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  1. In the below thread it states "...discussion of this topic suspended until further notice." I recommend we stay on topic with discussion relating to 'Current VR Zoom'.
  2. I've recently got back in to IL-2 after a few months off and I'm having trouble understanding the updated 3Dmigoto mod. I previously used this mod (about v11 and prev) on my Rift CV1 without having to adjust any of the convergence etc. Now, however I can't work out why my convergence settings are so different to the stock mod and the Rift CV1 preset in the first post in this topic. I loaded both the stock mod and the Rift CV1 preset version of 15.1.1 and the convergence is way off. After adjusting the Rift CV1 preset version, my settings are: $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetlow = 0.107999995 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetmed = 0.602499962 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetmed = 1 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetmed = -0.130500004 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsethigh = 1.35500216 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsethigh = 1 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsethigh = -0.37049979 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\ipdxoffsetvalue = 0.00400000019 What would cause my settings to be so different to the preset for the Rift CV1? Which are: $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetlow = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsetmed = 0.25 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsetmed = 1 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsetmed = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomxoffsethigh = 0.659000039 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\maskhorizoffsethigh = 1 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\zoomyoffsethigh = 0 $\users_settings\user_keymapping_zoom.ini\ipdxoffsetvalue = 0.00400000019 Also, I notice that the stock ipdxoffsetvalue is 0.004 What difference does this make to the settings? Cheers.
  3. I have them in those folders, but I have to have mods enabled to see the default replacements. I didn't rename them though; would that change anything?
  4. Back into IL-2 after a while off. Retested on 3.009 IL-2: v3.009 CPU: 8600K OC @ 5.0 GHz mobo: ASRock Z370 Taichi RAM: 16 GB @ 3200.2 MHz GPU: GTX 1080 Oculus Rift CV1 FRAPS results: Frames: 9855 - Time: 120000ms - Avg: 82.125 - Min: 52 - Max: 91 Passmark Results: CPU Mark: 15287 CPU Single Threaded: 3021
  5. So after upgrading, here are my new results. IL-2: v3.004 CPU: 8600K OC @ 5.0 GHz mobo: ASRock Z370 Taichi RAM: 16 GB @ 3199.2 MHz (interestingly, the same RAM at the same XMP Profile, but running ever so slightly higher) GPU: GTX 1080 Oculus Rift CV1 FRAPS results: Frames: 13801 - Time: 200000ms - Avg: 69.005 - Min: 42 - Max: 91 Passmark Results: CPU Mark: 16025 CPU Single Threaded: 3019 Overall, I am very happy with the improvement. Haven't played much yet, but looking forward to TAW. In the little that I have played, I've found that fighters are pretty seamless, but the German bombers are still down in the mid 40 FPS. A big thank you to those that gave me advice and feedback, it is much appreciated.
  6. That has pretty much convinced me. I am continuously adjusting SS and graphics settings, trying to find an acceptable compromise between quality and performance. I hadn't considered the 8600K, but I'll definitely have a look now. Cheers. Thanks. I'll definitely look at the 8600K. The money saved would start me on the way to the pedals as well. I've tried with Low/Balanced settings, but I need the pretty visuals.
  7. Hi all, I have included my results below. My motivation is that having experienced Il-2 in VR, there is no going back; yet I am disappointed in the performance I am getting with my rig. Now that I have done some reading of the forum, I understand that I am most likely bottlenecked by my poor single thread performance. I find that single player career mode is nearly unplayable due to fps (or lack of), and even in multiplayer, when other aircraft are close (<1km), there is a noticeable amount of blurring/ghosting of the aircraft. I am considering upgrading to an 8700k for the sole purpose of getting better performance in VR in Il-2 (and I may start playing DCS as well). However, given that it is a sizeable chunk of money for me to spend (AUD$1000), I want to be sure that I'll get noticeable performance improvements. What do you recommend? Would it be worth the upgrade? Or am I better of spending my money on other hardware upgrades...like a sweet set of MFG Crosswinds. Any feedback is appreciated. Cheers. IL-2: v3.003 CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 OC @ 3.9 GHz mobo: Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 RAM: 16 GB @ 3193.2 MHz GPU: GTX 1080 Oculus Rift CV1 FRAPS results: Frames: 8842 - Time: 200000ms - Avg: 44.210 - Min: 32 - Max: 68 Passmark Results: CPU Mark: 10314 CPU Single Threaded: 2076
  8. Thanks JimTM! I didn't have a /data/Tracks/ folder, so I created it and Voila! 'REC' now shows and flight tracks are being recorded and able to be played back. Not sure why I didn't have the folder, I don't recall mucking around with anything, but maybe I inadvertently deleted it? Anyway, all working now. Cheers.
  9. Thanks for the tips. I have checked the key bindings and they are 'accepted' and stay updated after quitting and relaunching. Recording doesn't work whether paused or not. I like the caps lock idea, even tried binding to that, but no joy. Tried starting game without any peripherals except keyboard and mouse. Tried disabling Steam Overlay, GeForce Experience overlay, ReShade. All had no effect. All key binds for all other commands work perfectly. Even onscreen FPS (backspace). Everything in the game works fine, except that I can't record flights... Is there a config file that may need values changed? Or a folder that needs to exist? I'm stumped at the moment. Thinking that I may need to do a complete reinstall, but I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.
  10. So, pretty much as the title says. No matter what I seem to do, I can't get the recorder to work. Tried pressing 'LCTRL + R' - no joy. Remapped to other key combinations - no joy. I don't get the 'REC' in the top-right of the screen, and there are no records back in the main menu. I've got the Steam version of BoS/BoM, if that makes a difference. Cheers for any assistance.
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