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  1. So I my eyes we have 2 basic problems with AP currently: - Large damage was dealt by tumbling bullets after an initial contact, this is not modeled AFAIK (there was this one picture of a drug smuggler plane hit by .50 and it had huge holes on the exit side) - Internally (almost always) there are a lot more things damagable in a real plane than in a sim plane so we see less effect of that (Electric cables, pneumatic pipes/lines, fuel pipes, wires, rods for all kinds of things) I'd think for an easy fix the .50s should have 1.5x (or even more) the damage they currently deal. At convergence range I score about same or better with a 2x UBS Mig-3 than with the P-51, and that has got to say something. (The only exception being pilot kills)
  2. Ouf what a MESS! Lets get you to a proper starting point: I'd recommend for Nvidia CP: - Anisotropic off / application controlled - gamma correction ON (Important if HDR ingame is off) - Antialiasing mode application controlled - Antialiasing setting off (as is application controlled) - Negative lod bias Allow Startup.cfg (Il2/data folder): - land_anisotropy = 16 - land_tex_lods = 7 - hdr / bloom = 0 (hdr on Introduces a lot of shimmering on low angles, esp, landscape) - post_sharpen = 1 - ssao = 0 - preset = 3 (Ultra preset - helps with color banding for example) Try these and see if it helps - you really need to clean that clutter of overlaying settings ingame and in the driver.
  3. My last stats say I died twice yesterday when I totally did not. Once I bailed out just fine, chute opened and I was at our airfield, the other time I landed ON A ROAD with no damage to my plane or pilot and it still said I died. Nr.1: http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/556837/?tour=36 Nr.2: http://stats.virtualpilots.fi:8000/en/sortie/556981/?tour=36
  4. It works though, the binos/flare gun does not work anymore when the turret is active (default 't'), deactivating it makes the binos work again. Settings -> Input -> Turret Control -> Joystick
  5. Just open Mission Editor, selct "Tools" Tab and select resave missions in folder - then select Il-2 Data folder or specific Mission folders and the missions will be resaved. Worked flawless for me. No need to delete anything for me.
  6. As Remontti said, you need to configure the grass_distance (in meters) setting in the startup.cfg (data folder). But there is also a "grass quality" setting in the ingame graphic settings that does the same but gives you 4 presets.
  7. Did some Il-2 flights yesterday and they were great fun - it was possible to observe enemy flights before going on the attack run and staying hidden above dark/shadowed terrain in one flight. In another flight my Escort stayed with me the whole flight and in a third flight I was able to spot 2 109s engaging me before they were shooting and could do some defensive manouvering. Even more impressed than before. 👍
  8. Would very much like a separate control for flaps limiter. Currently it is just a pain. And I wonder if it was possible to increase the limiter (larger angle allowed) while the flaps are out - because the limiter moves in the direction of the load I would not see why it would not be possible but I am not familiar with the physical design.
  9. Don't think anything changed with prop reflections.
  10. Meine 1070 struggelt ziemlich, selbst mit gutem OC ist es eher eine Ruckelpartie. Also ich würde es persönlich eher nicht empfehlen - aber wenn du es dir eh irgendwann mal holen wirst mit einem besseren setup, dann kannst du natürlich auch jetzt schon zuschlagen und es einfach mal ausprobieren.
  11. Holy f does that look f'd up today.
  12. I've watched this video on my phone and found the contacts to be fairly easy spottable. Surely would not have been the same with current spotting.
  13. Thats basically my only criticism right now - For example one has to be extremely careful when initiating snap rolls above 400 kph to not G-LOC and die.
  14. Hydraulic brakes versus pneumatic brakes I suppose?
  15. I voted "IL-2 should have G-resistance parameters of over-medium pilot, like an ace" because it really depends a lot on fitness and I would want to fly a fit pilot in a sim rather than a mediocre pilot even more so as I cannot feel the effects on the body. But not much, something like 0.5 G up to max 1 G more than what we currently have. > Many of us are flying as virtual aces, but are somewhat handicapped by the virtual pilot < Nevertheless I like the current implementation as a system very much and would just want a little offset.
  16. Unless you find a 109-g2 pilot who did hammerhead turns I suppose it will be very hard to tell how it was in the real plane. The E series differs quite strongly from the later series. The size and distance of the rudder from the center of gravity, rudder-roll coupling and engine torque all play a role with different other factors playing in as well. In real life for example I found it easy to hammerhead in an ASK-21 but next to impossible to do it nicely in an SZD-51-1 (Junior), mainly because of the weak rudder.
  17. Never noticed that - maybe it is indeed connected to your HW?
  18. Agreed, it is a great and wonderful sim, even with its quirks and shortcomings it might have. Glad you like it! 👍
  19. 1.) I want a sim that allows hardcore realism as well as customizable gameplay (Icons, simplifications) so more people fit the boat and newbies can start low and work up 2.) The current spotting situation is WORSE than reality from all experiences I could gather from being a glider pilot and living close to Frankfurt airport. (where I often get the possibility to detect and trace planes coming in and going out) 3.) Never has real-life flying been as tiring for me as Il-2 has with visibility and in real life my life literally depends on it. I do not want unrealistically easy spotting, I want the game to acknowledge that HIDs can not (yet) replicate what we can experience with our sole eyes and that in the result spotting in a game should at least not be worse than reality. With a perfectly tweaked Nvidia Profile for Il-2 I find the absolute spotting ranges to be about what I would find in reality or a little less. What REALLY is a problem is losing track of planes that have been aquired and that are just a few km away. In all my real life experiences it was rather seldom to not find a plane again after looking away for a second. (Sometimes in Il-2 you even lose the plane when you look at it) Also one thing for the realism comparison: We sit behind a desk in a safe environment, a scared pilot afraid of his life might not have the situational awareness or the experience to know how to scan the skies or to know how the enemy usually attacks.For many their first enemy encounter ended in their death - like it did when we started simming where we get a second chance.
  20. A picture says more than 1000 words 2 even more...
  21. Well the picture we talk about is taken from 1k or below: What we see is: - an overall "milkyness" of the image - shadowed / occluded areas have a diffuse lighting that makes them shine and that irritates when watching around - the (scenery) rendering has a certain level of blurryness while objects seem very sharp. It does not seem to fit together very well and swallows details (and possibly makes spotting harder) I find that the discussion revolves between 2 sides that either claim the new picture to show something super realistic and others that claim it to be super unrealistic and impossible to play by. There is probably some truth in both and I don't see why it is not possible to see or say that: 1.) Yes the new picture and scenery is pretty and has a lot to offer 2.) Yes the rendering has problems and they are visible and can be named. Just my 2 cents. I still like the progress.
  22. Central Germany near Kassel mostly. 2 frames of 2 videos I found on my phone in a quick search. They are 2 years old as I do not have newer ones recorded on my phone. Also not that there is no canopy glass in the ingame-screenshot inbetween the viewer and the scenery that adds some milkyness like in the pictures I took. Even with the canopy I never had that very diffuse shine which btw you can also see on the wing in the picture, not just the scenery. There is a reason why many pilots manipulate the gamma to be able to spot ingame. My free guess is that there is more light in the game environment (in most situations) than there would be physically. (You can see it in the washed out shadows/trees that glow) Thats why I think PBR could help tremendously.
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