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  1. Sounds cool, but don't underestimate the Jug! I am sure it could still make you run for your money being flown by some good hands. 😎
  2. I made a compilation of some P-47 action from a closed event that we flew a couple of week ago. I hope you enjoy watching it.
  3. The way the availability of G-suite is implemented right now is in my opinion very confusing. I think it would be a lot more clear to players if the G-suite was simply just a modification that they could choose while setting up their airplane. This way mission designers could choose whether the player should have G-suit available by simply locking the modification. I created a thread in the Suggestion forum about this, so if you feel the same way, maybe add a comment there and/or upvote it.
  4. Hello, I would like you to consider changing how equipping G-suits currently works. I find it very confusing that it is implemented in such a way, that you need to be aware of the date of the mission and as I learned only today, you also have to be an American nation/pilot in the mission. If you for example take off from a British airfield in a multiplayer server, you are not getting the G-suit. Moreover, it is sometimes impossible to verify the date if it is not written in the mission description (I have played missions without a specified date) and it is impossible to easily chec
  5. Ok, I don't like to speak for @CSW_Hot_Dog, as he can defend himself, BUT, in the event you mentioned, he was not angry that he was beaten and shot down by one of you. He was angry about the fact, that he was already downed and then another member of your squad went in with a pure intention of killing his pilot hanging in his chute. We never do anything like that, I know it's not against the rules, but it's nasty behavior and it will of course make other players angry. If you do this to get your squad up the scoring board, well, there are other squads that can reach top positions without chute
  6. Do you like the idea of historical50%-balanced50% planeset line unlocked by points ( squadron lines or individual lines)? - Yes, the planeset should be based on the historical data, but since this server is extremely competitive, some balancing is also required. Unlocking planes is one of the trademarks of TAW and I very much enjoy the initiative it gives you to try to bring the plane home and not to go head first into suicidal fights. Do you like idea of collecting points for new, better planes? - I like the idea to work towards obtaining or keeping better planes. Not necessarily a
  7. Just to be 100% clear, is it necessary to take both the cargo modification and full fuel for the Ju-52 or is cargo the only requirement for this plane to act as a transport?
  8. Yes, the mixture control was correctly removed, however, a small leaver should still be there that acts as a mixture cut-off. There is a thread about this bug/suggestion. I don't think it was added yet, but correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Can't wait for the customizable squadron/aircraft designations, awesome news!
  10. Regarding the night shift issue. Since I don't believe that there are only European players taking part in TAW campaigns, I think it would be a bad solution to close the server down during hours that would fit those people. Instead, you should come up with some algorithm that takes into account the number of players on each side when the damage to ground objects is done and increase/decrease it if one team is greatly outnumbered. Maybe also decrease the damage if there are too few players online (flying with no opposition).
  11. Alright, maybe this is a non issue. I flew an hour long flight with P-47 running auto-lean mixture at max continuous engine setting while making sure that all temperatures were within limits and there was no damage to the engine. I will be trying this with other planes as well, but it might be possible that the game allows auto-lean mixture on max continuous setting if you can keep the temperatures in check.
  12. I haven't tested it myself, but several people from my squad were getting their engines damaged while running P-47 on max continuous setting while on auto-lean mixture. I heard that this damage appeared after roughly 20 minutes of flight. If you think that all planes that don't have engine settings for auto-lean mixture written in their Specifications should be fine running max continuous on auto-lean then I can test it as well, just to be sure.
  13. Hello, would it be possible to update the in-game Specification tab for aircraft that have the possibility to set their mixture controls to auto-lean with engine limits when running such mixture setting? I know that the A-20 has this information already available in the Specification tab, however, all of the other planes seem to be missing it. I don't believe that you can detect engine knock in this game, which would signal that you need to change your settings, so memorizing these values is probably the only way. If this information is available somewhere, please let me know. I wo
  14. Of course you have it in-game, but it is sometimes convenient to compare performance numbers of various planes while not being in the game.
  15. Hello, could you please update the "Aircraft Flight and Technical Specifications and Operational Details" thread with the data that is missing for some new planes? I can't find either of the new Yak-9/T and the P-47D22 from the Battle of Normandy there. There could be more that are missing, these are just what I noticed. I can understand if you want to update the thread with all of the Normandy aircraft at one go when the expansion is complete, but I would appreciate to at least have all the collector planes listed there. Aircraft Flight and Technical Specification
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