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  1. If we’re running a pretty powerful rig is there anyway to increase these odds with the install available?
  2. It “helped” a bit, by not having our climb points directly at the front, but were still having a few instances of it. Not enough that it seems like somethings wrong. Short answer yes thanks for the suggestion!
  3. I see that the AAA spawns in when enemies are near but do enemy airbases spawn fighters to intercept? We're chasing a bunch of 87's back to their base and chewing them up and it seemed a bit silly circling over the enemy airfield and not having them even try to send up anyone to fight back. I'm assuming this is a game engine limitation but still curious if there's something in the config settings that we're missing. Thanks!
  4. No criticism just confirming this behavior was normal and that the install wasn't botched or something!
  5. Ok I'll try this and report back, didn't know that was a setting thanks for the info.
  6. Is the above behavior normal? I've generated maybe 15 or so missions over Stalingrad and recently Kuban, and every single time we have had contact and immediate fight before we reach the first climb waypoint. This is on default everything, except high flight contact, I changed it halfway through to Medium and still the same result. I love the amount of planes, I just wish the contact happened more at the mission objective waypoints instead of before the climb ones complete. Thoughts?
  7. Hey Pat, Love the 6.1.3 update, with fixed Waypoints! Thank you for your hard work. One thing my friend and I noticed was that it's very difficult to separate what is and isn't action involved with our own squadron. Is it difficult to somehow make it a unique color, or somehow easier to see what's what regarding our own squadron's actions in the AAR? I know that afterwards it clarifies the claims, but I would love to be able to at a glance be able to read who hit what, etc. Thanks!
  8. Clicking on mission route doesn't do anything, and i notice in the "mission briefing" before mission start in the game coop menu, it's totally blank for flight path. The description is there but no nav lines... What am I missing?
  9. Is it normal for there to be no waypoint mission lines on the map to designate the flight path? i swear in older versions I remember this being there. No one else has this issue or solution?
  10. In my saga to get this working completely the latest issue that is most certainly my fail is the generates mission flight path is not visible in game with the map... also so the map grid square numbers don’t match the in game map grid number id? We've been having the ai fly lead which has circumvented this issue but would like to know to fly lead and know our path from the mission details in the future. Additionally it it seems like my realism setting don’t apply to other connected clients? I turned on visual aids since VR target ID at range is very hard but my friend doesn’t have any. How does one set that consistent so we either both do or both don’t have aids.
  11. PWCG COOP Missions Wont load.zip RESOLVED! Anyone having this similar issue with restarting COOP mission hosting. There was an old IP address assigned in the multiplayer settings which did not match my current internal system IP. Removing it resolved loading issues. @PatrickAWlsonHere are the last 3 missions I generated that all fail on launch. I also took the step to verify game files with Steam which did not resolve the issue. I'm really hoping I'm just doing something dumb, but looking forward to your analysis.
  12. Hey @PatrickAWlsonthanks again for the hard work, I'm excited to try 6.0. I was able to find the mission as you posted (feeling mildly dumb not realizing it was obviously a MP mission), however when the mission loads from COOP, it just jumps back to the selection screen of type of multiplayer game "coop or dogfight". What would cause this instead of the player selecting a plane? I selected the owned planes pre campaign generation, and I selected a fighter position on the 11th, in Moscow (and own the Moscow DLC). This is driving me nuts, I've created a user account and created pilots for the relevant accounts, all very self explanatory, and I've generated missions across multiple campaigns that I own, and different planes I own. Every time when I host and add the relevant mission to the queue and launch, the loading bar completes and then goes back to the server type selection screen. Ideas?
  13. I'm having the same issue, I know you resolved it, but is there a better way than just copying the mission back and forth? Like a way to have PWCG know what folder the missions folder is located? When I do copy the mission it just stays on "Please wait" while loading in the missions section of the main game. I'm on Nvme drive so I'm assuming load times are not infinite long or supposed to be? I also followed the installation instructions in the guide above, and my issue is related to this topic when I searched. In fact anytime I generate a mission it isn't in the missions section in game like any of the youtube install guides. Any help appreciated.
  14. Thanks Pat for the crazy fast turn around and dedication to your program. Will certainly get a lot of coop use here! Cheers!
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