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  1. Regarding the texture. shouldn't the color of the leading edge for the RAAF Spix IX be white instead of yellow ?
  2. I actually i dont mind if its' thinner as long as its longer. It used to be so gorgeous back then when the sky fills with smoke.
  3. no not the smoke when you have a rich mixture or full power. but the smoke when the engine got damaged, for example back then if you damage your engine on HE111 by putting the throttle on climb or take off power for too long it will start to get damage and emit black smoke. Now it doesn't do that anymore, you only emit black smoke when the engine is about to quit(when your aircraft starts vibrating and when your RPM starts to fluctuate). but yeah i remember reading a DD a while ago where they manage to improve the water(or something else) quality without losing too much performance, so they probably reduce the smoke quality as a trade-off. I hope I'm wrong
  4. couple of patches ago they change the smoke effect. back then smoke and vapor trail used to be longer and thicker, now it's shorter and thinners which makes it less immersive. Also, your engine is no longer smoking if it gets damaged. so I wish we have the ability to make the smoke effect like before.
  5. I can tell you in my country it's not declining but rather booming, but its the civilian simulation that is booming not combat sim and here's why 1.it's an easier sim. let's face it, with 30 minutes of youtube video tutorial you can learn how to start a 777,737 from Cold and Dark, load the FMC and fly LNAV VNAV and let the autopilot take you there, basically you are playing computer inside of a computer. No need to learn some basic BFM. 2.to be able to have a good experience playing combat sim you need to invest on a lot of hardware such as good HOTAS and at least track IR, most people will only spend their money to buy Logitech Extreme 3D joystick, anything above that is considered very expensive for them, and you would be surprised that most people play with a small notebook and with the fan running crazy 3. and lastly and this is where I'm very sad about it, its that its easier to get civilian sim because of piracy website, a lot of people from where I am has the mentality of" if I can get it for free why should I pay" they never think in their mind about supporting developer. heck they even pirated a locally made scenery pack. so with that kind of mentality, there's no way that they will move to combat sim
  6. im just curious. doesn't losing both of your Horstab especially the 109, would cause the plane to instantly nose up instead of down? the reason for this is because you most likely always put the stabilizer position in a nose heavy position right? so that means the horstab(which is an all flying tail for the 109) will have a negative angle of incidence which creates a big downward moments to counter the nose up tendency, so that you have a level flight. wouldn't losing all of that moment from losing the horstab will cause the plane to go up instead of down? the only way i can think of is that the dev simplified the damage model by, losing horstab = losing tail. now i understand why losing the tail will cause an instant nose down becuase the CG shift forward away from the Central of preassure which cause an instant nose down. but i dont think losing both horstab will cause a significant amount of CG change to do this(unless the Horstab is very very heavy). P.S im not here to make things change. im just here for discussion cause im curious
  7. @77.CountZero you're right, we already have some of planes that saw action in Norway. the only way they can add some new Axis planes if they expand the timeline and go beyond 1945. For example, we can have the: -Me 410, I believe ZG 26 use it, but they use it in September 44, and I'm not sure if they took part in operation Tungsten or Goodwood -BF109T, well this might be an extreme example, and I'm not sure if they were still in service during this timeline, but I read somewhere that a BF109T manage to score a B-17(i forgot which source), -BF109 G-10, there were some G-10 that were in service with the JG5, I think it was the 14 Staffel, but I believe they start operating in January 1945 -JU88 A-17 the dedicated torpedo bomber for the LW so that's 2 fighters 1 attacker and 1 bomber which makes for the standard planeset. and for the collector plane a HE115 perhaps. it would be an interesting collector since its a float plane, or if they want to go even more extreme, they can just make the Graf Zeppelin and replace one of the aircraft that I mention above with JU87C so we can have a carrier battle for MP purpose. but then again that's just me, and I'm sure 1C won't go that extreme
  8. @Vig but im still 50-50 about 1943 med and Norway. because if they release it with wildcats and dauntless it means that they have lost 2 plane for the possible Pacific pack(if its Midway that is) i only see they take this route if the pacific is no longer an option but they still want to make carrier operation. that why i prefer Norway 1944, the plane set doesn't interfere with the potential Midway planeset
  9. @Vig im down with the Med. but that planeset will be limited though, since the corsair didn't saw action until 44. i just forgot that the avenger took part in the later operation on the Tirpitz(operation goodwood) so yeah it would be a win-win if they make Med or Norway campaign IMO
  10. what about operation tungsten in Norway? (the sinking of the Tirpitz). we all want to fly the Corsair and the Hellcats if the PTO comes out right? well both aircraft were present during this battle(even the wildcats), the rest are seafire and some barracudas, which doesn't hurt if they make this because these plane saw action in the pacific aswell(and for the love a god a Swordfish as a collector🤣. if they built the Tirpitz they can atleast build the tech for large ship combat and their damage model and also carrier operation so that when by the time they are ready to make PTO, they already have some tech and experience from it. besides Wildcats(Martlet) Hellcats Corsair Barracuda Swordfish(collector) Seafire(collector) thats half of the planeset for a full pack
  11. also adding to LUZITANO comments, and this is probably asking to much. any chance that you'll increase the frequency of the late war map in the rotation?
  12. Brief description: Engine damage no longer emit black smoke Detailed description, conditions: so back in the day, sometimes when your engine got shot, you will trail black smoke coming from the engine(similar to that FW190 black smoke when it goes full power but thicker), another way to make this is when you are flying HE111 and put emergency power long enough, the engine will get damage and trail black smokes, now it doesn't do that anymore. Now the plane will only emit black smoke when the engine is about to quit. this isn't coolant or oil leak since you can a fluid leak while having a healthy engine(until you ran out of fluid).
  13. the Dora has some pretty nasty spin characteristic whn you pass the critical AoA. it was hilarious seing people spin in Berloga🤣. anyway thanks dev for the update
  14. Hello dev i have a question are you going to change the tracer effect back? back then there was an apparent tracers smoke/vapour trailing behind the bullet. Now its just a glowing bullet, the smoke/vapour effect is less apparent Regards
  15. i hope rhey add key binding to jettison the canopy. could be helpful when you are flying the A-20
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