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  1. About the Macchi cockpit; in 2.008 the "see-through gauges" problem has been fixed, but the inclinometer glass is still incorrect.
  2. OK, that's what I suspected. Actually it's possible to set keys for "gunsight range adjustment" in the controls, but they don't seem to do anything.
  3. The text on the Russian gunsight reads "ПБП-1" = PBP-1. That's just the gunsight model. There were also variations of this gunsight like PBP-1A, PBP-1B etc. By the way, does anyone know what that currently unmodeled adjustment knob on the sight is supposed to do? I know it's not brightness, that's a different knob labeled "ПРИЦЕЛ", usually located next to the cockpit lights knob.
  4. I also highly recommend learning Cyrillic, I've found it very helpful, not just for IL-2 but for searching information with Google etc. That's because Russian uses a lot of familiar Greek/Latin based words. And speaking of Greek, also learn the Greek letters, they're very similar to the Cyrillic ones. And when you know the letters you can also transliterate them correctly for your language. I've seen too Finnish people write about Yak's instead of Jak's. The only thing I'm struggling with is that feet/miles nonsense in the P-40.
  5. Brief description: Macchi C.202 turn and slip indicator Detailed description, conditions: The inclinometer glass is incorrectly positioned. Moreover, the glasses of the pressure gauges behind can be seen through the instrument. Additional assets: See screenshot
  6. Awesome, this got me thinking... I have an unused Logitech 3D lying around.
  7. So I saw this topic and had to try taking off with MiG-3 for the first time ever. Succeeded on the first try, turned the plane around and landed without problems on the first try. Then did the same with max wind and turbulence, though this time I broke the propeller on landing, but that was my fault, not the MiG's. I overshot the field first time so I made a second approach against the sun, and didn't come straight to the runway. I used to have a lot of problems with LaGG-3. I found out that you have to increase the throttle incrementally during take-off. If you go straight to 100% the plane just starts spinning like crazy on the ground. Add no sudden movements and you're good to go. Of course I have no idea are any of these behaviours historical, it's true that the other planes I have tried are much easier to take off.
  8. It wasn't so easy as i excepted...
  9. 22.00 here... btw, when will we be able download the update?
  10. I just selected mission 02 then sped up time 16x and waited some time. Ability to set time would be nice, dusk/dawn is my favourite part of day.
  11. Also very good first impression here, runs smoothly with gtx 680, even with time sped up 16x, i think my laptop could easily run it. Taking off was easy after only few tries.
  12. Well i'm little disappointed with this three day limit, but luckily i will have all thursdays freetime for six weeks starting 14. november.
  13. As an amateur astronomer i could say few words about the night sky. The ground/sky illumination by moon is super realistic, based on what i have seen on winter nights, brightness is just correct. However the moon should be lot smaller. The star brightness is just correct for area with no light pollution, please not try to "fix" it. It also seems that the constellation of orion is missing it's bright upper left corner star betelgeuse.
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