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  1. It looks like AMD might have something in store this year ✌️
  2. Cosine is a nonlinear function, but yes, the smaller the angle the lower the effect in this case. Petrovich has given the function, you can calculate it
  3. No, more in-depth data won. The poll was just an assessment to see if action was needed or not, not a democratic election over what should happen. So quite a lot of people were not happy with the results and in turn a more realistic implementation was researched and put into place.
  4. Love the technochat off, even with some shortcomings.
  5. On Finnish Virtual Pilots I often spawn in a T-34 with HE only and try to shoot down attacking planes. Works quite well and in a recent mission I got 2 110s and a duck. Ranges up to 2 KM and larger are well identifiyable.
  6. Would be nice if they were adjustable, but not sure if the implementation would allow that.
  7. Player numbers are soaring compared to before. Checked 2 days ago and there were 450 players in servers. Although I get where this is coming from, compared to AAA titles it is still a very niche game, thats why prices are high.
  8. As I brought down a number of planes with the current tank main guns I think pretty much this. Longest hit I ever hat was a He 111 at 1800 meters. Over time I also got a lot better with deflection shots. The thing is, behavior against AI can be learned, against players it will be harder.
  9. I have a TN panel in use since 3 years. I used an IPS before but what I mean is not connected to the panels but to how colors are displayed. I have no data to back it up though, just that I never spotted well with gamma 1.0 before and now I do.
  10. I'll buy them, but I think this price point will make them a very niche product. Certainly hoping otherwise...
  11. Did you lower your gamma? I run fine with 1 now and it does not look as washed out as before.
  12. My bet is either a sale or TC2 / FC2 announcement.
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