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  1. You have it already. Just start your game and you are good to go.
  2. While I agree that this poll is a bit biased, especially as it leaves no option to opt out or say that currently there are no highly important issues to oneself personally, such a poll is first and foremost an indicator of a public perception. I think that has reason enough.
  3. I think you can delete the update folders. Also the download contains everything, by buying other titles the content will just get unlocked.
  4. Exaxtly, the rendering 'should' be equal to or even better what we see with our eyes in the 2° cone IRL, after all we still got to use our own eyes to spot the pixels on a monitor that far exceeds the 2° range also.
  5. Yep, personally think a 'jump to next waypoint' (and stop if enemies within certain radius) feature would be highly important. CFS 2 had that, and it was necessary for the pacific. Its not so super necessary now, but it might be in future.
  6. There are still some grave problema with AI and such (visibility!) which kind of slows TC down. Ao I think for now TC wasn't very lucratuve, but I supppse any subsequent title would be much lower in cost to produce. But they would need to find a proper vision for TC in Il-2. To split tank and plane maps for example is not the best idea.
  7. Does the P-38 have a separate oil cooler? What about mixture, could it be too lean?
  8. Thats because its changeing to boost mode there. For normal flight you'd stay at 50%, for combat you'd go to 100%, the rest is done via throttle. Ultimately it doesn't really matter, but that would be the proper procedure. (As you will see it is a lot easier to fine-tune manifold pressure by throttle than by mixture)
  9. The mixture works a but different on the mig. At 50% it is in automatic mode, mode it to 100% and it goes to boost mode. it has a soft threshold between, but really you should only either use 100% or 50%.
  10. Its fast in Boost mode (100% mixture) with Boost on.
  11. That's right, and that's why we need an improvement over the current system. Glad to see that the dev's are asking for ideas on the russian forum. (Would be nice though if there would be some international version too)
  12. In an Airbus you fly right-handed as first officer and left-handed as captain 🤷‍♂️
  13. I used the videos to show how inertia works on such heavy machinery once they start to slip, not exactly to show how the game should simulate it. So there are a couple of points in my head: 1.) Without a video of the issue it does not make much sense to discuss if it would this simulated behavior is real. 2.) I'd expect gravel roads to offer lower grip than asphalt in dry (!) conditions and I'd expect dry gravel roads to offer slightly more grip than wet asphalt. (However I admit that I don't have a clue on this and am just guesstimating from my experiences) 3.) Every tank is different, today's tanks are built with a comparatively low profile compared to their width and length, giving them more stability. Then there is chain size, then there is chain design, shifted center of gravity, and so on and so forth. So evaluation would need to be done on a per tank basis 4.) Expanding on #3 I have never spun a full 360 in Il-2, but then again I don't use the Panzer 4 often. Hence a video would be nice (#1)
  14. The kinetic energy of the tank makes it spin because the kinetic energy of the round pushes the tank enough to lose grip and move over to friction (friction coefficient is always lower than grip coefficient) causing the spin, which would be your second argument. A tank not moving does not spin when impacted in Il-2 and tbh I've never spun when being hit. If a tank would spin on or not when going fast and initiating a rotation I can't tell you, but I consider it at least plausible when 30 tons go more than 40 kph on steel tracks. Here two examples:
  15. What makes you think that? Recoil would be roughly the same as in the firing tank minus the energy lost due to drag. So even if you end up with half the original energy that could make you slip and your kinetic energy does the rest. The regular T-34 and Pz.III are too tough ingame, that should get some revision IMHO.
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