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  1. Thank you very much! It certainly gets a lot smoother on lower res.
  2. Hello! Title basically says it all - I've been trying to find out what the line detail_rt_res = 512 under the graphics tab in the startup.cfg does. Maybe someone can help me out! Thanks. o7
  3. That is not true. I gained quite some FPS and had less stutter with my OC on GTX 1070. (1970mhz from Factory OC 1784, +400mhz on VRAM). Not every card is the same and there is usually a bit of space to push your card, if at least by increasing power limit. Of course if your bottleneck is the CPU you will not notice that.
  4. I wonder what it will do when attacked from the front low? 🤔
  5. The problem except skin damage is also that control rods or other internals are often surprisingly intact. The times I lost control rods are so few I can count the times I remember on one hand.
  6. As others have pointed out already, the contact fuse needs additional flight time in the air to arm, this is to prevent you from blowing yourself up. Bomb delay of 5 seconds a bomb usually only needs to only fly ~1s to arm.
  7. The bottom one is your current FOV (field of view).
  8. Getting CTD when joining server and playernumber stuck at 72 🤨
  9. I ask because engines have a capability (in the sim) to set themselves on fire when hit, this is what helps with rifle caliber rounds.
  10. Is this mostly engine fires or fuel tank fires? I hardly get fuel tank fires with rifle caliber.
  11. Because of immersion. Think that the whole sim might look like that some time in the future would be a dream. I see a lot of nice videos featuring these vehicles. Additionally I do remember ambulance request support as a possible feature for TC 🤔
  12. Amazing! The level of detail I'd always wished for! And is that shortened grass??
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