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  1. I have a Rift S headset and I am also not sure how exactly is this feature supposed to work. 1) I measured my IPD and set it in the Oculus app settings (since it only has software IPD adjustment). Does Rift S still render images correctly in regards to IPD if you are running an app through Steam VR/OpenComposite or do these apps bypass these settings completely? 2) I also noticed that adjusting the IPD setting in IL-2 changes the scale of the cockpit noticeably. It is uncomfortable for my eyes in the extreme settings, but my eyes feel good in quite a wide range around the center. Since the values are displayed %, is there any way to determine the right setting for your eyes? I haven't sit in many warbird cockpits, so it is hard for me to determine what scale is the correct one.
  2. FMF-Tommy544 + BoN Thanks a lot, very generous of you
  3. Hi busdriver, that's a very generous gesture, count me in, please! Here is a music video that I think is brilliant πŸ˜€
  4. I think that is by design. You switch focus to some other app and by reducing framerate in IL2, you have more power available for the other app you want to interact with, which means it will run smoother, and when you switch back to IL2, you get full performance back.
  5. Awesome! Glad to hear fixes and improvements are now high on the priority list. I for one wouldn't mind the next few bigger patches being just general improvements like better fuel tank management/selector, self sealing tanks and realistic fuel loss depending on what tank is punctured and similar systems that would improve all existing aircraft. Surely we can wait a little longer for the next theater. πŸ‘
  6. I also have the same problem. There was a new feature added to the game, I think in the last patch, where a frame of your aircraft cockpit should block the object markers. The idea is that you can only see the markers when you really have a clear sight to the object. It seems like the cockpit frame doesn't align properly and now the markers disappear even though you can see the object.
  7. I would also like to report considerable increase of stuttering with the latest patch. My setup is a bit sub-optimal: XPS 15 9550 laptop, intel i7-6700HQ and nvidia 1070 in thunderbolt 3 eGPU enclosure. For unknown reason, latest 2 or 3 nvidia drivers introduce periodic stutters not only for Sturmovik (approximately 0.2 sec stutter every 2 seconds). The latest driver that doesn't introduce these stutters for me is 436.15. It might be worth a try to roll back to this driver for some, however, even with this driver, there are some stutters in Sturmovik. I am running high preset with additional settings somewhere around medium values and the game runs quite steadily around 60 fps. Changing settings like fullscreen mode, lowering FPS target, vsync don't seem to have noticeable effect on stutters. In single player, I am running almost completely stutter-free. There are some stutters on Bodenplate map when I am turning my head around, but those are bearable. On multiplayer servers it is much worse. It looks to me the stutters are mostly connected to the player count. When I join a server with ~10 players, the performance is similar to single player. If I fly on a server with ~60 people in, it gets a lot worse. The worst performance for me currently has Combat Box with their Bodenplate mission where there are also heavy, multi-layer clouds every time. My fps are very close to 60 when flying there, however there are many stutters that happen every time I turn my head. I haven't determined yet, whether it gets worse when looking towards the direction where many players are, I have to do some more testing, but it appears to me that clouds also affect stutters on my end. I also get big, sometimes several second freezes when I try to zoom in or zoom out the in-game map (default O) as mentioned in this thread, however, this was the same for me even before the latest patch. I also noticed in Windows Task Manager spikes in GPU/CPU that are most likely connected to the stutters. I will try to capture some screenshots, maybe also with some better tools if people can suggest any.
  8. Congratulations @F/JG300_Faucon! That is a big big dream not only for me, but I'm sure for many members of this community as well.
  9. Bump... I believe this thread might belong to suggestions and improvements, but anyway I would really like to see this implemented. I was trying to find a solution how to at least mix the output of yaw and sideways movement of pilot's head to very simplistically simulate pilot's neck and make checking your six a lot more comfortable, but I still haven't found any solution other than to move to opentrack.
  10. Sounds really amazing. The birds look fantastic and I literally cannot wait for all the mentioned improvements to the game engine. You guys rock πŸ‘
  11. Thank you very much guys! Much, much appreciated. I'm off to buy Flying Circus πŸ™‚
  12. I would love the 25% off Flying Circus. Thank you! πŸ™‚
  13. Any update on this? Is it now possible to rebind the team chat and all chat buttons? I also agree that it makes much more sense to use just enter to send messages to your team and ctrl+enter to all players. You can still see so many unintentional messages in the all chat, which only shows that people are not comfortable with this setup.
  14. I would love either Po-2 or the campaign, thanks
  15. How about enabling dynamic resolution so you are not getting below 60 fps in those busy areas? I think it is a much better trade off to have your game rendering at a slightly lower resolution, which usually is hard to even notice, for a couple seconds and stay locked at 60 fps.
  16. Very nice and generous of you again @SCG_Tzigy! Happy new year!
  17. I would actually really like to hear a Czech or Polish accent in game, as there definitely wasn't lack of them in RAF. I am not sure about the numbers after Battle of Britain though. πŸ™‚
  18. +1 I am also very surprised that this has not been implemented yet. It does not sound as a too difficult programming task and it would be extremely valuable especially in multiplayer where you can recognize members of your flight only by their tail number. Right now the only option is that everybody chooses a different skin which is not optimal in any way.
  19. Battle of Bodenplatte would be much appreciated. Congratulations on your achievement, love your videos!
  20. I would be extremely grateful for Battle of Bodenplatte! Thanks!
  21. Hi, I am having exactly the same problem. The initial attempt to connect takes only about 10 seconds compared to a couple minutes as mentioned above. It is still annoying though. I am using GeForce Experience for screen recording and other stuff, so I don't really want to uninstall that software and I don't see why it should interfere with signing in process of IL-2. Is there any other known solution to this problem or does anyone have any idea what is the cause of this issue? Thanks, Tommy
  22. First of all, hats down for all the work that went into this update, it is awesome! However, if I remember correctly, there was a plan to include a system for putting numbers (markings) on the planes (as was for example in '46) in the Kuban release. Is it one of the features that was postponed due to time constraints? Any ETA when and if we are getting it?
  23. BOK would be totally awesome, if you have any left, thanks
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