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  1. Thanks Whitey ! will keep you in mind and thanks Archie ! I thought it was time to form something unique. With the recent game announcement, this gives me a clearer picture of how to form and shape the Group.
  2. Would like to suggest the addition of the A-20G to the allied plane set then. Thanks !
  3. ~S~ Hi Whitey ! thanks for the reply. No, we are not the same group that flew a few years ago within IL-2 1946. I do remember the former group and the person who started it but he eventually disappeared from what I recall. Never knew what happened. This is a coincidence between the former group and what we are forming now. Recently, I decided to support the 3rd BG virtually after doing some research regarding the usage of the B-25 as well as the A-20 and the missions that were conducted in the South West Pacific by this bomb group early on. An accomplished unit such as the 3rd deserves a place within the sim community today.
  4. ~S~ Everyone ! Coming soon to a combat theatre near you ! The 3rd Bomb Group (L) "The Grim Reapers" will form in the near future as a SEMI-HISTORICAL virtual flight sim organization supporting IL-2 BOS / BOM and BOK with an eventual move into the South West Pacific theatre of operations when able. The Group will represent the USAAF in organization and will focus on the A-20 Havoc as its primary ground attack aircraft and fly similar types of aircraft when the need arises for example the Pe-2 and P-39. The 3rd Bomb Group offers fans of the A-20 Havoc an opportunity to be apart of this virtual organization Internationally along with leadership positions based upon interest and skill level demonstrated. Virtual pilots will need to be able to fly online in the higher realism settings of this simulation and have the required equipment to fly comfortably. Equipment requested: Headset with Mic, joystick, pedals and Track IR or something similar for enhanced situational awareness. The Group will expand into FIVE tactical squadrons depending on interest from people around the world. That means you can be apart of your own dedicated squadron within the Group and fly with your team mates in your time zone. The Group HQ will be in the United States. The tactical squadrons will be time zone specific internationally to support the Groups mission flying the A-20 Havoc within IL-2. The Group will eventually support flying within the TAW campaign and similar campaigns and dog fight servers for exposure and pilot training etc. More details to follow once we are able to receive pilot applications. Forums and web presence coming soon. Concho
  5. Thankyou for all the hard work and dedication in making this a great flight sim for the community. Looking forward to the final product.
  6. Would like to see New Guinea, New Brittain and the Philippines along with all the land and naval action that took place up through early 1945 in the South West Pacific. This would be a nice change of pace.
  7. It is a very nice feature to have in this simulation. Lets not muck it up shall we.
  8. Thanks for sharing ! Really enjoyed this video of the Spit. Spot on !
  9. ...another favorite with Jamey Johnson... Aging with time...like yesterdays wine.
  10. I would like to see the New Guinea / New Brittain maps created along with the Solomon Islands and eventually the Philippine Islands made available. Lots of options there for both land and carrier flight ops. Would be fun.
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