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  1. Quote from the interview: If anyone has detailed info about American turrets like drawings, manuals, pictures etc. please send them to me. Proper references material 90% of the battle. If anyone can relate this info to Jason .. this guy has it all, all manuals, references and hand-on experience
  2. I also made this mistake to realize that Steam takes quite a lot of money. I have BOM and BOS from Steam, but from now on I will go direct purchase.
  3. Does it also apply to Steam vesrion? I could not find the file user_var_initialization.ini This should be really available in basic options. I don't get why it is so difficult to include it if a simple mod can do it.
  4. Hijacking the topic. How do i even get the BOM and BOS pins? and what is the difference between bronze, silver and gold ones? i got BOS and BOM on Steam.
  5. It was exactly the same for me. In started with Aces of the Pacific, then Aces over Europe, 1942PAW and 1943 EAW. The immersion in PAW and EAW was amazing and when il2 came out, despite the graphics and realism I just couldn't get into it because of the lack of immersive campaign. I still have some hopes that il2 will improve the campaign with some 3d images of briefing rooms, maps, even medals in a box or hanging on actual uniforms ala Microprose games. Not sure if younger players would appreciate it... maybe I am just old and sentimental, but those small touches were really immersive for me.
  6. Good points. Wouldn't be worth trying to get some of those players over to il2? I must say right now Il2 is a bit 'intimidating', but i am sure a good SP campaign and some more options to adjust what is 'comfortable' and what is not for new players in SP would be welcome. I can speak for myself, I used to play what at that time was considered realistic simulations (1942 PAW from 1994 for example) which is now laughable in terms of 'realism'. After a long break, players like myself have a hard time getting back without tweaking the options. What Solmyr is asking is exactly what I would feel comfortable with in SP, a sweet medium between arcadey dash board and arrows and target labels and 'hardcore' simulation option of spotting enemy plane of a size of 1 pixel. Of course I will try the mods provided by Sniperton in this thread (thank you!!!), but I think this should be available in options from the start.
  7. We have to remember that MP players make up only 5% of the player base. Most people play SP and it would be great to have different options for different skills. I am in a similar position. If you play in VR or do not have high performance PC and good monitor running everything is super high res, these intermediate options are really needed. Leaving everything to mods is just a bad idea as most players don't even know mods exist. I have been on this forum for few months now and this is the first time I hear about these mods (will try them for sure). Most players are not even in the forums. If this sim is to attract more players beyond the hardcore sim fans, it really needs to have more options to be user friendly and better SP campaign. If you expect new players to browse through forums to find options that should be available from day one, I don't see how this sim will survive. We all know it barely survives with only the current player base.
  8. Just to give a perspective from someone who has been a ww2 air combat simulator fanatic from the aces of the pacific era (1992). I know it sounds shallow, but until recently i stayed away from il2 box because of the eastern front that is of little interest to me and because of lack of the SP campaign. The recent addition of the campaign got me back to il2 and i got BOS and BOM and recently the p-40. I will argue here that focus only on the eastern front and lack of strong SP campaign (it is better now but still not perfect) keeps A LOT of people away from this sim. As said previously, 95% of Il2 players play SP and the basic idea of a campaign is to be able to fly as one specific pilot, representing a specific country in a specific conflict. Now, I must say i am less motivated to fly as a Russian or German pilot in a conflict that does not do much to me emotionally. In this sense I d rather fly as an American, British, Australian or Japanese pilot over Pacific or Western Europe. I am not even American or Western European, but Pacific and Western Europe have more interest to me. It is not only about planes, but the area of conflict and the identity we assume playing a campaign on one of the sides of the conflict.
  9. Africa or Pacific for me next. There could be a bridge option between land based and carrier/naval based campaign for the PTO. I am talking about Papua/New Guinea. Operations from airfields and use of already existing or soon to be developed for Il2 BOX US aircraft (their versions) P-38, P-39, P-40, and maybe a light bomber which would allow for more time and effort to develop Zero and one Japanese bomber. After that, in a later stage a full carrier ops with Wildcats, Hellcats, etc. The textures and objects for sea / islands would have already been developed together with some ships and base aircrafts for a full blown Midway campaign or similar. I believe the community would understand that and nobody would complain.
  10. I am on medium level and often have to go with 5 planes against 10-15 enemies. Other times against 3 to 5. It really seems super random, but in the first case scenario my entire flight of 5 gets wiped out including me. There is something strange with the campaign. Although maybe realistic, feels not very adjusted to player's level. I will play on easy I guess.
  11. Why didn't I think of that option myself.....
  12. Thank you. Right now it is unplayable for me. Now every mission this happens, sometimes with more than one plane spinning and crashing into other planes. I think this also bugs some missions. I went on a ground troops cover mission, flown for 2 hours around my mission target, nothing happened, burned almost all fuel, returned to base and mission failed . I think that crash must have blocked enemy spawning or something, because the planes that manage to take off just stay flying over the airfield and do not proceed with the mission. Shall I star new campaign and select other plane??
  13. I have noticed a massive issues with my friendly AI planes crashing at each other at takeoff sometimes reducing my flight force to 1 (me) or from 5 to maximum 2. happened at least on 3 missions so far out of 7 I did in the campaign (plane LaGG-3). Shall I also report it as a bug? Anyone else seeing it?
  14. If you google pictures of P-40E used in Russia as well as by USAAF, you will see both versions with a radio mast and without.
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