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  1. Tough decision....the F-14 has always been my favourite aircraft growing up and I can’t wait to fly it in DCS, but I had the idea of pre-purchasing especially with DCS. Do I wait and pay the extra $10 when it’s out or just go for it! i just can’t decide.
  2. I have a feeling that the jug is close! So much so that I couldn’t hold out any longer and bought BoBP this week. I had tried to wait till more planes had been released but just couldn’t hold back any longer! Bring on the Jug!!!
  3. I believe Heatblur have said that the F14 will be mostly full complete on release including a new carrier and the A-6 too, along with a campaign.
  4. Fly the P-40 against some bombers. Did a few quick missions last night and most times I had oil all over the place after I opened the canopy!! So much fun!
  5. Urgh! Why?! Without a map for it, aircraft to fly on it or even any sort of opposition, what is the point of making that? I wish they would stick to jets and helicopters - they are good at that, and have the market for it. They should just leave WW2 alone whilst there are other companies doing much better in that area.
  6. Tempted by this, so have re-installed WOFF to see if It entices me to buy it. I think my my problem is that I enjoy BOS etc and CLOD, and just feel this has a lot to live up to be impress me.
  7. Just had a look at the website as I loved WOFF but was disappointed to see only 2 flyable planes. Is that correct?
  8. Congrats on the 10k for the channel. Some great videos on there. BOBP would be awesome mate!
  9. There are a few I’m looking forward to. - the Dolphin as it was always my go to aircraft on servers until i died really easily - the SE5 as that’s the one I would end up in after dying in the Dolphin. Probably racked up my 2nd highest amount of hours in this plane. - no 1 being the Albatross. Loved this bird, and didn’t care which one either.
  10. Great news, although I've already bought FC. Couple of points though: - I don't see a promo code in my profile - can someone point out where it might be? Found it! Was being an idiot! - Seeing as we can't use it against BOBP or TC and I have all the other items....what do I use it against?!
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