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  1. Ohhhh....Those Russians!!! Take me to your Daddy's farm (Back in the USSR)
  2. I Dream Of Genie As a lad of 13 I thought she was the ultimate.
  3. Sim now reinstalled after 26 hours downloading at average of 240Kb/sec but worth the wait to have it back and running again. Thanks Therion for taking the time out to help and yes, installed it in a separate folder. I see on the forum where you constantly help others...you're a champion.
  4. Thanks for your reply THERION. Followed your instruction - launcher downloaded nicely then game was downloading (into my separate folder as per your suggestion - again, thanks) - but part way through the download I lost internet connection...the joys of living in the Philippines..so will try again now the internet is returned. Thanks again for your reply and advice.
  5. My operating system got corrupted and I had a new Windows 10 operating system installed yesterday. Unfortunately I lost EVERYTHING, photos, documents, IL2..everything. How can I get IL2 back onto my computer. I'm sure others must have had similar problems e.g. computer stolen or destroyed. Thanks in advance I miss my nightly flight badly.
  6. I'm one of the silent majority that enjoy this sim immensely and all its' fantastic upgrades but rarely post. This thread is just the time for people like me to post how much we appreciate the tireless, unceasing work the Developers do especially in these "stay at home" times. Many thanks and your work is so much appreciated. Well done all.
  7. Beautiful work...what more can I say!
  8. Yeah, I can spend a whole nights' flying just practising navigation with these wonderful accurate maps using dead reckoning and yes, I have a stop watch. Just another great aspect to this fantastic sim.
  9. I completely agree blah. I've been trying for ages to record results/accuracy of my bombing but, as you say, you can only view it live - static camera view just won't record and I have to place an enemy vehicle nearby to get a record....or are we missing something? Any correction/assistance if we're wrong would be great.
  10. Just feel the need to say THANK YOU to all the developers for this absolutely fantastic sim. and all your continued work on the improvements. Really, really enjoy it.Well done to all the team.
  11. After reading all the comments on the up-coming release of the 3 collector planes, the old adage springs to mind "You can't please all of the people all of the time but you can please some of the people some of the time." With the upcoming Hurricane, I think the dev's have actually pleased most of the people. Well done team. My money's in the jar waiting for it's release.
  12. Thanks Luke. Just curious...I can live with that.
  13. In SP mission, when level bombing from altitude, I enter a particular bomb interval e.g. 0.50 and command my flight "Do like me." However, although my bombs drop at the correct interval, the other flight aircraft all drop without any interval. Anyone else notice this? Someway to correct this? or "Is that just the way it is?"
  14. Luuuuve this mod Murleen. Picking out landmarks is a HUGE improvement when doing navigation exercises. Thanks for your time do develop and share this.
  15. I'd buy it in a heart beat. Loved flying it in the old IL-2 Forgotten Battles AND it is historically correct for BOX. Employed from Europe, Soviet Union to North Africa Burma and Singapore. I too am surprised it wasn't in the original planes list. The Hurricane's contribution in the air war is right up there with the spitfire and Lancaster. I know the developers have their hands full but I just wanted to register my YES vote.
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