for 5 mins but not engaging enough to hold my attention for long. like others have said, I would love a Tie-fighter remake or even X-Wing, but seeing this is 5 on 5 multiplayer I’m not not sure it’ll be too in-depth, but rather a simpler war thunder copy. I hope I’m wrong as I love anything with Star Wars, but EA have disappointed too often with their games.
  11. Bought the map in the end, and although it certainly needs some optimisation and is the worst performing map for me, I’m finding a lot of joy just flying low over the countryside in a helicopter. It’s certainly a beautiful map.
  12. This is exactly why I feel about both games. Thanks for expressing it better than could
  13. Damn it Canada - I was hoping for a far less enthusiastic response. Now I have to buy it!!
  14. So how good is the new map? I only have the Spit in dcs from the warbirds and mainly fly jets and helicopters. Is that map worth getting if you’re not using it for WW2 stuff? i have Normandy and the ww2 and the asset pack but don’t really use that map much, so am reluctant to get another map I don’t use much.
  15. Ah ok - well maybe additional planes like the Yak 9 and Hurricane then. Fingers crossed.
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