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  1. it would be a great. once it get stuck you pretty much can do anything. you can't even move your mouse.
  2. i think the flare gun is a little bit OP no ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N_JLzmOF0c&feature=youtu.be
  3. sorry if this has been ask. But is the sound change intentional? I can hear people approaching my low six.
  4. Great job guys. With everyone flying the PO-2 after the new pilot model change, I can finally have a chance to get an Ace in a flight xD
  5. yeah. instant buy for me if its a collector plane
  6. hello Dev. i think the gun bug is back? i was on CB lining my shots. when i press the trigger nothing
  7. buy it here so that all the money goes to the developer. then if you can, link your account to steam. its just better in terms of downloading updates than the stand alone clients in my experience
  8. can't wait. although i kinda hope that one day IL2 will simulate bending, crumpling, deformities damage. sort of like BeamNG damage but not to exaggerated
  9. With all the collector plane available, any chance of a bundle release for collector plane? thanks
  10. Also back in the days, damaged engine used to emit black smoke if it still running. now it only smoke when it's about to quit.
  11. Type of improvement: Interface Explanation of proposals: add the ability to preselect the gunsight gyro setting on the hangar loadout Benefits: so that we don't have to set it on the plane. and it will be preselected everytime you load an aircraft with a gyro sight something like this
  12. is the trim value bugged or intended? i'ts showing negative value on the right hand side. and its giving me pitch up
  13. can't wait for the tempest. mainly because those 4 Hispanos will compensate my terrible aim 😂
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