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  1. If you're on a rotary-engined type (Camel or Dr.1), the AI likes to use the blip switch all the time, regardless of what it's doing.
  2. What type are on? No brakes or flaps in FC1 a/c IIRC.
  3. Indeed. Been there in the earlier iterations of Il2 MP (we're talking 15 years ago) either flying alone or with virtual JG52. Problem is, it can get a little disheartening doing MP alone getting bounced by players with the skill (and patience) to get bags of altitude, and a virtual sqn. involves committing to sqd. sessions, which doesn't always work with real life. Which MP servers would you say are the most 'forgiving' for MP newbs? Ideally one that uses comms (which I appreciate is massively unhistorical).
  4. S! Having recently got back into Il2 since buying an Oculus Rift S and playing SP using the excellent PWCG tool, I find myself getting a little tired of the relatively-limited AI and thus was considering MP. Given the relatively-limited spotting in VR and the comparative situational awareness discrepancies between VR and whatever the opposite of VR is(!), are there any VR-only servers or virtual squadrons out there? R
  5. From Barry Diggen's biography of Werner Voss, "September Evening" (this itself an extract from Capt. Norman MacMillan's autobiography, "Into the Blue") :
  6. From "September Evening", a biography of Werner Voss by Barry Diggens:
  7. So, how do you manage pulling out of powered dives, unreasonable?
  8. I had this last night in SP, but I did restart the mission (error log attached). Is restarting a no-no as far as claims are concerned then? Shame, bagged 2 D.Va's. PWCGErrorLog.txt
  9. Ah, thanks, Pat. Thought it was right-click.
  10. Depends. Only been flying Camels in a PWCG campaign in late 1917 so far. If I'm engaging Halbertossers, their gunners take out my engine before I've even considered opening fire. I avoid these like the plague (and they rip through the rest of my flight too) if I'm engaging scouts, they never shoot me down - my demise is usually my own fault for frying the engine in a dive (see separate thread on the topic), spinning in, or losing wings or other parts of the airframe. Never get bounced by the AI in Il2 (any iteration thereof, whether WW2 or WW1), which a is a shame
  11. Interesting you day that, Holtzauge - in my (albeit limited) testing, I initiated the bunt at full power after setting mixture to full rich, and I maintained the dive (70-80 deg.) to approx. 1,000ft at full power. On levelling out, I simply adjusted the mixture slightly to optimum for the altitude (circa 9 given that I was at 1,000ft). No throttle adjustment at all from bunt at 15,000ft to level flight at approx. 1,000ft.
  12. Excellent, Ricky. Many thanks for posting. Very interesting and corroborates what we were saying above - you cannot do in Il2 FC what Bowyers says you can do in a Camel in real life ...unless you set mixture to full rich before initiating the dive, as others have discovered. Looks like another WW1 aviation book I'm going to have to get. I thought I had pretty much all of them, but obviously not this one.
  13. Let me know, if it works for you, Catchov. It means fiddling with the mixture before and after a dive, but this workaround has helped me a lot.
  14. I can't seem to delete waypoints. Whilst not the squadron commander, I am often the flight commander (as 2Lt), but right clicking on the waypoints on the map shows me the details of said waypoints but doesn't give me the option to delete them. I can of course drag them by left clicking but can't delete them altogether. Many missions have very long climb/ingress paths, which I'm sure is true to life but a bit painstaking in real life, so deleting and/or adjusting waypoints is important. Do you have to be a squadron commander or certain rank to del
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