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  1. Thanks Pat for the crazy fast turn around and dedication to your program. Will certainly get a lot of coop use here! Cheers!
  2. If we configure more than one plane with squadlist : -1 will it cycle them randomly? Are there supposed to be skins somewhere with “Lag33_SKIN_01” or whatever or are those names placeholder in the skin config?
  3. New changes sound awesome, or a great way to handle injuries. I have to test it again but when i did a large density mission there were no enemy planes on the tacview recording at mission start (granted we didn't fly the sortie) Did we just get unlucky twice on low density, and the planes didn't spawn on high density? Or should enemy planes spawn at start and something is bugged in our campaign? EDIT - Planes definitely spawned! Man what a great set of missions it made, now having a diffierent issue where it's not allowing a combat report cause it can't find the LOG. I set it up per the tutorial vid and this has worked yesterday and in solo play. What would cause it to not see a log if I see they are being generated? I am seeing tons of mission reports generated in the data folder. Error generated a log attached. COOPER201808111708970.zip
  4. I checked it in BOS editor and the friendly planes aren't set to pilot, but i don't see a coop box. Doesn't seem to generate enemy planes but does seem to generate all friendly planes? I know you're updating this soon, but if we're trying to use it to generate just interesting missions for use in coop what manual hacks do we need to do?
  5. I don’t mind screen sharing for other players to see the app. What manual tweaks are required for a mission? Just trying to work around it in the meantime For us its not a big deal if other players are just supporting temporary positions that may change or disappear, while the host is persistent
  6. I mean it seems the coop tag functions in the current version? Am I crazy but doesn't the coop function great with the exception that only the host has permanent stats and no risk of replacement from ace or transfer?
  7. If a side sustains heavy losses for many of it's flights, does PWCG prevent them from taking off and is there a win state based on one side being unable to defend itself?
  8. This is absolutely amazing for small coop groups or pairs. Any idea when the coop version will be released? Cheers and much appreciated making the Il2 DCG experience way better than vanilla!
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