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  1. I think most important for spotting is the combination of landscape filter blurred and sharpen. Also in your Nvidia game profile (or whatever you use): Unselect all graphics filtering options. I persoally would not recommend reshade as it seems to introduce microstutters for a lot of people.
  2. It's like a litte DD though, so... ๐Ÿ˜
  3. Well the thing is if the plane was that hard to control on the ground that has to be represented in the sim. Now there are a couple of assist functions (like rudder assist) which might be able to help you. I just tested taking off in the Ju-88 again and if you counter that first swing to the left with some differential breaking and slowly add power the takeoff isn't too hard to do. The aircraft does not have a tailwheel lock, so it likes to spin out. But I get your sentiment.
  4. Do you use differential braking to help with yaw control? Il-2 this also works if you only have one universal brake button: If you apply it while pushing the rudder in one direction, you will also have differential braking in that direction (that works for all planes with diff. braking) On take-off this is often required until you gain enough airspeed for the rudder(s) to work.
  5. On thing the Yak-7b suffers from is its propeller and the prop pitch governor, both are better in the Yak-1b which shows especially at low speeds or quick changes in thrust.
  6. Well, please accept my apologies then, you certainly did the homework. However there seems to be a reason for the devs that makes this change hard right now. I don't know, I have not taken a look, but this was what was communicated.
  7. Why does nobody like the Yak-7b though? ๐Ÿค” It flies so fantastic and packs a real punch compared to the Yak-1b.
  8. It has been stated, on multiple occasions, that this problem is related to the engine design and NOT easily fixable. New rendering might be able to fix this in the future.
  9. They are both great, however BoK offers more in terms of scenario and planeset diversity. But as I love the Mig-3 so much BoM is also very valuable to me. If you want the A20, definitely go with BoK.
  10. F4 vs Yak-7b Challenging for both sides.
  11. I'm sure that will see some love in the future, seeing that the team has a dedicated AI programmer now. The programming of such a decision making process is harder than you might think but I'd agree that a fire should be an immediate bailout cause in almost all cases.
  12. Also, don't get your hopes up too high, sometimes all it takes is one lucky MG round, especially on inline engines. without protection.
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