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  1. 216th_Jordan

    No credit for a Taran kill

    Well it just assumed a collision with a friendly is just a collision. Hit the enemy: get credited, hit a friendly.. well it wasn't your fault was it? This shouldn't really be too hard to program (differentiating). Coding that damage is inflicted by collision and allocating it to your plane might be considerably harder. But as we don't know the code: who knows.
  2. 216th_Jordan

    rendering 50 bombers

    More engines = more systems needed to be models and worked on by the AI pilot. Although this is an issue, the real performance issue arises from the number of AI entities with seperate routines: you can put a lot more Bf-110s in a mission than He-111s because the number of AI crew is alot higher on the He-111 while both planes feature two engines.
  3. 216th_Jordan

    The necessity of realistic head movement in IL-2

    The only thing I really see is sidewards movements as an issue. Straps of the pilot are rather loose. When I put mine on its like my torso is part of the plane, I like it tight (no pun intended) and would like to have that in a sim too. But again: Nausea. As a nonenforced option? Sure why not, but I don't think the team should have this on a priority list. Take this as an example: The pilot is snaprolling and doing turns with up to 6G. Don't look at the shoulders, due to the closeness to the camera the proportions seem off. Focus on the eyes and you will see that its really just a few centimeters of movement. And he is not even trying to look through a gunsight, which would make him try and keep the head at a fixed position.
  4. 216th_Jordan

    The necessity of realistic head movement in IL-2

    Having done some 5g pulls IRL I do not recall a major movement of my body or head. Push down surely pushes you up a bit, maybe a few centimeters maximum (1 - 4 I would say), so maybe there would be a little bit for improvement. But generally speaking I'm with others here, as you are not connected to the plane and actually receiving these forces a preprogrammed head movement is easily going to cause you nausea, also because you IRL would likely react differently to whatever forces due to anticipation, how tightly you pulled your straps etc.
  5. 216th_Jordan


    Also wasn't a turret fitted on some Soviet DC-3 s? (Not Li-2)
  6. 216th_Jordan


    Yes I do SOOOOO hope for a DC-3.... And it would fit literally everyhwere: Western front, Eastern Front, Pacific. 😍
  7. 216th_Jordan

    Spotting. Please improve

    Yep, it isnt a game-changer, but I find these settings to provide the best solution for spotting for close as well as far away. (I use 4x ingame AA)
  8. 216th_Jordan

    Spotting. Please improve

    Did you find anything better? Or worse?
  9. 216th_Jordan

    Spotting. Please improve

    They have addressed this numerous times over the past years as you surely found out when you used the search function. They have also explained the status quo quite well and they surely would like to improve it too, it's just not very feasable up to now.
  10. 216th_Jordan

    Spotting. Please improve

    Sorry to question this so much, because I never experienced this. If this is true it would be a major advantage for some. Can you provide a screenshot with a render distance more than 10km? (icons on) Really don't want to step on your toes but this seems totally weird.
  11. 216th_Jordan

    Spotting. Please improve

    Do you have a link to where you cover this? Is this a mod?
  12. You have not ever developed software have you? things often surpass what one would expect to be logical.
  13. 216th_Jordan

    Spotting. Please improve

    there are a number of settings that improve spotting: - switch off DSR / SSAO - set landscape filter: blurred - set filter: sharpen - use ingame AA instead of Nvidia profile AA in nvidia control panel: - set all graphics filtering options to off (no trilinear filtering, no anisotropic sample optimization) / set graphics filtering: high quality / no fxaa, transparency or stuff - set gamma correction off - set LOD bias clamp Do you have these settings? If not please try and report your findings.
  14. 216th_Jordan

    Spotting. Please improve

    Aircraft cannot render past 9.5 km.
  15. Sometimes hits show and are not registered for example, it happend in the past, not sure how far this got fixed in recent patches. Anyhow, no matter what, you'd always want to have a Testcase which would not be subjected to influences you would not like to have in it.