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  1. I think most players do not use VR, so I think there is no reason to postpone TF 5.0 why we will wait when we do not use the VR and in addition it was said that the VR will be added later in an upgrade of 5.1 etc. This is just my opinion . 😉
  2. wau , Excellent work !!! 😉
  3. It goes without saying that the maps must be created, it will not be easy and it will take a long time, but I thought it was a separate purchased product, and I just asked if it could be realized in the future, of course, gradually.
  4. Hello, I want to ask if they will sell separate maps in the future as the German army progressed and then retreated again? Aircraft 39, 40, 41 are available (if a person has purchased BoS + BoM + BoK) so it would be possible to use maps from the Barbarian operations. (for example: Brest-Litovsk, Minsk, Smolensk, Rzev, Tula, Kursk, Orel, Lvov, Zhytomyr, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Crimea, Prochorovka, Tallinn, Leningrad, Murmansk, etc.) Or the motifs. thank you for answer Buffin
  5. I do not use the acceleration in the game to unlock the campaigns, because I do not play much because of the setting, but I play Script Campaigns and missions through other mission generators such as IL2mg, PWCG and, of course, separate missions.
  6. So I'd like to do it mainly because I do not have the time to sit for a few hours at the PC and play IL-2 (unfortunately), I'm happy for every spare time, so this feature would help me, but I certainly do not want it because of the fast unlocking campaigns. ... and I still want to ask if the main campaign will be optional for the players without any restrictions. Settings : custom
  7. Hello, I want to ask about 2 things. One is the acceleration in the game is max 8 times, for offline playing would be a suitable acceleration 16x or even 32x, is it possible in the future? The second thing is, I'm sorry that my profile on the web (when I'm signed in) is not marked in the store as being the product I own, as is the case with ROF for the product is written in green "You have" will it be solved in the future? Otherwise the IL-2 GBS is an excellent simulator, excellent work. Buffin
  8. Hello. First of all, I want to thank you for your excellent job . I want to ask if you intend to include other maps of Moscow and Kuban in the future too? Thank you Buffin
  9. Yes okay, criticism should be and warn of mistakes, I just pointed out that it was video trailer. I have not seen much video models (detail) directly to what should be in the game. So I thought, otherwise I agree with the criticism and notification of errors or what is not good so it's okay, I'm a supporter of realism. Buffin
  10. I use a translator. So it is true that it depends on the details, but for me it is important to make the game fair that the game was not mindless shooting (Arcada) but realistic flight simulator. And Mr. Zimmi, this video is a trailer (trailer) for a new game. There is not one shot of the flight model (of the game), which is used in the game and that is definitely still in a development ... but the truth is that it depends on the detail, but do not judge something still did not work and still is going to release its .. Buffin
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