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  1. The Next Level Motion Platform V3 now officially supports the IL-2 Great Battles series! I have been having a blast with it in the last few days !!!
  2. Nice. I shall ask them too, so they'll see some interest in this title by their user base.
  3. I recently purchased a Next Level Motion Platform V3 which I use in conjunction with VR and it is an absolute game changer! It is pretty basic but it can simulate lots of motion ranges. It is a seat only platform which I was worried it would feel weird but it is actually surprisingly realistic, it is pretty quiet and it has got a very quick and convincing acceleration when moving. Doesn't take much space and it is also pretty affordable (found it on Amazon on sale) which is a BIG plus in my book. Next Level Motion Platform V3
  4. Weirdly enough on the Oculus Support page there is a massive red banner saying:
  5. I looked through the forums but couldn't find any info so I'll ask it here: -Have the developers tried to make IL-2 run in VR by natively supporting the Oculus SDK instead of going through SteamVR? If so, was there a performance improvement? If not, would it be possible to give it a try? From the latest update by Laminar Research for their simulator:
  6. I adore it. I hope they won't touch it and leave it be. I am holding off my pre-order until I am sure I am getting those allied planes. Ditto. Yeah, that's what I am saying. As long as they are coming...
  7. Understood, thank you! I agree with your thought although I would still appreciate some sort of loyalty bonus.
  8. Right you are, my mistake. I am mainly interested in the older versions of those planes with the obsolete low visibility canopies TBH. Guys, help me understand about the Flying Circus situation which is NOT super clear to me: owners of Rise of Flight will NOT get any discounts nor freebies, is that right?
  9. Bittersweet albeit still exciting news. Could open the door for older versions of the P-51, P-47 and Tempest... down the road. Who else would love to see the P-51B, P-47B and the Typhoon in the future??
  10. Great! Thank you guys for the quick replies !!!
  11. I currently own BoS Premium which I pre-ordered when it was still in development and then later converted the key to be used on Steam. I would like to purchase BoM Premium on https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-moscow/ and then activate it on Steam because it is *not* available on Steam as a single purchase. I have read on the official IL-2 Facebook page comments which state it is indeed possible to do so (the DLC won't show up as purchased on Steam but it will work once the game is launched) ...BUT when I asked the Support Team I got this reply: So now I am confused. Can anybody confirm it would work?
  12. An Italian skin for the BF-109... you Sir made my day, thank you!
  13. I completely agree! With the exception that I am gonna do as Mysticpuma says: wait for a big sale before getting it... if there will ever be one, otherwise I'll just leave it there and sigh looking at pictures of the Macchi, the only half-decent combat plane the Italians ever made
  14. I personally think I am gonna pass as the price is pretty steep for just a map (which won't add much to the BoS experience) and a set of planes of which almost half are mere variants of what we already have. I would prefer spending this kind of money on something more refreshing like a Pacific Ocean Campaign or the good ol' Western Front. But if the Macchi were available by itself, I would buy it in heartbeat.
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