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  1. If you bought from steam you're fine, regardless you would have been hit by now.
  2. At the end of the day the only people who lose out now is the consumer who bought the key and the developer who will no longet get their custom from buying aircraft or expansion pre-orders. No one is going ot get a refund because the sellers are long gone, these are seemingly keys bought in 2017. Not seen a 2018 one yet. Unless Avieter got screwed after buying it this exact month.
  3. Seemingly happening to keys around the same timeframe. It's interesting that it's happening to both people who bought from Kinguin and G2A all around the same timeframe
  4. Your profile works great with face tracking, however I have a few issues with it. Whenever I look up, it decides to look at my instruments instead, whenever I look down it looks up. If I lean to the left it is leans to the right in game and whenever I lean to the right it leans to the left. the only thing that works isthe yaw movement of my head. Edit: Managed to fix this by inverting X and Pitch on the program.
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