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  1. Great news! Can't wait. I consider buying some more spare F5 Keys just in case. Zettman
  2. Wait did I misread something? I thought it said only unlocks are are no longer needed to be earned. But skins are only free for premium edition owners but not for the standard edition owners. Zettman
  3. So it wasn't related to Win10. If i remember correctly, there was a thread in which Win7 usesrs had the same problem. Of course as soons as a Win10 user has a problem, the cause is alsways Win10 . Zettman
  4. Could you elaborate that with a bit more detail, like what happend exactly? It sounds as if something bad happened, like peripherals not longer being recognize. I upgraded a month after release of W10 and had absolutly no problem with my peripherals (TM HOTAS Warthog, MFG Crosswind Pedals, TrackIR5). I really enjoy W10 and have it on my Flightsim PC, my small gaming PC, my Notebook and also installed it on the two PCs of my parents, no problem so far. Zettman
  5. I would prefer P-39 + IAR-80/81. The IAR-80/81 would add some more varity to the axis fighter collection. But I guess we might see the P39 with a Kursk expansion. Zettman
  6. Yeah you are right. I totally forgot that there are still people that don't use Win10. So DX11 was the correct choice without a doubt. Zettman
  7. DX11 sounds great. I guess many would prefer DX12, but everything is better than DX9. And if that means I can use my Rift in IL2 BoS too, thats fine. Zettman
  8. What about setting gamma to 0.7 or 0.6? In the game menu you can't go below 0.8, so is setting it below that value by editing the text files also illegal? Zettman
  9. The founders edition is just a normal reference design and should not be overclocked at all, you just pay 100 extra for the name and the refernece design. The 599.99 ones will be the variants with non-reference coolers. Zettman
  10. Let's say it further decreases the bottleneck. Totally removing the CPU bottleneck is a bit too optimistic in my opinion. DX12 will help spreading the load more equally on the CPU cores, but most games which were CPU bound will still be CPU bound after the introduction of DX12. It should help with minimum FPS through. Zettman
  11. DCS has it too. And it adds a bit of immersion for me, if I know that it's still the same plane. Wants me to bring it home a second or third time. If its just another spawn, than it feels like another "live". Games are short enough (normally less than 3 hours) to exspect a pilot to stay in combat the whole time. The feeling that this is the plane you brought home intact and not just another spawn. Currently I often quit and respawn right after I stopped on the runway, cause there is no sense for me to taxi back to the parking area. Being able to rearm and refuel there would add a prupose to taxiing there and I would always go for the rearm and refule option, like I do in DCS (In DCS you also can quit and respawn). Zettman
  12. Where are the patchnotes for the recent 0.5GB update? Can't find anyhting new in hte Game Update Section. EDIT: nvm, found them in the current 'Game Version Diskussion' marked as best answere. Zettman
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