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  1. Because i fly 90% of the Time BF110 , i can understand clearly what Widukind ist talking about. And therefore i can only speak for the German bombs too. Few days ago i dropped at SC1800 on a Depot on the Finish Server - perfect hit between Oiltanks and Tents which where spreaded only few meters away from each other. I was getting 1 Tent in Words ONE TENT with a SC1800 ! If the "destruction Value" from the Mission creater is fault on that, the Value should be limited from the developesr Side. There is no reasson why a Tent should act like a big bunker which eats all the destructi
  2. Pre hotfix please. Even IL2 1946 done this much better than this old visibility now again. But i think they reversed it bercause of the dsync issues. More visible Planes in sight means also more Datapackets and the Netcode was overloaded before the new visibility. New Netcode is really needed in my opinion for serveral reasons -> a good running dedicated Servers and 64Bit Support for it which means, they need a complete new Netcode for that.
  3. Stutters on Multiplayer Servers are horrible now when some Airplanes fly arround. There is no smooth curve they fly, its like they take some edges. Now should be the time to focus on a dedicated Server and a Netcode rework !
  4. with the 3.10 update i get arround 15 fps less so from 110 to 80-95 fps - no big deal BUT it stutters like hell now. it fells like i play with 25 fps. some of my m8`s have the same issue, enough fps but stutters.
  5. Whats with the "technical issues" on the Discord Server ? the Kota Discord is no more longer in my list. I got kicked out / no Permissions or it was deleted is the Message when i try the invite Link from here.
  6. And the FW 190 1000KG Bomb brings the Statsworking also to an End.
  7. 2 of my geschwader m8`s gets 1-3 second freezes when a ship blows up and they see the explosions. this happends every time. i dont know its the same with tank and other explosions. one of the righ is a i7 - 8700k nvidia 1080 - 8g 16g ddr4 ram
  8. 2 of my geschwader m8`s get 1-2 second freezes when a ship blows up and they see the explosion. this happends every time.
  9. just took 5 years to fix, but better now then never. i like the long awaited netcode improvements. but after bodenplatte get rework on the dserver for 64bit and multicore support. those things are really needed for populated servers, especially with moving vehicles.
  10. After the update from 1.2.23 to 1.2.25 we got an Error. Is it necassery to update *.23 to *.24 and then *.25 ?
  11. Tank Crew ist more important as the rework on the dedicated server and netcode ...🤬
  12. I adress the Dserver cpu peaks to 100% and therefore short freezes in the game as a big problem. I hope the DServer gets after the Bodenplatte release a good rework on it. In my opinion the Netcode must be also improved.
  13. So many bugs and not a little hotfix yet The new GFX is awesome with the advanced view distance. I would say, it the best WW2 Flight GAME, in my opionion to far away to call it a Sim in point of FM and DM.
  14. if zhe great americans and zhe signed allies of zhe versailler vertrag had done their job, it would never have happend.
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