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  1. They worked until 2 days ago when I last played.
  2. Devs did a good job until now. Superb modelling of interiors (except the low res textures) and detailed physics and systems. Not everything is perfect, especially as no prior knowledge is available here but what's coming along is very nice. Remember when BOS was in alpha/beta, these forums were a true whinefest.
  3. You need to push the active control again. If you are going forward, press the key assigned to forward again and the tank will stop on keyrelease.
  4. I had this problem (somewhat) yesterday with my t-34 mod.1943 vs the vanilla Pz.III I was shooting 6-7 APCR shells directly through its gunner and driver positions from 300 meters (checked in track), even knocked out the engine behind the crew compartment but the Pz.III just kept shooting at me and killed me from these 300m in a headon shot while I was loading my 8th shot. It was player-controlled. T-34 APCR has an armor penetration value of more than 100mm for that range so basically all shot should have penetrated. It seems there is a problem with the standard thanks or how APCR damage is modelled, I don't know.
  5. The problem is that in an emergency situation I'd drop down inside the tank in a second while the animated commander/gunner takes 4-5 to get to the gunsight. The loader also has a hatch on his side, though which he could peek out while the turret is not operated, something that would be handy in said situation. 4-5 seconds is just too long, really.
  6. I absolutely agree that the turret should not automatically be adjusted forward again, this is a real problem. Also, should the 'Loader' not be modelled as a station? Right now you have a huge advantage in the tiger because you can watch from the top of the tank with the hatch open (as commander) and insta-snap to the gunner position in a split second and go in for the kill, while the T-34 gunner calmly closes the hatch, before entering the gunsight with the forward facing gun again. This is a little odd, because the Periscope gunsight and the normal gunsight (cycle through with Shift + t) not only use opposite layout of markers but also because the periscope sight of the gun is hyper sensitive to inputs. In the normal gunsight you have the black hole which will move and it will move to the direction you are looking at. The periscope gunsight on the other hand stays centered but takes its positional aiming from the indirect aiming as in the normal gunsight, but the (invisible) mouse pointer seems to have an incredibly high angle for movement in relation to the mouse: that is why the gun sometimes reverses direction: your indirect viewpoint (only known by the game) is above 180° and so the turret reverses direction to meet the new angle. I hope this will get adressed some time in the future. But anyhow: I love the new T-34, let alone because of the smaller hatch, the periscope (although its deficiencies its really useful for hiding behind ridgelines), the higher level of detail and the many more rounds it can carry. Also looks sexy
  7. I know basically nothing about them, but can we expect to get a higher zoom level gunsight for the Su-122 and Su-152? Right now I am having a really hard time to properly evaluate distance above 1500 meters due to the pixel mash. If there is any knowledge out there, share it please! PS: I really wonder how the US tankies properly aimed with the crappy Sherman gunsight :O.
  8. I hope they still come, but now you got me worried!
  9. As AI has improved its ability to seek and destroy hidden targets seems to have increased also. Previously this was only a problem with AI guns that can see and shoot through trees. However now, I was levelbombed inside a town under a tree, with deadly accuracy.
  10. I'd like it but I'd also appreciated if TC hadn't gone in with modelling the most uber taks there were. Some more medium tanks are way more fun gameplay wise IMO.
  11. You don't need to open the missions to resave them. Open the editor empty and select the convert option for a folder.
  12. Does this however not pose a problem with microstutters?
  13. I've had some quarrels with him over the years, but this does not matter even a bit now. It saddens me to hear of his death. My condolences go to his family, and may he fly forever.
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