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  1. Ha yeah, however I’m sure the real pilots were half the age I am now Thanks for this, I’m going to give it a shot tonight.
  2. So I want to use my Vive . . . I love VR in this game, gunnery is so much easier for me than on a monitor. However there’s a problem . . . My neck can only take so much punishment. I can’t turn it more than 45 degrees, and since I have a center mount flight stick, swiveling my chair is out of the question. I tried the old ‘look one direction, center the view and look in the other direction’ trick to check 6, but it only helps mitigate the problem. I was wondering if there was any app that kind of ‘multiplies’ the degrees of your turn, kind of like you can do with TrackIR (the speed setting? Not in front of my computer.) So let’s say you turn your head 45 degrees, it could multiply that by 2x to 90. Any help or tips are appreciated!
  3. Ha two different responses I think I may need to reset the settings to ‘default’ and find a better middle ground.
  4. Are you all dropping the resolution? I dropped my res from 1440 to 1080 . . . and it helps a ton. Also dropped my preset to Low. Looks ugly as sin, but spotting is improved tremendously. I tried a step further and went to 900, but my eyeballs bled 1080 is a good compromise.
  5. I have the same problem . . . But it’s only certain maps while playing online on WoL. I haven’t been able to figure it out either. It’s like a brief pause every second or so.
  6. Ha their software confuses the hell out of me, especially that VKBdevconfig.exe (or whatever it’s called) program, and I don’t think I have time to jump down that rabbit hole. I think I found my sweet spot with 42/20, it just feels right to me and I think I’m finally developing the muscle memory to match. I’ll check it out one of these days, but it looks super intimidating.
  7. Hey sorry for the super late reply, but thanks for all your input. I recently swapped up to a VKB Gunfighter Pro w extension . . . And I think curves are for me. I’m using 42% on pitch and 20% on roll, and it feels right. I agree with JonRedcorn . . . with 0%, even the slightest move bumps my plane around a lot. I’m going to try taking it down a few percent every week to see how low I can get it and have it still feel comfortable. Thanks all!
  8. A little belated, but thanks for the input I think I’m going to try with no curves and see how that works.
  9. I’ll also add, I pretty much stopped playing most other games I did regularly to just play this. Best MP experience I’ve ever played, it’s super tense and exhilarating!
  10. I’m looking for input from other warthog w extension flight sticks. Are you using a sensitivity curve? I’m currently using it without a curve, and it feels almost there in terms or controllability, but I feel like it could be a bit ‘finer’ around the center. What are your settings?
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