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  1. I tried changing the Ground Density settings again from Low to Med. Visually, there were significantly more units on the ground - by 3 or 4 times. Patrick, maybe it makes sense to change the Ground Density and AA Density settings - to indicate not Low, Med or High, but a exact value? For example, Ground Density is from 100 to 500 units, and AA Density is from 20% to 40% of value the Ground Density. Firstly, it will be immediately clear how many units are in the map, and secondly, it will be possible to flexibly adjust the performance of the game, based on the capabilities of the
  2. Patrick, what is the difference between Ground Density - Low, Med and High (and also between AA Density), and is it possible to make intermediate values for more flexible settings?
  3. I support. I have a fairly powerful computer, and the settings are now: Air Density - Low Ground Density - Low AA Density - Med CPU Allowance - High Air activity suits me completely, there are battles in each flight (sometimes 20 or more aircraft in one battle), but the ground is empty, in GROUND ATTACK missions there are problems with finding a target .. And if I set the Ground Density - Med setting, then slowdowns begin in large-scale air battles. It would be nice to have more gradations of settings so that everyone can flexibly adjust the density of the battle, based on the
  4. Patrick, the setting is not working properly: Configuration - Advanced Config - Fighter Mission Type First there were the default settings: With default settings I created 30 missions and counted them. Out of 30, 9 Ground Attack missions and 4 INTERCEPT missions turned out (43%) I really don't like the Ground Attack and INTERCEPT missions, so I changed the settings like this: Then I created 30 missions again. Out of 30, 6 Ground Attack missions and 6 INTERCEPT missions turned out (40%). Those. actually nothing has changed! It turns out that this setting
  5. I have 4 there - death. Death works. Wounds do not work.
  6. Patrick, does PWCG track player injury? I have noticed several times that the game displays the message "I am injured", but after the flight there are no signs of injury. Perhaps the player's injuries are ignored, like the historical aces?
  7. Patrick, I don't value this campaign, it hasn't even started yet. But the problem has not been resolved. When I create the same new campaign, this ace again is not on the right side of the screen. Or will the fix appear in the next version and need to wait?
  8. Patrick, when I create a new campaign for the Soviet Union on the Moscow map and select the 27th Fighter Air Regiment, then the historical ace Arcady Kovacevich is on the pilot board, but he is not in the list on the right.
  9. Do you play with markers? I play without markers. I somehow flew out in the same weather, only instead of snow there was rain and fog. Nothing could be seen further than 500 m. I lost sight of the leader and never found him. And in general I did not see anyone, although according to the report there were intense air battles everywhere. Since then, I have removed realistic weather in the settings. Planes did not fly in such weather.
  10. Patrick, you can shorten the name of the Soviet ace in the game: Instead of Arkady Fedorovich Kovacevic write Arkady Kovacevic. This is normal. This is a commonly used shorthand for the name. The full name is usually used in official documents, and the abbreviated name is used in everyday life. Moreover, the names of all other pilots in the game are written in abbreviated form. Soviet aces: Ivan Kozhedub instead of Ivan Nikitovich Kozhedub Alexander Pokryshkin instead of Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin Grigory Rechkalov instead of Grigory Andreevich Rechkalov etc.
  11. Patrick, what settings need to be set so that bombers and attack aircraft never fly without an escort? I have a good computer, Simple Config settings are set: Air Density - Med Ground Density - Med AA Density - Med CPU Allowance - High In the Advanced Config settings it is worth: Limit Mission - Max Virtual Escorts - 5 And the first thing I saw when I flew up to the front line was a flight of Il-2 attack aircraft without an escort. What settings are needed to always have an escort?
  12. I also have the whole flight in silence. I myself also wanted to write about this problem for a long time. I play on the map of Moscow for the Reds on all types of fighters - there is always silence. In the built-in career, the radio chat works on the same map.
  13. Patrick, how to kill a historical ace? I shot down Ltn Gerhard Barkhorn, his plane crashed to the ground and exploded. A note appeared in the Combat Report that he was seriously injured. However, in the Intelligence Report, he is still listed on I./JG52 lists. Is it possible to kill a historical ace?
  14. Currently playing a mission at I-16 Attack the transport and road facilities near Gzhatsk. Escorted by P-40E-1s of 126th Fighter Air Regiment. There were no P-40s at the rendezvous point. Upon completion of the mission, I reviewed the flight record - throughout the entire mission there were no P-40s in the air (although there were many other aircraft). I attach a REPORT ERROR. Kur1202011230911634.zip
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