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  1. It appears that we've all been spoiled with bomb damage before. Bombs now deal more damage short range but the effect decreaes rapidly. Large bombs are mainly for really tough buildings or large formations of vehicles / guns / light targets which will be destroyed by blast and or shrapnel. Now more bombs with less damage are usually preferred against the most common targets. Someone posted this: what a hit of a SC500 (German 500 KG bomb) would do. (40.59)
  2. I'm sorry to say but it seems that I only get the "worse" part of it. Spotting is not easy IRL but currently it feels worse than IRL (and in my mind it should rather be the other way around, because in the end we do this for fun). The thing is I love this game and I love what the devs have developed and I'm just sad that I can't really enjoy it because I get a headache playing it.
  3. This is definitely true, but one could make the point that observations from the beach would be comparable to sitting on the airfield, canopy open, and trying to spot surrounding planes. Someone made a spotting test mission (JimTM ? - I'll try to find it again) with emulates exactly that - sitting on an airfield with 109s circling the field at various distances. I found that very nice for quantifiyable results. With my basic NV profile settings I could barely make out a 109 that was 3 km away in the mission - I was able to tweak that now so I see them up to 5 or 6 km quite a bit better now, but it is still a pain TBH.
  4. Pretty much this I suppose, I notice this quite often when ground attacking - suddenly my tail will swing to another direction on a shallow dive.
  5. I figured that the setting of the current plane altitude is the most appropriate. (You may add or substract a little but from that) The plane that drops the bomb will be travelling with the wind to a large extent (due to size and exposure time), when the bomb is dropped it maintains the combined horizontal velocity of the plane and small changes in horizontal velocity will not be enough to really push the bomb from its path anymore (see Newtons first law).
  6. One problem I think is rendering - often low profiles like wing surfaces are "swallowed" at pixel level. Maybe there would be an option to influence the Pixel rendering in a way that rendered engagable objects are drawn with higher priority on pixel level. Its all just speculation on my part because I do not know the internal workings of this engine but I am sure a few possible (better or worse) solutions are available. One major drawback really is image clarity. I do not know why exactly, but Il-2 is not very clear image wise and somewhat "grainy" with lots of flimmering that makes spotting harder. If there were ways to sufficiently increase image clarity that would help spotting a lot on its own.
  7. The hardest problem for me personally really is not being able to find or track close contacts that should easily be visible a few KM out. I'm fine with not seeing a fighter more than 7-8 km, but I should not be constantly losing it between 1 to 4 km when in low profile.
  8. Yes it was, made by Zeus who became part of the team later - but have not read from him in ages.
  9. I found that HDR (bloom off) does enhance spotting ability in some cases and decreases in others - overall I found it more useful in the recent time and it looks a lot nicer. I think this effect is enhanced by the new lighting for distant objects.
  10. I'd rather guess, or hope, spotting might be addressed before. We'll see.
  11. If Fuel and Hydraulics (hope for this!) are modelled this would surely elevate the sim some levels upwards. It would be all I'd want really. (Except maybe also tire blows and engine detonations) Drop tanks should come with or some time after fuel system updates.
  12. I was wondering the same. But evem for same length the translation of forces does not have to be the same.
  13. Yak-9T or regular Yak-9? The Yak-9T uses a copycat of the 109 flight stick and I think this is why it behaves so differently.
  14. Initially it was different and MP was severely impacted playability-wise, so availability was made for all players. On MP the server decides what map is chosen and there are not that many servers that offer what most pilots specifically want (as opposed to SP where the pilot has a lot more options), so its a sensible decision to make all maps available in order to let people fly without having to buy everything at once. If there is a fuss around this issue then I don't understand it.
  15. Thanks! Actually ingame once a coalition is selected (by clicking airfield or tank spawn) additional coalition info (such as attacks on airfields, players, etc) is displayed and changing coalition by clicking opposite fields has a large time-block penalty (no spawn for xx minutes) on most servers. (Some servers even allow no switching and will kick manually) Now after finishing a mission a player finds himself in the specific coalition mission planning screen again where teamchat is also possible. So I thought it would be great if missions might be coordinated beforehand in the planning screen with SRS with the coalition only.
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