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  1. With my new 5800x I am getting more CPU utilization than with my old 4820k, also GPU (1070) now runs at >95% most of the time and delivers almost constant 120fps at 1440p. 4x acceleration mostly no problem.
  2. Just saying that for 1080p this is not really necessary IMO. I'm running over 100fps most of the time on my 1440p with a 1070. But a good graphics card certainly makes sense if you want to upgrade you monitor in the near future. 1080p is too low res for me personally.
  3. I was behind enemy lines - is it mandatory to travel back to friendly lines? (Because I coult despawn behind enemy lines too and not die previously) I was damaged (all systems working) some minutes earlier by some gun I took out afterwards. I was behind enemy lines ~10km without ammo left, so I despawned when there was no more enemy. (But I was still close to the enemy postions, although they were destroyed)
  4. When does finnishing a mission in a Tank not consider you killed? I have found no answer to this and in perfectly fine situations with no serious damage or anyone killed in my tank I get the "killed" message when finishing mission.
  5. Old CFS2 had a jump to next waypoint function that was very handy. If you encountered enemy planes on the way, were attacked or your fuel ran out it would hand over control at that point again. (You pressed 'x', your screen turned black for a couple of seconds and would light up again at the new waypoint) I assume it simulated in a very basic way all the things that happend in between the waypoints in a short time without displaying something in 3D. Something like that would be perfect and I think should also be possible with a reasonable amount of dev time, it would make long SP missions a lot easier for people without much time or will to use so much time repetitively for a stubborn task. As for your System, the 4xxx series of CPUS is VERY old by now. IPC has increased quite a bit on newer CPUs and you still run on DDR3 on your system.
  6. I personally think that the commander likely used the hatch and used his binoculars for better visibility. Currently it's really hard to evaluate longer ranged shots.
  7. Its also wonderful target practice for russian tanks main gunners. Shot down more than a handful of ducks with the 76mm 😁.
  8. The level of confidence this BS is written with is what worries me the most.
  9. What do you mean with fluidity? Graphics smoothness?
  10. AFAIK you can only choose the visual representation, the physics stay the same in all settings. You can have ingame vol to 100% and lower the output in the windows sound mixer as has been suggested many times in this thread. (I do the same, no need for multiple sound cards)
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