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  1. One way how to get around this error is to share both the track file and its associated folder (called the same) from the recordings folder.
  2. 200 cm extension... I don't think my neighbors would be too happy if I mounted my joystick base in their living room 😆 Just a joke, I know it was probably a typo.
  3. I am not sure whether pilot's head position is being transmitted over network in multiplayer sessions. I know that at least in single player, you can make your pilot appear looking to the side, but it is also limited as even if you are checking your 6, the pilot's head will only rotate ~45 degrees. I like the pilot's animations, they make the pilot model look more alive, but I would really like if there was a way to also show a more accurate head position of players in multiplayer.
  4. With such an interesting background, why don't you list some of the more interesting types you have flown/are flying?
  5. Cool, thank you very much! I will let them know and get back to you ASAP.
  6. Very nice of you! I myself don't need it, but we still have a few members of our squad that do not own BoBp. I could then send you a forum nick of one of those that fly regularly if that's fine with you.
  7. A follow up question to this, hope that's fine. Would it be possible for the community to help out with this process? Let's say that if the 3D modeling of the cockpit, interior and gunner positions is the main problem time/resources wise, is the team using some industry standard software and data format for the 3D models? If that is the case, how difficult would it be for someone to try to model at least a part of this, provided he/she would be willing to do it for free?
  8. Happy Birthday! My question: Do you have any update you could share with us on the Marshal feature and the improvement of the internal aircraft systems like the fuel system? It has been quite some time we had any update on those and for example a DD about these topics would be very exciting.
  9. Hmm, slightly off-topic here, but do you have any more information/material on why there is this inversion happening (in this case around 12,000 ft)? I imagine that altitude will be the critical altitude for that specific engine and its supercharger. I can understand that above the critical altitude, where the throttle is fully open, and by increasing the engine RPM, you also increase the supercharger RPM and thus creating higher pressurized air in the intake and so the manifold pressure will increase. The only reason that comes to my mind as to why this would be reversed below the critical al
  10. Sounds cool, but don't underestimate the Jug! I am sure it could still make you run for your money being flown by some good hands. 😎
  11. I made a compilation of some P-47 action from a closed event that we flew a couple of week ago. I hope you enjoy watching it.
  12. The way the availability of G-suite is implemented right now is in my opinion very confusing. I think it would be a lot more clear to players if the G-suite was simply just a modification that they could choose while setting up their airplane. This way mission designers could choose whether the player should have G-suit available by simply locking the modification. I created a thread in the Suggestion forum about this, so if you feel the same way, maybe add a comment there and/or upvote it.
  13. Hello, I would like you to consider changing how equipping G-suits currently works. I find it very confusing that it is implemented in such a way, that you need to be aware of the date of the mission and as I learned only today, you also have to be an American nation/pilot in the mission. If you for example take off from a British airfield in a multiplayer server, you are not getting the G-suit. Moreover, it is sometimes impossible to verify the date if it is not written in the mission description (I have played missions without a specified date) and it is impossible to easily chec
  14. Ok, I don't like to speak for @CSW_Hot_Dog, as he can defend himself, BUT, in the event you mentioned, he was not angry that he was beaten and shot down by one of you. He was angry about the fact, that he was already downed and then another member of your squad went in with a pure intention of killing his pilot hanging in his chute. We never do anything like that, I know it's not against the rules, but it's nasty behavior and it will of course make other players angry. If you do this to get your squad up the scoring board, well, there are other squads that can reach top positions without chute
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