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  1. Hello dev i have a question are you going to change the tracer effect back? back then there was an apparent tracers smoke/vapour trailing behind the bullet. Now its just a glowing bullet, the smoke/vapour effect is less apparent Regards
  2. 69th_Ustio

    bf109 canopy eject

    i hope rhey add key binding to jettison the canopy. could be helpful when you are flying the A-20
  3. 69th_Ustio

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    yeah i wouldnt mind if its an option. theres always those moments where you really want to use full procedures. and there will always be a moment where you are just to lazy to do all that stuff and jusr press E and take off.
  4. 69th_Ustio

    Looking for South Asian Timezone squad/wingmen

    which country? I'm from Indonesia i usually hangs around on the BOS TS3 server. I usually play very early, so I can match the US prime time
  5. I would like to say thank you for changing the bullet impact sound and making it quieter. back then getting shot at used to scare the crap out of you like it was a horror game. also, I also like it if you get killed the camera change to a much farther pan shot. unlike that other sim if you die from a missile you are greeted with a massive bang
  6. 69th_Ustio

    Looking for South Asian Timezone squad/wingmen

    im from SEA usually hangs in the Official BOS ts3
  7. 69th_Ustio

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    hey guys. i just wanted to say that you guys did a phenomenal job on this server. i'm really enjoying it especially with the boddenplatte planes. although i would like to share some of my thoughts the reason why i play this server is for the boddenplatte planes. its a bit sad sometime when i finally have limited time to play, but the mission that is being play is not bobp. Seeing that this is the default server that everyone pick to play bobp plane, i think its better if you make this server as a dedicated (pre)bodenplatte server. but again that is just my thoughts see you in the skies o7
  8. Hello guys Is there a way where I can only use the head rotation (pitch, roll, yaw) with the track IR and X,Y,Z head movement with my Hotas button? So far I disable the X,Y,Z axis on the Track IR menu, and bind the Pilot head movement to my HOTAS. but every time I press the button to move my head it just won't move. Thanks
  9. Hello this just happen recently so i was flying a JU88 up high and when i go into bomb view it just lock me in there. i try pressing V, ESC, O to open, ctrl+E to bail out the map but no respond, i can however make adjustment to the aircraft height,speed, and wind knob on the bomb sight. Even when i finally crash my aircraft and the camera goes outside it was still in bomb view Regards
  10. 69th_Ustio

    What is with the rendering distance?

    And IRL. I sometimes have difficulty trying to find an aircraft flying in the same circuit pattern. Let alone 10K
  11. 69th_Ustio

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    fingers cross for playing as a ball turret in VR
  12. 69th_Ustio

    Spin behaviour

    Sorry for a little bit off topic. But why does when the spitfire lost 1 of its horizontal stabilizer it goes into a unrecoverable spin ? Is this a bug or does this happen in RL?
  13. Also in a somewhat related to this topic. When you switch to gunner view with the inlet cowl flap fully open, the gunner doesn't experience any vibration. Is this intended or not?
  14. 69th_Ustio

    Why can't we have a Luger and Tokarev?

    What about when you are in a stall fight?
  15. Sure it will be rather pointless but why not? ROF has pistols, and especially with the upcomming PO-2 i think it needs a little bit more of a "self defense"